Tuesday, December 4, 2007

4th sem

Having crossed 5 semesters in my course (which is e.c.e),i thought i might give my views on choosing books for the semester.....

let me first start off with 4th sem (e.c.e)(anna univ pattern)

For the following subjects :

1) LIC

Its best if you just follow "bakshi"(technical publications)....for scoring marks its just sufficient....but if you really got the intntion to understand the concept n stuff go in for the "foreign author" books from your syllabus book

LIC : even "ROY CHOUDHRY" is good.....roy chowdry is a two in one book....it even helps for
your "LIC LAB"

EMF : either bakshi or sadiku is fine

RP : for RP use "SINGARAVELU"(meenakshi publications)

This is just my view.....dont go in for these books blindly....always buy your books after some major portion has been covered in your coll for the respective sub.....tis helps you to analyse between books keeping the topic thought to as reference........
I say this because i was misguided by a blog of similar type for my 5th sem....so always use these information as a reference and not as a decider....


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