Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My First Live Cricket Experience

Was awesome.:) :) :) :)
I was there today at the M.A.C ,watching Ind-SouthAfrica test match.This was the debut for the four of us(me,Guru,Venky and Vamsi),for a cricket match,and the experience was truly awesome.We had tickets for the D-stand(500 bucks for 5 days,but we got it for one day.Thanks to SUNIL),just behind the side screen thats opp to the pavilion.
S.A batted first and were 304-4 at stumps.Today both Kumble and Bajji took 2 wickets each.Apart from this ,not much of cricketing action today,but we had great fun.
We saw all our players in skin and flesh,and most importantly we saw them in action :):) (JOY).
We just managed to get commentator L.Sivaramakrishnan's Autograph,no one else was approachable.


1)M.A.C toilets suck

2)Stadium is awesome

3)Kallis and G.Smith are really HUGE.

4)Kumble is awesome.

5)Food is costly.

6)Chennai crowd is very sportive and the most decent one till date.

7)Sachin is God(Didn't manage to have a closer look at him today,but I surely will).

8)Indian Cricket Team rockz.



Guru said...

9. Very low babe count :(

10. Ganguly rocks .. How did you forget this da? ;)

Venkat said...

Hoping for a few Upper Cuts... Seems that there were a couple today by Sehwag and Jaffer...

Sakshi said...

Good one there! :)