Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My First Live Cricket Experience

Was awesome.:) :) :) :)
I was there today at the M.A.C ,watching Ind-SouthAfrica test match.This was the debut for the four of us(me,Guru,Venky and Vamsi),for a cricket match,and the experience was truly awesome.We had tickets for the D-stand(500 bucks for 5 days,but we got it for one day.Thanks to SUNIL),just behind the side screen thats opp to the pavilion.
S.A batted first and were 304-4 at stumps.Today both Kumble and Bajji took 2 wickets each.Apart from this ,not much of cricketing action today,but we had great fun.
We saw all our players in skin and flesh,and most importantly we saw them in action :):) (JOY).
We just managed to get commentator L.Sivaramakrishnan's Autograph,no one else was approachable.


1)M.A.C toilets suck

2)Stadium is awesome

3)Kallis and G.Smith are really HUGE.

4)Kumble is awesome.

5)Food is costly.

6)Chennai crowd is very sportive and the most decent one till date.

7)Sachin is God(Didn't manage to have a closer look at him today,but I surely will).

8)Indian Cricket Team rockz.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Vellore Night Ride

DISTANCE:: 270 Kms approx
BIKES:: Caliber(mine) and Dio(Guru's)
BIKERS:: Myself,Guru and Venky
DATE:: 21st ,Friday

My parents were out of town for the weekend ,this was an nice opportunity for a ride.Me,Guru and Venky planned for a short ride to Vellore,but this time,we wanted to have a new experience.So we planned for a night ride. We all assembled near guru's house at 3 in the morning,filled fuel to our bikes in a nearby petrol bunk and immediately hit the NH 4 (Chennai-Bangalore highway).The road was full of lorry traffic till Maduravoyil ,but after that,the four lane highway outstretched its arms ,asking us to explore it.Unlike our first amateur ride,we weren't ripping the bikes this time,but we drove them at around 6K RPM ,enjoying the beautiful Moon fed night ,all alone on the roads with our bikes.

We stopped at a tea shop around 4.30 for refreshment,after which our next stop was only at the Toll plaza ,20 Kms from Vellore.We had to stop there for about 45 mins because it was raining heavily and we were already wet and shivering in the nites cold.We stood right beside the toll booth and whenever a lorry came we used the exhaust of the lorry for warming ourselves.It was awesome.Around 6.30 ,we started again and reached vellore by 7.

We then ate at a local hotel.We wanted to got to Elagiri,but,after coming to know that it was around 90Kms from Vellore,we had to Quit that idea,as we did not have enough cash or time for it.We then went to the Vellore Fort,which was near Vellore Old bus stand(I knew this place from my previous trip to the Sripuram Golden Temple).Just spent some 30 mins there ,loitering around.The fort has the Jalagandeshwar Shiva temple,a Mosque and also a Church embedded within its premises.(Communal Harmony:)The fort also has a moat where you can go boating,nice way to kill time.Next time you go to Vellore ,just make sure you visit this Fort.

It was time for us to leave and after fuelling our bikes again,we left Vellore around 8.40AM.On our way back,we say a superbike zooming past us,none of us saw what it was,but,later in a bunk near Kancheepuram we saw the same bike and it was a HORNET 900.The bike was sexy.

All our way back,it rained heavily and the climate was just awesome.This time we chose to drive in the rain.The rain drops would poke you like a needle every time,but the overall experience of riding in a 4 lane highway,in rain,was just AWESOME.
After 9 hours of fun ,we reached home around 12 in the Noon.The entire ride was SUPERB,and the best one till date.The night riding experience was particularly awesome.The prob we had this time was,we borrowed Vivek's 6MP cam,which was out of battery,so,as our previous THIRUTHANI RIDE ,this time again,we were out of pics.BTW,we took a few of them and would be posting it in a while.Thanks to Guru and Venky for the ride.

-----THE RIDE WAS AWESOME----------

Monday, March 17, 2008

Awesome Ad

If you haven't seen this Bajaj Mania Ad still,then take a look at it at once .

Now that you have,you will probably understand my praise for this one ,thats going to follow.
Firstly,AWESOME stunts by all those bikers,truly awesome.What a gift these guys have,a complete control over the bike.That guy in this ad is standing on the bike which already is on one wheel,and he takes off both his hands from the bike,and drives it!!!!!!!exclamation exclamation exclamation follows

Secondly,the camera works,if doing those stunts was tuff,getting them recorded on a camera should have been equally an Mt.everest task.The camera works are super good.

Thirdly,the music.It rocks big time.It keeps your ears stunned as well.

And last but not the least,the bikes.Bajaj Pulsar rocks.Be it 150,180,200 or 220,pulsar just rocks.

Kudos to the entire team.

Anna University 6th Sem Exam Time Table

The Anna University Exam Timetables for the April-May Exams,for all the semesters are out,and this time to everyones Shock,the exam starts pretty early, on the 29th of April and goes on till 12th May.That is it,its going to end that soon.May be we will be having ample holidays this time.Lets see.

Click here for your exam timetable

This means,we will be having our practicals even sooner.I heard ,around April 9th the first cycle starts .

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time Pass Cricketing Videos

I was Youtubing today,and was searching on some interesting cricket videos.I got many of them,i am just giving links to a few of them,that i found were interesting.Here they are :

1) Don't know what match this is,Don't know who the players and umpires are,But just look at the umpiring,WOW,all i could say is,Steve Bucknor and Darrell Hair are any day better umpires than this guy:
Don't Miss This Video

2)This is a run out video,where a throw from the boundary ,luckily hit the stumps,and sachin was given out.But what followed was even worse,the crowd erupted at the decision and i remember ,the play was stopped,and sachin himself came around the field in a car asking the crowd to settle down.The following video does not have the latter half of the action.If you find it somewhere,just post the link in here:
Sachin's Controversial run out video

3)This is a very funny video.The ball just slips off the bowlers hands,but take a look of what happens next:
Dead and Buried Ball

4)No one would have seen something like this,a match played without a leg umpire.Really funny.Just take a look.
Leg Umpire Is Out

5)The under-arm incident.Last ball,6 runs required and the bowling Australian team bowls an under arm delivery.
The Under Arm Incident

6) Funny Commentary :

7)Sachin Called back to play after given out

8)Sunil Gavaskar calls back his team after being given a wrong decision.
Sunil Gavaskar Incident

9) Dennis Lilly uses a Aluminium Bat and is asked to change his bat by the umpire.
Aluminium Bat incident

10) Waquar Younis breaks the middle stump with his beautiful delivery.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I watched this movie- "Knocked Up",today.This movie is about how a totally fun loving,practically worthless,irresponsible guy and
a beautiful,career focussed girl end up being Life Partners despite being two totally unmatched individuals.They both get drunk in a party,they get to have condomless sex,and the girl(Who just got promoted to anchor a show o her TV channel),later finds out that she is pregnant.The guy and this girl take up a decision as to have this baby,and they start to get along.Both of them are totally different in their approaches to life,but still,for the baby,they stay together till the end,resolve their misunderstandings and evolve as Life Partners.

This film was not like a classic movie n all,its just a pass time movie,but still it managed to clear up my doubts and show me what life actually is.To be honest,i am pretty much a bit similar to the guy in the movie,regarding his view of a relationship.I have always believed that relationships can't be worked out,but,have to be pre existing,not demanding,and should not ask you to change (Which according to me was hippocratic).But i am starting to realize that its not all about being yourself,its about how you mould yourselves to get a relationship going.Its about how you fit in to the game of life.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Its Over

My Department Symposium was finally over today.I heard that, around 165 entries from at least 25 different colleges ,was registered today ,which is a good turn over rate.Guru did the quizzing event along with my friend vijay krishnan and they did it really well. Ramanan,along with my other classmates took up DumbC, and again ,they did a good job.Venkat was into compering along with Suvitha.And i guess compering is venka's area of specialization ,because he was so fluent and good at doing this.

As i had already mentioned,all these events were organized entirely by us,so it was a great pleasure and satisfaction to see it ending up really well...the only thing to worry about is,its all over,so , we are back to our classes again,no more op's for event preperations,no more OD'S(On Duty) for sponserships.Its going to be 8 hours of bullshit again.

Waiting for more Op s.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy At Last

After Kakka Kakka there was this shortage for good quality Tamil Films and at one stage I almost stopped watching any Tamil movies at all.I used to skip past every song sequence,every fight scene,every emotional scene and end up finishing an entire movie in just under half hour.Every single film seemed to be identical to the others with the only difference being in its acting crew.

But yesterday,I watched Director Mysskin's "Anjathe".The film was awesome.The highlight of the film is its camera works,beautifully done by Mahesh Muthusamy.He has done something unseen uptill now ,with his camera and he has done it really very well.Be the low angle shots or the Long ,single frame shots,he scores cent percent with his camera.The other marks to this film comes from its acting department with actors Naren,Ajmal(debut),Prasanna,Pandyarajan,and all other supporting actors,doing a splendid and neat job.The music is not that unique but does keep your ears pleasing and in sync with the emotions that the actors emote onscreen.The movie did have its own Tamil Masala Factors like a "KUTHU" song at an totally unnecessary circumstance,but the movie was not as "kiddish" as the other ones.
On the whole the film was very good and i was really content and happy to be seeing a good quality Tamil film after a long time.

Kudos to cinematographer Muthusamy-You have done a splendid job.

I have tried to cut the starting scene of the movie and paste it here.Please forgive me for the poor cutting,i didn't get a professional cutter.Kindly adjust.Just see the opening camera angle(The Low Angle shot),Just awesome.


Thursday, March 6, 2008


As I already said you,I am now really into this crime serial called "DEXTER" and it rocks,big time.I have finished watching the first season,of 12 episodes that guru gave me(Thanks to you again:),it was much like a journey into the life of a serial killer.Each episode is roughly 50 mins long,and each episode stands out individually as an crime movie with its own twists,links,suspense etc...
The serial just rocks.And I am starting to be a fan of "MICHAEL C.HALL",who plays the lead role of "DEXTER" [The blood pattern analyst for the Miami police force at day,and a serial killer at nights].
If you are really looking forward for KILLING some time,then ,"DEXTER" should be your next stop.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It Cant Get Any Better Than This!!!!

Can it??

If you are still wondering what it is about,well wake up...

India has sealed the series against australia beating them 2-nil in the CB series.To
be honest, at this very moment,when i was writing this post ,i felt elated,a kind of joy that happens rarely but charges up everything in you,right from your soul...Please Don't think iam being over expressive,the series hasn't been a good one considering the
un-crickety affairs and happenings which all went against India,but still India has managed to answer everything through their Game,nothing but their beautiful Game alone..
Todays 2nd finals at Brisbane was just perfect.It was a nail bitter,at,one stage it seemed as though Australia would just manage to win,but Pathan came back with a good over and bowled beautifully in the last over of the game and sealed victory for India..

This win is the first Series Clinch that India is taking against Australia after 23 Years,a special one indeed.The only Disappointment today was that THE MASTER failed to score yet another century here,getting out on 91.It was an beautiful knock from him today,a century here would have brought 2 consecutive centuries against AUSTRALIA IN AUSTRALIA IN A FINALS...That would have sounded incredible,but, never mind,India has won,and won it really well...

Lets not forget,its not a win here alone,INDIA has also WON THE UNDER 19 WORLD CUP,and in HOCKEY ,INDIA HAS QUALIFIED FOR THE OLYMPICS,so,alogether it is proving to be a boom in sports for India..

DON'T MISS THIS video(the video has the last over and the celebrations part of the Indian team)::

Monday, March 3, 2008

It Has Been A While..

It has been quite a long time since i last logged in.I was quite busy with few other things, that i almost forgot i have a blog and that i have to write in here at least once a week ((not that i have a huge readership ...just to keep my post count going :) ).Before I go on to tell you all what was keeping me busy,i cant restrain myself from expressing my uncontrollable joy over sachin's splendid 117* against the aussies in the first finals of the Cb series at Sydney yesterday.The sydney cricket ground is indeed proving to be Sachin Cricket Ground.What an innings it was,beautiful inside out cover strokes ,late upper cut-a masterclass alone can play such strokes,leg glances,altogether it was a sexy 100 from sachin,and it came in the right time,taking india one step ahead in the finals.This is sachin's 42 century in the ODI's and after 7 odd century misses in the last year this one comes as a starter for few more to follow.

Now to tell you all what was keeping me busy,

1)CRICKET 2007:: I installed this game a month ago ,but iam trying it out full time now only.Iam a great cricket fan,but a very poor cricketer,so,this cricket 2007 is giving me a chance to learn and play beautiful strokes.It is proving to be a great source of fun to me.Iam full time into playing this game ,that i hardly relax from my comp.

2)DEXTER:: This is a crime serial about a man named dexter,who besides being a blood pattern analyist in the miami forensic department,also has the other dark side of being a serial killer,killing wrong guys in miami and dumping them into the seas.
The serial is really awesome ,and each one of its episodes goes on for about 50 mins.So ,two episodes daily,and a few hours of cricket 2007,takes all the time that i have got to spend before my comp...

soon I am going to complete a personnel milestone of 50 posts in here,so,me thinking of taking a next step into blogging ,converting this blog into something useful for others ....Still thinking of some useful ways of getting to do that...