Friday, December 21, 2007


Please someone explain to me this proverb:


may be it conveys the raw meaning ,but WTF does the above proverb mean as a sentence...
These are just a stupid rant of some drunk guy,publicised so much that it got added in to the list of useless wasted english sentences called "PROVERBS"

Also i want to comment on this one:


is this true???

fuck only it is true....always the first impression is the wrong and false one....
This so called proverb is known to all,so everyone tries to impress someone on their first sight by projecting wrong images and false characters....

Temme,this can you remem anyone you know to be of same character as you though they would be on their first arrival to ur life???

Even with my mom and dad this thing is not true.....when i was born i was crying like anything after seeing my mom it seems....but she is the awesome lady i have ever known...

so lets rephrase the proverb:


Also someone please temme the meaning of the proverb at the begining of the post....

and also temme what you feel about proverbs...


*Sajith* said...

That means you have to spend more time in dealing with problems and act right now than wait.. problems get worse if you delay your action..

"semesters are nearing better study your lessons day-to-day rather putting it to last. A stich in time saves nine."

vijay said...

adhu ok mama...that i understand....but what is the exact meaning of the sentence???
wht does the sentence "a stitch in time saves nine mean???"

Guru said...

The proverb's do have a meaning da,

'A Stich in time saves Nine'

A cloth gets torn once you need to quickly mend it, if you let the rip go unattended you'll end up with more damage. This analogy is used with reference to real life just as Sajith explained.

And the Nine part is just to rhyme, so you really can't say they don't mean anything.

But then certain proverbs have very less meaning right now.

The First Impression Is The Best Impression.

That proverb is based on the human psyche, we generally judge a person by the first meeting itself, even if the judgment tuns out to be way off, we still have the first impression in our sub conscious.

This is not true in some cases when the first impression someone creates on you is totally different from their real self, and then we get so used to the real self later, that we erase the first impression and register the true impression.

But that takes quite sometime, so in a general situation when you are going to socialise with someone for a very short period of time then the first impression is all thats necessary, cos' only thats going to stick..

Thats the reason why people always expect you to live up to their first judgment of you. Like you've made a real good first impression with someone, and when you deviate from that judgment of theirs they just don't accept, they start comparing your present with your first impression, and expect you to be that way.

Like in college, on the first meeting a particular staff judges you to be good, and then when you deviate from her first judgment there is usually disbelief, and it'll take a lot of proof otherwise to change her judgement.
Isn't that true ?

Well i've presented my case very clumsily, i guess i just cannot put the thoughts into the right words. Maybe i'm too excited about tomorrow's ride.. hmm..

To sum things up, proverbs generally make sense, except a few which've lost their meaning right now.

If something weren't sensible there is no way it'll stick on for so long. Right ?

vijay said...

our coll scenario was the one which made me start up the topic...

also jus coz something sticks for so long doesn't mean it should be sensible and meaningfull....
may be thats so vague...chillax...

but my point is ,you tend not to go into the depth of certain things but decide go with what everyone does....

may be this similarity in human thought made these stupid phrases to win their race against time....

well to go with what you say about rhyming:

i say:


would you accept this as an proverb...

did ya feell that the above attemted analogy was so kiddish,immature an unkul???

thats exactly what the other proverbs seem to me...

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