Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

It was new year round the corner.The entire city was getting ready for it's celebrations,with all local TV channels(sun tv,raj tv,vijay tv) announcing their new year eve special programs, all consumer product stores flooding with people who were waiting for this right opportunity to buy stuffs under reduced prices with eye catchy offers and every single working class of people preparing themselves for a day off in the mid of the week to celebrate the upcoming new year with their families.To top it all "CHENNAI OPEN 2007" begins on de 31st.So when me and guru accidentaly saw about it in the news paper we immediately planned to go for it.We roped in baga and kitcha.

When every body are exited about the new year i guess there is one class of people who go mad at times like these - The Police.These times are tough for them.And with latest increase in the adolescent drink drive cases ,it is tough time ahead for them.The city police had been announcing about the traffic regulations for the new years eve and the list of activities that are considered "OFFENSIVE" specially around this time, like spraying water from water packets on people to wish them new year ,and stuffs.Amidst all this they had to also provide protection for the tennis players and monitor traffic around nungambakkam,that's where the Chennai open is being held.
But i should say that they did quite a good job,it was not as tough as we thought it would be to drive around the city on new years eve.After it was clear that the ticket counter was closed and that we had to be there as early as 1o AM to get our tics,we decided to hit some place to hang out.We decided to hit besant nagar beach alias BESSIE .We were expecting a huge flock of people everywhere around the beach with not even a myriad of space available for parking the bikes around.But we were taken by surprise to find the otherwise jam packed bessie road to be left all alone by itself.Thanks to Chennai city traffic police for their thoughtful traffic regulation.First we were told by policemen who where blocking all the roads to bessie that "bessie was closed today for public".But we managed to sneak through and reach bessie.

The beach was also less crowded than ordinary.We just sat there for about half hour,ate the local "Millagai bajji" and left for "Murugan Idly Kadai" nearby.I have heard that idly ,in this hotel is awesome and i have also seen queue of people waiting outside these chain of shops for their turn into the hotel,so we thought we could give it a try.The hotel was unusually empty.We tested the eatables which the hotel is well known for - Idly.Here they serve you in "VAALAI ELAI"(banana leaf) rather than on plates.The idlys were costly here,Rs 6 per idly.I didn't find them that good.It was just normal one .Dunno why people have such a craze for it.
Then we thought we could visit the "broken bridge" which was quite near from bessie beach.You got to take a mud road through the fishermen slums here to reach there.It was very dark all the way and with frequent mobbing incidents happening at this place,we were quite concerned to make it safely.The broken bridge is a 500 m stretch of 1 metre wide bridge extending from the land to the backwaters from marina.If you could remember,this spot comes in the film "ayutha eluthu" where surya and madhavan fight for their first time in the film.The bridge was awesome due to its location,but it was pitch dark and gloomy,so we just pissed off nearby and left from there.

It was time for us to leave.We met up at kitcha's place,wished everyone and left for our places.It was around 9-9.30 when we returned,but the city wasn't that active ,on a day like this.It was just normal traffic in the city.May be it was due to the well monitored traffic control by the city police .

The much hyped evening in the city went quite peacefully and normally for us.We had a good time hanging out.

------------------------------HAPPY NEW YEAR---------------------------------------------


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assasination Video

I found Bhutto's assasination video ,last few final moments of bhutto and a news report on bhutto's assasination, video on youtube.I thought i could share them with you.It was a shame for pakistan government that they did nothing to provide enough security cover for bhutoo even after realising the great security threat to her life.

Look at how the gunman supposed to have shot bhutto makes his way so freely into the crowd,amongst so called tight security ,and shoots bhutoo with ease:



Though Al Quaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks,the pakistani government's poor security is what is considered to have killed bhutto.


Hillary clinton yesterday asked for a detailed international probe into bhutto's death and condemned musharaff's govt. for being irresponsible.

LATEST UPDATE(30/12/07 : TIME 9 am):

The story has taken an unimaginable twist.An article in "THE HINDU" dated 30/12/07(page 19) says that"AL-QAEDA DENIES ROLE".

Alleged AL-QAEDA leader Baitullah Meshud denied any involvement in Bhutoo's assasination claiming govenments fowl play in the assasination.Al-qaeda claims that it is never in its agenda to ATTACK WOMEN and expressed grief over Bhutto's death.

This has given the story a new twist with governmnt claiming Bhutto's death to be an"ATTACK BY AL-QAEDA" and then reclaiming her death to be caused due to"ACCIDENT"
.Truth is yet to be revealed...

Friday, December 28, 2007


DATE : 28/12/07
DAY : Friday
DESTINATION : Thiruthani
DISTANCE : 82 kms approx from my place (Anna nagar)
BIKE : Caliber
BIKERS: Vijay(me) and Guru

Yipee!!!Yipee!!!!Yipee!!!!I made it ....I made it..... My first sneaky ride in my (my fathers actually) caliber.....

The whole plan started off immediately after our PONDY RIDE.We were so thrilled after the pondy ride that we immediately wanted to ride out again.It was mainly me,kaksi and guru ,who were really eager for another ride.We also met up at kaksi's place two days before and had discussions of another ride.That's when we decided to hit Thiruthani either on 27th or 28th .But plans started to get screwed up as neither kitch nor baga wanted to come,also srikanth had it was me,kaksi and we put the plan aside...

Yesterday(28th of dec' 07),guru had called me asking if the plan was still on.The timing was so perfect for the ride,my dad was out of town,my mom allows to take the bike within the city limits,and to top them all i had enough cash of my own to afford for the ride.So when guru asked me,i jumped in right away.we had only one hitch,thats kaksi,we had a dilemma about asking him out,but then we decided to do this ourselves because we didn't want to miss the ride at the last moment due to some last minute screw up(sorry kaksi,but we had no choice).So,it was me and guru all the way.

We started off at about 1.30,went to vivek's place ,got his 3mp digicam and left his place around 2.The first thing we had to do was fill in fuel,we did that for 100 bucks in a local pb and then we went searching for a mechanic shop to disconnect calib's odo.I would definitely get screwed up if by any chance my parents came to know about the ride.We got it done in a shop near padi,only to find that it was so easy that we could have done it ourselves.After this,we had only one task left -to reach thiruthani soon.Ha!!i forgot to mention,we took the NH 205(MTH road),which passes via my coll.

Once we got past thiruninravur,it was just open roads ahead of us.So we started ripping off the bike .Indian government has its own way of imposing speed limits,the system is totally flawless and totally unmanned.You know what iam talking about,yup!!it is the ROADS,they where so messy and dug up that we had to sudden brake from 60-10 kms/hr within 2 seconds most of the times.To make the system even more flawless the govt. had build the roads bypassing every single village all the way that we had even more of a tougher time to dodge straying cattles on the middle of the road,shout "MOTHER FUCKER" aloud to announce to the assole crossing the road suddenly from nowhere,about our presence.

It was tough,but,once we were past a village ,till we reached another one,it was just beautiful roads ahead of us.By beautiful i don't mean to say that the roads were neat but ,they had so much curves,s bends,corners that we got a chance to test our riding skills.This is where guru impressed me.He started taking the corners like a professional that i got witchy,i wanted to prove my skills too.But,no one was ready for any mishaps at this moment.So there was no competition going on,we just drove like professionals.Occasionally we stopped by plain green fields,tall teak trees ,beautiful corners to take snaps .We had taken so much snaps before reaching LCR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING(50 approx from Chennai..this is a sister fucker institution of ma coll),that we had drained the batteries.Huffffff,no more cam....But ,it was advantageous too,we no more had to stop all the way for pics.

The roads for you :

From here thiruthani was just 20 kms.So we drove off really fast and reached thiruthani outskirts by 3.30.From there we had a 15 min journey to the temple (thats coz we had to enquire a lot about the route).The temple was in a small hillock ,which had roads for biking,so,up we went ....The temple was scenic.Up from the top we where able to see 20 kms radius of city around us,it was pretty decent ,this is where we missed our cam.After a 10 min visit into the temple ,we where off again.Guru drove down hillock in neutral gear (it was fun..the bike was rolling like a marble on the floor ).We then fuelled up again for 50 bucks ,ate something in a local hotel and started off at 5.0 sharp from there.

Guru was riding till LCR ,it was a pretty decent ride,he took the corners as usual.Also occasionally there would be a burst of ultimately chill air blowing up suddenly,believe me ,these breezes were cooler and fresher than any AC that man can ever come up with.After LCR,we exchanged positions,I was riding now.i was afraid of taking corners like guru,but for once i build ma courage and took only one corner pretty decently.That's the end of the show,cause it was already getting darker,so now,we had only one thing to do,reach home safely.

So it was now a sedate 60 km /hr riding.After reaching thiruvallur ,guru took turns to ride,after about half hour from this time we reached the city limits.By the time we reached our home,it was 7.
YIPEEEEEEE!!!!We did it again..another safe ride completed .After about 5 hrs,180 kms of riding at a stretch ,we were quite tired,but the ride was worth its pain......we learned a lot about riding on highways,i guess,we are quite improving in our driving skills..

Three days from now,ma coll would reopen and it would be another three month mad run to a place that i hate so much going to.But iam quite refreshed at the moment because of the two rides that we did.Looking forward for a good semester..

Also read GURU'S BLOG about the ride experience...

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I wanted to watch the match desperately,but because of the stupidest cable system network in chennai,i was deprived of the previlege to see the match...Thats when i was searching the net for live streaming links,and i found this one

click here for:


There are four steps you need to follow to be able to watch the match:

1) First, click on the above link

2) Download the SOPCAST player from the page ,just follow the proceedings on the above link

3) Install and run th SOPCAST player in your system

4) Click on the above link again and ENJOY THE CRICKET.


{install SOP CAST player first and then click on the link......}


--------------------------thanks for reading-------------------------------

23/12/07 PONDY RIDE

DATE: 23/12/07


The stage was set,plans made,and after the final dropouts(vamsi,srini,gsk),we were finally ready for the ride- day.This time was a lot different than the last time,everyone had informed our parents about the ride.This was advantageous to us in a lot of ways.firstly,we got enough cash.secondly,we no more had to fish for stories to be made up to our parents .

Since during our last ride this happened,we where very cautious this time not to get into any trouble.We had a lot of options for choosing the bikes for the ride.We had karthick's libero,srikanth's activa,guru's dio,baga's cbz ,kitcha's cbz again and my caliber.But due to various other reasons we settled for the above mentioned bikes.

Okie,without much delay lemme just tell you about our fantastic ride.Everything about this ride went really as planned- we all assembled on time at our meeting places,no more further dropouts occurred and each and every other thing was very perfect.But, we had an unexpected gift from FATHER NATURE,that was the thick fog cover over Chennai city on the morning of 23/12/07.The fog was so thick ,that the visibility was over only a 100 metre.

So when me ,guru and srikanth met at guru's place at around 6,we had the exiting moments of our life.Each one of us was looking at the other to acknowledge how wonderful this ride is going na be with the fog.We immediately decided that we should hit the highways before the fog disappeared,so,without any further delays,we left to kaksi's place .The ride to kaksi's place was enough to excite us to a level that was unseen by us till then.We were feeling as if we had got everything in life that we had ever dreamt of.That was because of the intense fog cover and the totally unoccupied roads ahead of us.It was like driving in our dream lands with some film technician producing the fog effect wherever we went.The ride to kaksi's house was fucking awesome.

When we reached there we where greeted by the other three riders with same excitement as that of ours.We where in no mood to make any further delays,so,we left kaksi's place around 6.45.Our first halt was a petrol bunk where our bikes got food.Then we got some of ourselves and again left the city outskirts around 7.40.Our wish was to ride at least half hour with the fog cover in the highways.But we had one small problem,we had to disconnect dio's odometer because guru would get screwed if his father saw the odo.

So the first half hour of the ride we where just looking out for a mechanic shop on the roadsides.We couldn't find one so early on a Sunday.So, with the fear of losing the fog ,we decided to proceed further without any delays.We all were praying that the fog remained at least for half hour.FATHER NATURE heard our prayers and responded unpredictably(his usual style) by giving us fog cover till 9.30 in the morning.Can you believe that???may be as guru said FATHER gave us this as a Christmas gift.It is better i put some pics to give you an idea of how the fog covered ecr looked that day:

With this kind of road,fog everywhere around,and drizzles of fog droplets hitting you whenever a breeze blows,you can't help much by just riding like mad men.We took brief breaks to take pics wherever possible ,to account for the fun we had during the are few of them:

The fog cover remained till we reached mahabalipuram.After that ,father realised that we where shivering and then he sent the sun ,which gave us warmth that we needed to feel the blood flowing through our body.After a short tea break we decided to hit the roads without further halts.But we sedately cruised at 60 with our headlights on,so that we could recognize our gang easily.We reached pondy by 12.

All of us were really very hungry,so we directly hit a local hotel,stuffed ourselves really well and then we straightly headed to the beach.Mean time i realised that my coll mate sunil was in pondy and made him a call to ask him about the places to go within pondy.He wanted to join us,he asked us to wait near Gandhi statue ,where he came with his cousin later.

Meanwhile ,we guys had a lot of fun in the pondy beach,taking pics,throwing stones aflat on the sea,throwing them as long as possible in the sea and stuffs.After sunil came with his cousin to the beach ,we had this small discussion on where to go next.Sunil suggested a boating house that was near by,but we decided against that because none of us where ready to spend much in pondy.Instead we wanted to fill fuels in pondy because it is much cheaper there(rs.41 ,its 47.5 here in Chennai),and go offroading.
So, sunil and his cousin departed leaving us about an hour which we spent ranting in the park nearby.Exactly around 3,we left pondy .First we headed to the nearest Indian oil petrol bunk where we filled fuels for our bikes,then it was ride time.We cruised again at 60km/hr,leaving behind the wonderful day that we spent,behind .But we had further surprises awaiting.

We decided to take the bikes we took a right from the ecr ,which took us straight to a deserted beach.we left our bikes behind because of thorny bushes and we hit the beach.We had the fun of our life times.The beach was so deserted that you could take a nude sunbath without being noticed at all.But we just limited ourselves to some nice photo shoots and small pep talks.That's when guru came up with the idea of writing blog names on sands for our blog advertisements.It came out pretty well.We also took time to take some classic shots like these:

It was hardcore fun...then we left the beach and hit the highways around 4.15.
All our way till marakannam we noticed police men standing on either side of the roads for every 200 metres,we wondered what it was all about.Then somewhere near marakannam we were stopped by one of the policemen ,who told us to wait by the roadside as the TAMILNADU CM KARUNANIDHI was heading his way towards Chennai.So ,we where all the more exited to see what was ahead.Within some 15 Min's,his convoy passed by.All the vehicles zoom passed at 100 km/hr.lucky assole.We took a video of his convoy from kaksi's mobile.Here it is:

Then after that drama was over,when we were about to leave one amongst us noticed a board saying Alamparai fort 3kms,in one of the side roads .It was just in front of us from where we where held up.So we decided to explore the fort.It was not much of a fort but just ruins of some 17th century fort build by some nawab.But as they say something out of nothing,we took some glorious shots from the fort.The fort was located on the backwaters.So the pics turned out to be quite a beauty.Here they are:

Around 6 ,we left the fort to hit the highways again.This was not we actually planned.We thought of reaching Chennai by 6.30 max. because nite rides at ecr can be dangerous.But we had to make some compromises for the fun that we had.But,we decided to ride really very carefully as a we hit the highways at 60 km/hr in a formation so that we could stay together as a group.The roads where very dark.Only the reflectors helped us tell the borders of the road.But ,the ride was fucking awesome.
After brief breaks we reached Chennai by 8.30.Then,we assembled at kaksi's place around 9.Collected our things that we left behind ,had a small talk about how fuckin awesome the ride was,and then we left to our nests around 9.30.
Oh my,i have never had a fulfilling day in my life ever before.PHEW!!!!what a ride it was,what an awesome climate we experienced.Millions of thanks to FATHER NATURE and all our parents who made this ride an unforgettable one.

Sorry for the story telling,but,i wanted my emotions written down so that i could read it some time later to know how good my life was...

-------------THANKS FOR READING --------

Friday, December 21, 2007


Blogging is really an art....It is not just writing your thoughts or any information just like need to write in a presentable format to have readers stick on to your blog.....

ok...ok....stop frowning at me...i can hear you say,"what the fuck you know about are an amateur too??"

yes,thats true,and thats why i made an honest attempt to read good blogs , articles on blogging and some tips on good blogging....i got some really good tips...i thought i could share it with you....thats the motive of this post....

let me give you a jist:


Your heading is like your reflects your feelings from inside....your anger,happiness,surprises,sadness and every other myriad of your emotions can just be picked from your face...that is how your heading is-it reflects your entire post...
whatever you are going to write in the next few hundred words will become less important for your reader if the heading to your blog isn't precise and clear....



None of your readers are interested in your essay of emotions and keep your post as short but as precise as possible...FINISH OF YOUR POST IN 250 WORDS.......that would be suffice..


Always provide valuable and relevant links to your posts....also increase interlinking in your blogs...this would help in increasing viewerships...


A lways follow pyramid structure for your posts......(ie)start your post with the core idea of your blog and build your views and informations around this idea..
Always the very first sentense of your blog is what people read to know wheter to continue or,keep the first sentence of your post precise and as an jist of the thoughts that follow.


Use simple english language rather than local sms lingo or your mothertounge language or a sophisticated and complicated english....

I guess this post was usefull and worhty...even iam trying to blog keeping these as the base...

thanks for reading.....


Please someone explain to me this proverb:


may be it conveys the raw meaning ,but WTF does the above proverb mean as a sentence...
These are just a stupid rant of some drunk guy,publicised so much that it got added in to the list of useless wasted english sentences called "PROVERBS"

Also i want to comment on this one:


is this true???

fuck only it is true....always the first impression is the wrong and false one....
This so called proverb is known to all,so everyone tries to impress someone on their first sight by projecting wrong images and false characters....

Temme,this can you remem anyone you know to be of same character as you though they would be on their first arrival to ur life???

Even with my mom and dad this thing is not true.....when i was born i was crying like anything after seeing my mom it seems....but she is the awesome lady i have ever known...

so lets rephrase the proverb:


Also someone please temme the meaning of the proverb at the begining of the post....

and also temme what you feel about proverbs...


After i heard that vivek(my skul mate) got his iphone i really couldn't wait to get my hands on it......when guru called me if i could join him to vivek's house to have a look at the iphone,i readily jumped in ....

I had watched this video on iphone a few months before.After watching this video i was like desperate to have a look in at the iphone and when vivek got it why wouldn't i be exited ..

My very first look at vivek's iphone was enough to sum it up all.....what a big screen!!!....the iphone's screen size is much larger than the apple's video pod screen size.......

let me just say you a few points that i observed on the iphone:
1) It has a very big screen
2)The looks of the phone are great
3)clarity is just awesome
4)The cover up mode works really very fast and it is really attractive.
5)It's bigger screen size is also enables you to browse the net as you would on your pc...the entire web page fits into the screen with decent fontsize so that you could read even without zooming in
6)The sound clarity was also really really cool
The only few disadvantages of the phone are:
1)the touchscreen makes the phone so messy with finger prints all over the screen...may be you could buy some silicon cover for that..
2)the charging process is not mobile...coz it is USB charged you cant plug it in the ac outle of your house for need a pc...but,there is a ac to usb convertor available in the market i guess...
3)it is too sexy,you could end up loosing your best friend coz he might end up stealing the phone from you...(may be thats technically not possible,jus my praise for the phone)
i'am not technically very well informed about the disadv of the phone,i confine myself on its physical disadvantages.....
to sum it up...IPHONE ROCKS....

Thursday, December 20, 2007


AJAB SI ....AJAB SI...... song from oso(om shanti om) is quite AJAB SI ....AJAB SI....(unique is what is ajab si rite???)
WOW....what a melody...iam so obsessd with this song that yesterday whole night i put on my earphones and was listening to this one song over and over again in my friend's mp3(thanks to guru).......i fell asleep without turning off my mp3,the song must have beenkept playing for some 80 times.....but when i got up in the morning i listened to it again for two hours at a stretch....the song is so fresh everytime i hear is one of those rare compositions which always has a new innovative bit that you left unnoticed the last time you heard it.....

every song you hear impresses you again and again because you dont notice the slightest variations in the music evrytime you hear when you hear it oncemore you have another fresh surprise in the music ....and you go on hearing it again n again....

once you are thorough with each and every bit of the music you hear ,you wouldnt want to hear it again.....

imagine,why would you want to do something again and again ???you would do it because you have yet another thing to learn in it.....

its like have sex with a person...then,thats it na...your fantasy should be over...but,you dont mind goin on....thats because you fantasise differently at different circumstances and times...(ie)you have left something unfinished the last time...and it keeps on impressing you everytime you go for it....

songs are similar to that....

that is where ajabsi ajabsi is ...ajab si ajab si....there is something always left unnoticed and wonderful to hear everytime you hear it again....
cheers and millions of thanks to the composer....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


May be you have already downloaded billa songs long before the film even got released ,but iam this sort of guy,i like to hear a new film's songs only after seeing the visuals or the film for me when i sat down to download "MY NAME IS BILLA" and "IDHU ENNA MAYAM(from oram po)",i found this link with many new releases and some oldies as well....this link contains the songs individually film wise....
Also,i got a download speed of 300 from this,do dload atleast one file from here and see if you get your max dload speed or not......

you may have to wait a few minutes to start dloading a file from the links...but do wait,n dload and check if you get a dream dload speed....

the movie list is as follows:

Aarya **Aavani Thingal**Ajanthaa**Ammuvaagiya Naan**Azhagiya Thamizh Magan

Bheemaa**Billa**Bommalattam**Chennai 600028**Deepavali**Guru**Inba**Kalloori

Kannamoochi Yaenada**Kannum Kannum**Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar

Kireedom**Koodal Nagar**Kumaran**Lakshyam**Lee**Maayakkannadi**Machakkaran

Madurai Ponnu Chennai Paiyan**Malaikkotai**Manjal Veyyil**Mozhi**Muni**

Naalaiya Pozhuthum Unnodu**Naan Avanillai**Nadigai**Nee Naan Nila**Ninaithaley

Onbathu Roobai Nottu**Oram Po**Palaniyappa Kalluri**Pallikoodam

Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram**Patchai Kili Muthucharam**Periyar
Satham Podathey
Sila Nerangalil
Tamizh M A
Thee Nagar
Thiru Ranga

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Recently, i went with my family to the golden temple of sripuram in vellore .Here i would like to give an idea about going to the temple.

The temple is roughly 140km from Chennai.

The best mode of transport to the place is by bus,because train travel is much more complicated.Get a bus to vellore.

All buses go the vellore new bus stand,from where you have to go to the vellore old bus stand.You could use an auto,but i would suggest local bus.Lots of local bus go to the vellore old bus stand.For this you have to catch the bus opposite to the vellore new bus stand.

Once you reach the vellore old bus stand ,you could either take an auto or an share auto or local bus.

The temple is located at sripuram which is roughly 10 kms from vellore old bus stand(its a straight road from vo bus stand)

auto = charge is 50 rs

share auto = charge is 5 rs per head

bus = route no 80,charge should be less

CELL PHONES , MP3 PLAYER ,CAMERA,VIDEO CAMERA are strictly prohibited inside the temple.

There are deposit counters where you could leave all your cellphones , and stuffs .They pack your cellphones in a plastic cover and keep it safely.You could also leave your bags at the deposit counter.You will be charged 3 rs for each stuff you leave in there.

HOTEL ANNAPURNA is within the temple premises,where you could refresh yourselves.This hotel and another hospital are maintained by the temple trust,which are located within the temple premises.

It could take one hour to visit the temple.PLEASE AVOID GOING ON WEEKENDS AND FRIDAYS.



Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, the answer to this question is a long series of steps and procedures one has to adopt to be sucessful in the process of making money online.
For beginners, the process could be tiresome and gloomy .You need a guidance from someone who is already into the process of online money making.while i was searching for one such site,i found netbuisnessblog site.I found the site really as an yellowpage for online money making.

But as every other site ,this site to has its cons.Quickly i'l give my views of the site's pros and cons.


As i said earlier the site is a dictionary for online money making.It has got lots of guidlines for any blogger who wants to mint money online.apart from just guiding us to the process of money making ,there are also articles on the common misconceptions and deceptive articles which could end up in you losing your PR.
On the whole the site offers you an ocean of ideas from someone who is so into money making online that you could end up being one such guy within a quick period of time.


Being an amateur ,this is what i felt as a negative of this site:

the site has too many ideas and steps clustered all together in a single space,which could leave you in a dilemma as to where to start.
But if you are a person who is really wanting to mint money online this site is an extremely useful one.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

This is a site that I came across is really a kul site with over 1000 videos on "how to" can literally search on doing anything from a "cake" to "a wheelie" or "the biceps curl" what not....If you really want to learn about doing something ,this is the place to look out for.....there are many videos where experts explain as to what is the correct way and what is the wrong way of doing a particular stuff....try this site in this link



Free movie downloads ??I am sorry for the misleading title....I am just checking in on my SEO lessons.....

Okie...having started off an topic ,i got to write something..well,I'll just give a list of very good movies that you can watch...I have watched all of them..they are really awesome..they are worth the time spent in watching do download and watch these movies if you haven't till now..


GENRE: romance/drama.

CAST: Shane West , Mandy Moore

MY RANK: 7/10

This is really an awesome movie...after watching this movie you cant restrain yourself from wanting to love....its one of those feel good films...the film also has an awesome soundtrack and a track sung by Mandy Moore herself.


GENRE: drama/thriller/crime

CAST: Tim Robins,Morgan Freeman

MY RANK: 9/10

This is one film which would leave you speechless once the climax unfolds....If there is one word to describe this film's story it would be "HOPE"....a perfect film to personal favourite


GENRE: comedy/drama
CAST: Tom Hanks,Catherine Zeta-Jones

MY RANK: 6/10

Another film which you could watch for fun...Tom Hank's performance is flawless and neat ,the film on the whole is very good to this film when you feel really could help in refreshing you...


GENRE: crime /thriller
CAST: Leonardo DiCaprio,Matt Damon,Jack Nicholson,Mark Wahlberg

MY RANK: 8.5/10

This is an Oscar winning movie for best motion has also won 3 other Oscars in various other categories....a movie depicting the underworld - police fight which results in a series of mind games from both the sides...the film also includes many nailbiiting sequences....a wonderful portrayal by leo and Matt....its a must watch...


GENRE: adventure/drama/thriller

CAST: Leonardo DiCaprio,Solomon Vandy,Jeniffer Connelley

MY RANK: 8.5/10

Another leo's film which did very well in the box office....leo even got the best actor Oscar for his role in the film....the film depicts the real life crisis that African people face in a very emotional but realistic manner....DONT MISS THIS FILM.


GENRE: mystery/drama /biography

CAST: Russell Crowe, Jeniffer Connolley,Paul Bettany

MY RANK: 9.1/10


What an film...awesome to the core are missing a great deal if you have not seen the film...Jenifer got Oscar for her performance in the film...but ,Russell surely deserved an unlucky for him...


GENRE: drama/biography

CAST: Will Smith,Jaden Smith

MY RANK: 8.5/10

Another classic film .....will smith got Oscar for his role in the was an splendid performance by one scene in the film he literally brings tears in your eyes....very moving watch it...
Please do watch all of them ....they are lots more ....this is for the time being...
do comment if you found this post helpful or worthy...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

anna university sucks

Anna university sucks for sure.Students were totally taken unawares when Anna university suddenly sent out a message personally, i guess(because there was no intimation beforehand in the form of any circulars or notice)to every college asking them to not allow students use their Casio fx-991ES and Casio fx-991MS calculators .This was because these calculators were programmable it seems.WTF,these models of calculators were being used by students right from their entry to college.In fact,the college themselves bought the fx-991MS calculators to their students in concessional rates.WTF was the Anna university doing all these years .Totally senseless is the idea of prohibiting the use of these calcis on the pretext that they are they have a 5 GB memory to store all answers are Wat???you can store just 4 sets of numbers.Let me know if there is a way of coding these numbers to indicate any full answer for a question.WTF was Anna univ thinking .and YTF they had no brains to inform beforehand about the prohibition of these calci.

The news that these calcis were not allowed for xams was delivered as a surprise package to students of then 2nd year 3rd sem students on the day of their maths exam i guess. what would they have done without using their calcis.The news then spread to all students and then there was this whole dilemma amongst third year students as to "whether we would be allowed to use the calci","if not,which other model to use".......Then there was this news that there is a model 500 series from casio which could be used...many students went on buy this model overnight...the shop owners knowing the demand for the product started to raise their price...

As suspected, students of third year were also not allowed to use their calcis....for those people who were firm in their belief that they would be allowed to use those models ,it was a d day....but ,invigilators in the room were kind enough to circulate the calcis around for those who did not have the allowed models....but for exams like DSP and TLW everyone needed their calci for almost the entire,those who did not have their models were fkd up again...

It is true from Anna univ's point of view that "they had mentioned in hall ticket's rule 15 that students may not use programmable calculators"
but my question is,"what the fk were you doing all these years allowing us to use it" ,"y the fk u did not come up with a notice beforehand about prohibition of these models"

Also i came to notice one thing.....In the INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATE page that's behind the hall tic of every student rule 9 says that students shall use only BLUE OR BLACK ink for answering their answer sheets....but in the answer booklet provided to students ,it is said that "EVEN BLUE BLACK INK " is allowed.....
Are you Anna univ guys nuts???Where you drunk or drugged while printing the rules???
do u have a thing called sense???
man , i get pissed off so much with these guys....


Thursday, December 6, 2007


What are the things which the Indians can boast about??


1) their rich culture

2) heritage

3) huge population(considering anything u have in huge numbers is something to boast of-well in that category it would also include huge amounts of aids patient)

4) abundant natural resources

5) and ya ,of course SACHIN TENDULKAR

It is said that out of every 7 babies born in the world 1 is Indian....and out of every 5 Indian babies born after the year 1989(that's when sachin made his debut as an cricketer) 4 of them are sachin fans.....

This is the kind of fan base that sachin has ...not only in India ,all around the world people praise him and hail him as "THE LITTLE MASTER"....
Sir Donald Bradman ,the legendary cricketer has quoted in his autobiography that ," I was most taken in by Tendulkar's technique, compactness and his shot production "(source: wikipedia)

I always used to refuse the fact that class cricketers can predict the kind of delivery to be bowled by a bowler by just watching their hands....I mean,come on,how can some human have such a good reaction time to look into the hands of a bowler within just a fraction of seconds and decide his shots... don't joke.....
well, i was totally dumbstruck when i watched a video from youtube (which was a excerpt from a ESPN programme video on sachin)....phsycologists say that sachin is such a class of an batsmen that he can "predict the delivery even before the bowler takes his run up to bowl the ball"
how cool is that .....unbelievable is it???have a glimpse at this video:

he is truly an class of his kind isn't he....
well,i also read about sachin in the wikipedia ...i found some interesting facts about they are at your disposal:

1) Tendulkar is ambidextrous, he bats, bowls and throws with his right hand, but

prefers to write with his left hand. He also practices left-handed throws at the nets on a regular basis.

2) Tendulkar is the only player to score a century while making his Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy and Irani Trophy debut

3) When he was 14 Indian batting maestro Sunil Gavaskar gave him a pair of his used

ultra light pads. "It was the greatest source of encouragement for me," he said nearly 20 years

later after passing Gavaskar's top world record of 34 Test centuries. Recently he surpassed the

highest number of half centuries scores in ODI cricket held by Inzamam Ul Haq.

4) While at school, he was involved in unbroken 664-run partnership in a Harris Shield

game in 1988 with friend and team mate Vinod Kambli, who also went on to represent India.

The destructive pair reduced one bowler to tears and made the rest of the opposition unwilling

to continue the game. Sachin scored over 320 in this innings and scored over a thousand runs in

the tournament. This was the record partnership in any form of cricket, until 2006 when it was broken by two under-13 batsmen in a match held at Hyderabad in India

5) When Sachin was young, he would practice for hours on the ground with his coach.

He would often get bored of practising. So his coach used to put a one-Rupee-coin on the top of

the stumps. the bowler who dismissed Sachin would get the coin. If Sachin passed the whole

session without getting dismissed, the coach would give him the coin. Sachin says even today that those 13 coins are his most prized possessions.

and here's a information to top it all

6) In commemorating Sachin Tendulkar's feat of equalling Don Bradman's 29

centuries in Test Cricket, automotive giant Ferrari invited Sachin Tendulkar to its paddock in

Silverstone on the eve of the British Grand Prix (23 July 2002) to receive a Ferrari 360

Modena from the legendary F1 racer Michael Schumacher. On September 4, 2002 India's

then finance minister Jaswant Singh wrote to Sachin telling him that the government will waive

custom's duty imposed on the car as a measure to applaud his feat. However the rules at

the time stated that the customs duty can be waived only when receiving an automobile as a

prize and not as a gift. It is claimed that the proposals to change the law (Customs Act) was put

forth in Financial Bill in February 2003 and amended was passed as a law in May 2003.

Subsequently the Ferrari was allowed to be brought to India without payment of the customs

duty (Rs 1.13 Crores or 120% on the car value of Rs 75 Lakhs). When the move to waive

customs duty became public in July 2003, political and social activists protested the waiver

and filed PIL in the Delhi High Court. With the controversy snowballing, Sachin offered to pay

the customs duty and the tab was finally picked up by Ferrari. Tendulkar has been seen taking his Ferrari 360 Modena for late-night drives in Mumbai.


T o know more about sachin ,visit this link

Thanks again for reading...


Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I was really i thought i might see something interesting on the you tube.....with this whole india-pak series that is being goin on,i was caught with this cricket i watched some cricketing was really awsome......i guess i must have seen these videos for about 2 hrs..... my net bandwidth is surely fkd up(never mind...i have this bsnl 500 plan....2.5 gb free limit) i thought i might share some of those videos out here .

These are the compilational videos on best catches in cricketing history:

Guess ,the creator was british.....too much glorification on paul collingwood....but its un arguably best efforts by paul....great catches....

Here is another one:

I was quite pissed off to see not many indians taking such catches...thats when i saw these:

What an reaction time!!....that was too good, dravid.....

hey...what about SACHIN....hasnt he taken any of those marvelous catches??
well,here you go:

Having seen thala in a mind changed...i narrowed down a bit on my videos...this time it was only SACHIN.....this is an compilational video from some useful contributor...take a look at this.....look at each n every one of his shots...he sure is an living legend:

That six he it is once again....phew!!! AWSOME would be the only word to describe this shot:

well i saw even more of his glorious videos......but cant just go on adding is up to you...just go to you tube and check those videos....they are good....

Thanks again,for browsing...


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

4th sem

Having crossed 5 semesters in my course (which is e.c.e),i thought i might give my views on choosing books for the semester.....

let me first start off with 4th sem (e.c.e)(anna univ pattern)

For the following subjects :

1) LIC

Its best if you just follow "bakshi"(technical publications)....for scoring marks its just sufficient....but if you really got the intntion to understand the concept n stuff go in for the "foreign author" books from your syllabus book

LIC : even "ROY CHOUDHRY" is good.....roy chowdry is a two in one even helps for
your "LIC LAB"

EMF : either bakshi or sadiku is fine

RP : for RP use "SINGARAVELU"(meenakshi publications)

This is just my view.....dont go in for these books blindly....always buy your books after some major portion has been covered in your coll for the respective sub.....tis helps you to analyse between books keeping the topic thought to as reference........
I say this because i was misguided by a blog of similar type for my 5th always use these information as a reference and not as a decider....



For those who have been with me ,it is a well known fact
that i am a die hard fan of Surya.....but what made me like this guy so much??simple,he is an "awesome actor".....he was the one who broke the general masala formula for an hero of speaking lengthy dialogues to make their presence felt on screen.....he speaks with his eyes....his eyes are so expressive that he can manage an entire film without an single dialogue but still ,don the role.......

Though he came into the cine field with the backing of his father,mr.sivakumar(who is also an actor in kollywood),he now stands apart as an class actor in the field...not many actors with strong film industrial family background have been successful....
our star made his debut in "nerukku ner" in which he co-starred with another giant star "vijay".....the film didn't provide him an breakthrough....he continued acting in many small films and just as talks were around about his possible "VR(voluntary retirement)" from the film industry ,"friends" hit the screens....again ,even in this one he had co-starred with actor vijay...the film went on to become an commercial hit....and "surya" was noticed once again as having potentials for an actor.

It was the film "nandha" directed by mr.bala which provided the breakthrough that he needed.....Surya was fantastic in the was after "nandha" that he was looked upon as an actor...from there on it was no looking back for him.....he continued to act in films which had gave him enough scope to prove his talents to the world......he grabbed the hearts of millions of fans with his splendid performance in films like "kakka kakka" "gajini" "mounam pesiyade" "ayutha eluthu"etc.......he is one actor who has had the luck of acting below class directors like "mani rathnam" "bala" "gautham" " ameer".......but as it is said ,it is not enough you have luck...but your efforts make it to your advantage....that proved to be true with Surya.....he proved his class as an actor.....

As i had already mentioned Surya is one of those peculiar actors who can do wonders with just the wink in his eyes....he has this overflowing charisma and heart throbbing smile ,with which he grabs the heart of millions of his fans....according to me ,he has the capacity to go to the dreamland which every actor longs to go to , "The Hollywood".......that day is not far away...

having said few words about him ,i would like to furnish you all with his personnel details and career it is:

D.O.B ::: 23rd July 1975

HOMETOWN :::coimbatore

SCHOOLING :: :PSBB(Coimbatore), st.Bede's(Chennai)

GRADUATION ::: (Loyola coll)

AWARDS ::: Kalaimamani Award (2005)

Film fare Best Actor Award (2003 & 2004)

Here is a list of films that he has acted so far in:

  1. Nerrukku Ner (Sep, 1997)
  2. Kadhale Nimmadhi (Jan, 1998)
  3. Sandhippoma (June, 1998)
  4. Periyanna (1999)
  5. Poovellam Kettuppar (Aug, 1999)
  6. Uyirile Kalanthathu (Nov, 2000)
  7. Friends (Jan, 2001)
  8. Nandha (Nov, 2001)
  9. Unnai Ninaithu (May, 2002)
  10. Sree (July, 2002)
  11. Mounam Pesiyathey (Dec, 2002)
  12. Kakkha Kakkha (Aug, 2003)
  13. Pithamagan (Oct, 2003)
  14. Peralagan (May, 2004)
  15. Ayutha Ezhuthu (May, 2004)
  16. Maayavi (Mar, 2005)
  17. Ghajini (Sep, 2005.)
  18. Aaru (Dec, 2005)
  19. Sillunu Oru Kadhal – 2006Vel (2007)
  20. Vaaranam Aayiram (Under Production)

For more details about Surya visit his own website:


Monday, November 19, 2007


Being my first blog entry ,i thought of sharing something interesting...the word that you see in the title of the blog -savant ,that is what i am going to talk about....i came to know of this only recently(may be you know it already)....i was really fascinated to know that something of this sort it is


Savantism is also known as savant syndrome or autistic savant syndrome or just is the case where a person suffering from the syndrome has a very low general intelligence( IQ ) but a very high narrow intelligence in one or more fields like music,art,lightening calculation,calender calculation etc.....the word "savant" is derived from a French word meaning "learned man"....since people with savantism cannot do things which a common man can do...

they are also referred to as "IDIOT SAVANT"

for (ex): kim peek is an savant with extraordinary memory but still he is mentally retarded...may be, the name doesn't strike any bells in your head....but i bet u know abt him....he is the inspiration behind the movie "THE RAIN MAN" . Kim Peek 's character was beautifully portrayed by DUSTIN HOFFMAN..the film also has tom cruise in it....this film came way back in 1988 ....but i came to know about this film and this thing about savantism only now....

still thinking whats great about being a savant ???take a look at this...

here is another video on "THE LIVING CAMERA"...

phew!!!!no doubt that "I wanna be a savant"

ya ,being one requires you to make some sacrifice in your normal life,like,you cant read or write like normal people.....who cares....imagine you having the power of Kim peek can anyways get a gold medal in studies....

i have tried to introduce to you to savantism (thats in case you don't know already).....if you are really interested to know more about it ....just visit this link

thanks for reading......