Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It was yet another beautiful masterclass innings by the master today at the hobart's .This is his innings card :

Score balls 4's 6's S.R
63 54 10 0 116.66

The innings was a beautiful one,with splendid square drives,comely cover drives,awesome sweep...Sachin is back to his form in the series,and lets hope to see a blast from him, here on.

Please take time to see this post match video of sachin

Click Here

Gambhir on the other hand is having a wonderful series,with two hundreds in his pocket,today here again he showed his class batting and went on to take a superb 63.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


As i said in my last post,Me,Guru and now Venkat and Ramanan have started to build our Symposium website www.infractionz.com.And as i said earlier we are using blogger to host our site.Initially we found the site pretty decent and worthy,but off late we have been visiting hundreds of websites(different college's symposium websites) and we find that all of them are flash sites designed with the help of professionals,as a result of which these sites look awesome.
So after this we were quite down ,now we knew where we stood.So,now we thought we could use some professional help,we then found that one of our other department guy was a pro web designer,we asked him for help,and he said he could get us a very good flash site for 500 bucks,but the problem we have is that our coll wont get us more finance for this any more,so we got to put in our cashes.We of course will be goin in for flash templates putting in our cash ar atleast try developing a html site with pre designed available html templates,but at present we need a net database for our symp,so we are at present into developing our blogger site.But once we are completely done with this,we will go in for the flash site or the html temp site and host it later..

I just need in your feedbacks about how our site looks at present.Just send in your feedbacks as comments,it would be really helpful to know the views from a third eye...

Monday, February 18, 2008


If you remember,a few posts before ,i was telling you all about my coll department symposium?Well,it is scheduled to be held on March 12th,and it has been named INFRACTIONZ'08.So,with the symposium speeding up its way ,we the third years have the responsibility of organising the entire symposium,and make it look decent enough.As a part of this,Guru took up the responsibility of creating a website for our symp this time(I guess this is the first time we are having a site dedicated to our symp).Guru got a domain from Square Brothers for Rs.350(Plus 100 ),and we have redirected it to a blog page now,this is because ,the blogger has all prerequisite essentials for bringing up a decent enough webpage,and we need not go in search of help for creating a own webpage.
So ,we have now started to work for the webpage,to make it look presentable enough.Just take a peep in to the site from time to time and also do send in your comments,suggestions,feedbacks in this comment page ,this could be of great help..

THE WEBSITE: www.infractionz.com

Sunday, February 17, 2008


The whole movie is a romantic,period movie depicting the love between The Mughal samrat Akbar and a Rajput Princess Jodha.Due to this very same reason of depicting a Hindu-muslim love(which is considered fictional),the movie was banned in Rajasthan and also the movie has created waves all around India...Yesterday when Vijay Krishnan had called me for the movie ,me, and guru hopped in and were exited not for the movie but to see the Picturisation for the songs which we were already mad at..
When I came out of the theatres I was pretty satisfied on the whole.I was very much impresed about four things in the movie:

1)The Music: By A.R is just awesome.The tracks Jashn-e-bahara ,Khwaja(Sung by the legend himself),and Azeem o shaan,just capture your heart and mind.The other two tracks are also awesome ...The background score was just perfect.The master rules.

2)The sets and art direction: They are too good.Not once in the whole film do you find as if you are in this century.The whole of the art direction,sets,colour schemes,camera work,locations just take you to a tour on The Mughal period.The war scenes were nearly 200 people are dressed up like soldiers,with many horses,elephants,decorated and all people given weapons which were prevelant in that times,are all just too good.There is one scene where the camera is put on the ground facing the sky and the Cannon balls fly in the sky like birds ,,the scene is really superb..

3)Hrithik: When i first saw the trailors i felt Hrithik was too lanky on screen to be loking like a Mighty Emperor.I was wrong.Hrithik has done a neat job,and the next time someone says Akbar, iam sure he is just going to flash b4 your eyes.Be it an emotional scene,a romantic scene or a scene where he has to fight an elephant single hand,he has done is job fair and square.

4)Aishwarya Rai: She looks Gorgeous on screen.She doesn't stop there,but ,she goes on to give a beautiful performance from her side.A right find for the role of Jodha.The onscreen chemistry between Aish and Hrithik is just heart warming..

With so many Plus points ,yet the film is worth watching only once.This is because of some loose story ,totally predictable plots,some careless acting by others, very simple fight sequences,and a lengthy screenplay...

But on the whole You will love the movie and it is really worth watching..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The V-Day...Shop Owners Enjoy...

Tomorrow is the most looked after day in the calender.I guess plans should have been made by now,gifts bought ,poems mugged up, dress chosen,appointments fixed. All for what???
celebrating the Valentines day.
What is this valentines day???
Ans: It is just like the other stupid calenderial days like Mother's day(remember your mother on this day???And fucking don't care about her the next 364 days??),Father's day(Men's equality...you got mother's day???ha ha ha,we got Father's day),World water day(Create awareness about water on this day...And don't close your water taps the next day..),Children's day(give birth to children??) etc.......

Who decides which day falls when???
Ans: Thats a very impressive question and i bet no one on earth knows it.According to me some stupid jerk started it,and other stupid jerks followed ,making it a tradition. who cares ,its another day which you can call it with a fancy name..kul...

I guess within the next decade,the names like Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday etc....are going to vanish and we will have to call each day on the calender with some fancy names like World Kiss day,World arse day,World sex day(What you do on this day??Have sex only on this day??)..

And tom is the King pin day-The V-day...What is going to happen tom??
All gift shops,Greeting cards shops,Cinema theatres,Beach sundal payyan,Hotels,Bars,Pubs,Disco clubs are going to be having the best income they could ever get on a single day .What else??
Oh ya....I almost forgot...
Most people are going to lose their money ,paying the above said list,in the name of celebrating love...

My POV is that wtf we got to celebrate these days??So if you don't say "ILU" to ur mate,then does that mean you really don"t love her???Why you have to create pressure on yourself by following these stupid traditions??

THESE TRADITIONS ACCORDING TO ME ARE JUST "the most most most stupidest thing on earth"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The Chennai Marathon 2008 is all about to kick start on Feb 10th 2008(this sunday) from the Labour Statue(Ullaipallar sillai).Announcing this in a press conference ,Mary Rajathy,the GM of the Sports Development Authority Of TamilNadu (SDATN),said that the main aim of this event is" to bring people from all walks of life to run together for a greener future".
Elobrating about the details of the event ,the Sports Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr.Mohiden khan,said that the event was going to be conducted in a category of 5 .Which are:


DISTANCE ::: 42 KMS approx,starting from the labour statue(ullaipallar sillai),with two laps.

PRIZE MONEY::: Rs.75,000


DISTANCE::: 21 kms approx,starting again from the labour statue

PRIZE MONEY:::Rs.50,000 for women,Rs.30,000 for men.


DISTANCE::: 6 kms approx,starting place is again the labour statue.

PRIZE::: Rs.10,000 along with a shield.


DISTANCE::: 3 Kms approx.

PRIZE::: Rs.5,000

Apart from this there is one more category: 5)MARATHON FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN,the details of which i don't know.


These are the information that i collected from these sites::




The last chennai marathon happened in 2006 ,and i have read that, it was really poorly organised,with participants being not informed beforehand about the target time of 4 hrs,as a result,after four hours ,participants were literally chased up by the police .Many of them were 100 metres of the finishing line but yet they were asked to leave ,as the TIME WAS OVER.(Just imagine their frustration,after running for 4 hours with an aim of finishing it,you are being told this)
So collect all details beforehand and then leave.Lets hope we have a good organising this time.

Now for the informal section of my writing:
This event is being organised to encourage promoting a GREENER and a POLLUTION FREE chennai.Now let me ask you this,you are running in this marathon with a t-shirt asking to "PROMOTE GREENER AND POLLUTION FREE CHENNAI",and now its two years from that date,Has chennai become greener and pollution free???Probably you must now be in some oxygen parlour paying 100 bucks for your pure oxygen.These things got no sense as such.HTF just a promotional event like this ,is really going to bring any change ??And if you know a person who has changed from attending any of these promotional events,i kindly request you to show me that guy/gal,iam pretty sure that i can convince that guy /gal to giving his property to me for a "GREENER CAUSE".

These events are primarily aimed at making money by giving away a small part of the made money as a eye catchy prize.

If your arguement is that,the money collected from the sponsership of this event is going to be used for the cause,just hold on...The very cause that we are talking here came into light because you and me have failed to realise the fact that it is you and me who are fucking up with nature.So Don't be lame,to be going to this marathon for promoting the cause for which you and I were responsible, rather,just be a responsible individual in your daily life.(A small example of how you chennaities can do this is out here) .But whatsoever,Iam sure that running a marathon is going to be a real fun ,that too,getting to run it alonside a beach,is even more awesome,so gear up and don't miss to participate in the event .And participate with the motto of just running and not with an idea of promoting the cause.

Entry forms are available at the Anna swimming pool, Marina, the Shenoynagar Swimming pool and SDAT Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Effectiveness is being able to create an impact or produce an result for any action.Recently I came across a picture which according to me defines effectiveness.This picture was in one of the slides of the CTS[Cognizant Technology Solutions] programme "EVOLVE"(This is a an idea that the CTS has come up with,where they go to different engineering colleges ,giving an exposure to students as to "how they can get into the corporate world","what should they prepared in" and things like that.The program was really good,read GURU'S BLOG for a review on the program).

Now,let me show you the picture:

Look at how effectively the picture conveys the idea - "Never Ever Give Up"

Monday, February 4, 2008

What You Can Do???

What you can do??
Your next question,
What are you talking about?
Ya ,i'll tell you that,its about what you can do to make our city litter free.Let me as you this:

Why do you have to throw the used plastic water packets just like that any where??

You ask:
What difference does my single water packet got to do with the city being green,the environment being pollution free??

Well let me just give you a simple statistics,my coll has nearly 3500 students,out of it my guess is that around 500 people(This is a very low number) definitely don't use our college bus services.So they have to walk all the way from our college to the main road(which is approx 2kms from coll).In the due process let me assume that 100 people get really thirsty,they go to the nearby potty kadai and buy the 1 rupee water packets which come in plastic covers.Out of the 100 buyers iam damn sure,that only 5 would use the litter box,the rest walk along,drinking their water,and throw the used plastic on to the roads.
So ,from my proofless statistics i get a figure of 95 water packets daily littered on to the roads,this is just considering my college alone.Imagine the amount of water packet thrash that gets into our roads daily all around chennai??

So what do you want me to do,keep the used water packet in my pocket till i find my litter box and then dispose it huh??

Ya ,exactly.Else you could stay at the place where you bought your packet,drink it ,and then dispose it there immediately(i guess every store owner has his own litter box).
Else you drain all water from the packet,keep it in your pocket and then discard it in some dustbin.

So you want me to carry my water packet in my pocket just to enable it reach the dust bin.What makes you think anyone would even thinking of doing it?So,by doing this you think green house effect will be stopped,earth made much more greener and pollution free is it??

Let me ask you this.The litter should reach the litter box ,so ,why do you have to go the extent of thinking on changing the earth and stopping the green house effect(GHE) n all.Just enable the litter to reach its home.That's it.I don't know whether this could stop the pollution,or stop the GHE,but iam sure it could enable us have a better ,clean and a litter free surrounding.So kindly consider doing this.Not only for the water packets,but for all litters,please show them their homes. :)

Let me show you a person who follows this very simple ,basic,rule-------->ME
Let me tell you,the very basic feeling that you are in a way contributing to your society would make you feel good from inside.So please consider this,and try not to litter around.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My College Symposium Is On Its Way

Have you guys ever heard of a college named JAYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE???Probably this is the first time you are hearing it.This is the college where iam doing my ECE.Now,i say iam doing my ECE rather than studying my ECE because there is literally 0 learning process happening there.The coll is not be blamed,this entire country is like this.HAH!!Iam straying away from the main intention of this post,i just wanted to share with you all that my department(ECE) SYMPOSIUM named "INFRACTIONZ-08" is scheduled to be happening some time around March 15th.As we are the current third years we are ought to take the responsibilities for organising a good one this time.So,i will have a lot of chance for bunking my classes in the name of "preperations for symposium".That way,i can stay away from having my mind fully corruptd(already its half done..) from the so called knowledge imparting done by my highly (s)killed college staffs.

I was like wanting to know the exact meaning of the word SYMPOSIUM.As usual my next stop was the "WIKIPEDIA" and the "DICTIONARY".I found something really interesting.The wikipedia defines SYMPOSIUM as," a drinking party (the Greek verb sympotein means "to drink together") but has since come to refer to any academic conference, whether or not drinking takes place."
the dictionary.com says that symposium means:

1. A meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, esp. a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience.
2. A collection of opinions expressed or articles contributed by several persons on a given subject or topic.
3. An account of a discussion meeting or of the conversation at it.
4. (in ancient Greece and Rome) A convivial meeting, usually following a dinner, for drinking and intellectual conversation.
5. A philosophical dialogue (4th century b.c.) by Plato, dealing with ideal love and the vision of absolute beauty.


Now,that sounds intersting.I wonder why it got changed from being a drinking party to a mere gathering of all fools at a place to :

1)Present a paper on some topic(which usually is a nothing but just a collection of facts stolen from different sites on the net)

2)Participate in some LAN gaming with most of the participants not knowing which game they are about to play

3)To contest in various events that were discovered by the organisers overnite like sudoku solving,technical quiz,treasure hunt etc......

4)Get free food.

I wish we could bring the real meaning of the word symposium into effect.:)