Monday, March 3, 2008

It Has Been A While..

It has been quite a long time since i last logged in.I was quite busy with few other things, that i almost forgot i have a blog and that i have to write in here at least once a week ((not that i have a huge readership ...just to keep my post count going :) ).Before I go on to tell you all what was keeping me busy,i cant restrain myself from expressing my uncontrollable joy over sachin's splendid 117* against the aussies in the first finals of the Cb series at Sydney yesterday.The sydney cricket ground is indeed proving to be Sachin Cricket Ground.What an innings it was,beautiful inside out cover strokes ,late upper cut-a masterclass alone can play such strokes,leg glances,altogether it was a sexy 100 from sachin,and it came in the right time,taking india one step ahead in the finals.This is sachin's 42 century in the ODI's and after 7 odd century misses in the last year this one comes as a starter for few more to follow.

Now to tell you all what was keeping me busy,

1)CRICKET 2007:: I installed this game a month ago ,but iam trying it out full time now only.Iam a great cricket fan,but a very poor cricketer,so,this cricket 2007 is giving me a chance to learn and play beautiful strokes.It is proving to be a great source of fun to me.Iam full time into playing this game ,that i hardly relax from my comp.

2)DEXTER:: This is a crime serial about a man named dexter,who besides being a blood pattern analyist in the miami forensic department,also has the other dark side of being a serial killer,killing wrong guys in miami and dumping them into the seas.
The serial is really awesome ,and each one of its episodes goes on for about 50 mins.So ,two episodes daily,and a few hours of cricket 2007,takes all the time that i have got to spend before my comp...

soon I am going to complete a personnel milestone of 50 posts in here,so,me thinking of taking a next step into blogging ,converting this blog into something useful for others ....Still thinking of some useful ways of getting to do that...

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Guru said...

Converting this blog into something 'useful', so right now it isn't .. Is that what you're saying ? ;);)

And why wait till the 50th post, you could make the changes ippove.. Anything stopping you ;) ??