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23/12/07 PONDY RIDE

DATE: 23/12/07


The stage was set,plans made,and after the final dropouts(vamsi,srini,gsk),we were finally ready for the ride- day.This time was a lot different than the last time,everyone had informed our parents about the ride.This was advantageous to us in a lot of ways.firstly,we got enough cash.secondly,we no more had to fish for stories to be made up to our parents .

Since during our last ride this happened,we where very cautious this time not to get into any trouble.We had a lot of options for choosing the bikes for the ride.We had karthick's libero,srikanth's activa,guru's dio,baga's cbz ,kitcha's cbz again and my caliber.But due to various other reasons we settled for the above mentioned bikes.

Okie,without much delay lemme just tell you about our fantastic ride.Everything about this ride went really as planned- we all assembled on time at our meeting places,no more further dropouts occurred and each and every other thing was very perfect.But, we had an unexpected gift from FATHER NATURE,that was the thick fog cover over Chennai city on the morning of 23/12/07.The fog was so thick ,that the visibility was over only a 100 metre.

So when me ,guru and srikanth met at guru's place at around 6,we had the exiting moments of our life.Each one of us was looking at the other to acknowledge how wonderful this ride is going na be with the fog.We immediately decided that we should hit the highways before the fog disappeared,so,without any further delays,we left to kaksi's place .The ride to kaksi's place was enough to excite us to a level that was unseen by us till then.We were feeling as if we had got everything in life that we had ever dreamt of.That was because of the intense fog cover and the totally unoccupied roads ahead of us.It was like driving in our dream lands with some film technician producing the fog effect wherever we went.The ride to kaksi's house was fucking awesome.

When we reached there we where greeted by the other three riders with same excitement as that of ours.We where in no mood to make any further delays,so,we left kaksi's place around 6.45.Our first halt was a petrol bunk where our bikes got food.Then we got some of ourselves and again left the city outskirts around 7.40.Our wish was to ride at least half hour with the fog cover in the highways.But we had one small problem,we had to disconnect dio's odometer because guru would get screwed if his father saw the odo.

So the first half hour of the ride we where just looking out for a mechanic shop on the roadsides.We couldn't find one so early on a Sunday.So, with the fear of losing the fog ,we decided to proceed further without any delays.We all were praying that the fog remained at least for half hour.FATHER NATURE heard our prayers and responded unpredictably(his usual style) by giving us fog cover till 9.30 in the morning.Can you believe that???may be as guru said FATHER gave us this as a Christmas gift.It is better i put some pics to give you an idea of how the fog covered ecr looked that day:

With this kind of road,fog everywhere around,and drizzles of fog droplets hitting you whenever a breeze blows,you can't help much by just riding like mad men.We took brief breaks to take pics wherever possible ,to account for the fun we had during the ride.here are few of them:

The fog cover remained till we reached mahabalipuram.After that ,father realised that we where shivering and then he sent the sun ,which gave us warmth that we needed to feel the blood flowing through our body.After a short tea break we decided to hit the roads without further halts.But we sedately cruised at 60 with our headlights on,so that we could recognize our gang easily.We reached pondy by 12.

All of us were really very hungry,so we directly hit a local hotel,stuffed ourselves really well and then we straightly headed to the beach.Mean time i realised that my coll mate sunil was in pondy and made him a call to ask him about the places to go within pondy.He wanted to join us too.so,he asked us to wait near Gandhi statue ,where he came with his cousin later.

Meanwhile ,we guys had a lot of fun in the pondy beach,taking pics,throwing stones aflat on the sea,throwing them as long as possible in the sea and stuffs.After sunil came with his cousin to the beach ,we had this small discussion on where to go next.Sunil suggested a boating house that was near by,but we decided against that because none of us where ready to spend much in pondy.Instead we wanted to fill fuels in pondy because it is much cheaper there(rs.41 ,its 47.5 here in Chennai),and go offroading.
So, sunil and his cousin departed leaving us about an hour which we spent ranting in the park nearby.Exactly around 3,we left pondy .First we headed to the nearest Indian oil petrol bunk where we filled fuels for our bikes,then it was ride time.We cruised again at 60km/hr,leaving behind the wonderful day that we spent,behind .But we had further surprises awaiting.

We decided to take the bikes offroads.so we took a right from the ecr ,which took us straight to a deserted beach.we left our bikes behind because of thorny bushes and we hit the beach.We had the fun of our life times.The beach was so deserted that you could take a nude sunbath without being noticed at all.But we just limited ourselves to some nice photo shoots and small pep talks.That's when guru came up with the idea of writing blog names on sands for our blog advertisements.It came out pretty well.We also took time to take some classic shots like these:

It was hardcore fun...then we left the beach and hit the highways around 4.15.
All our way till marakannam we noticed police men standing on either side of the roads for every 200 metres,we wondered what it was all about.Then somewhere near marakannam we were stopped by one of the policemen ,who told us to wait by the roadside as the TAMILNADU CM KARUNANIDHI was heading his way towards Chennai.So ,we where all the more exited to see what was ahead.Within some 15 Min's,his convoy passed by.All the vehicles zoom passed at 100 km/hr.lucky assole.We took a video of his convoy from kaksi's mobile.Here it is:

Then after that drama was over,when we were about to leave one amongst us noticed a board saying Alamparai fort 3kms,in one of the side roads .It was just in front of us from where we where held up.So we decided to explore the fort.It was not much of a fort but just ruins of some 17th century fort build by some nawab.But as they say something out of nothing,we took some glorious shots from the fort.The fort was located on the backwaters.So the pics turned out to be quite a beauty.Here they are:

Around 6 ,we left the fort to hit the highways again.This was not we actually planned.We thought of reaching Chennai by 6.30 max. because nite rides at ecr can be dangerous.But we had to make some compromises for the fun that we had.But,we decided to ride really very carefully as a group.so we hit the highways at 60 km/hr in a formation so that we could stay together as a group.The roads where very dark.Only the reflectors helped us tell the borders of the road.But ,the ride was fucking awesome.
After brief breaks we reached Chennai by 8.30.Then,we assembled at kaksi's place around 9.Collected our things that we left behind ,had a small talk about how fuckin awesome the ride was,and then we left to our nests around 9.30.
Oh my,i have never had a fulfilling day in my life ever before.PHEW!!!!what a ride it was,what an awesome climate we experienced.Millions of thanks to FATHER NATURE and all our parents who made this ride an unforgettable one.

Sorry for the story telling,but,i wanted my emotions written down so that i could read it some time later to know how good my life was...

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Guru said...

Hmm .. Rocking trip log. I guess this is your log, and the excitement really shows, a true to heart description of everything that happened. I don't think you missed out even a single detail ..

The off-road experience was particularly awesome. It keeps getting better and better every time. Next time around we could decide on a place nearby and then ride to some random place from there. It'll be so much fun da.