Friday, August 8, 2008

What did i do big daddy??

That is exactly what i would ask if i were given a chance to meet some kingpin from Google.
I am still a PR0,irrespective of a PR5 backlink and few more PR3 ,2 links.

I thought, may be it was because of the sponsored posts shit that i was involved in,a few months ago.
I have deleted every trace of that,but,still, no sign of sunshine here.



What did i do big daddy???

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vellore goes Corporation today

Vellore - The GoldenTemple city of Tamil Nadu is becoming an Corporation today..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Recently stopped by a blog,saw this information that iPhone 3G is coming to India with AIRTEL being its official service provider.

Airtel-iPhone 3G


Monday, June 30, 2008

Lesson Learned,Aptitude xams = Have to prepare

Today was the first time after 3 years I was appearing for an aptitude exam.The occasion was my first On-Campus placements from one of my dream companies ,"INFOSYS",and i got rejected in the first rounds.The last time this happened was in my AIEEE exam.
When it comes to aptitude ,my mind never thinks the smartest way.I always tend to think conventionally.So, after one stage ,i give up my preparations and just go with the current.This attitude of mine has not changed since my schooling days.Now,this has cost me something bigger,"a placement".

Now the lesson is learned, Aptitude exams = Preparations.

Current Emotions = Sad,unhappy,dejected,angry,frustrated,humiliated. : (

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Expressive Pictures

Often Pictures can explain more than what we can.Like this one:

Hers the link to some more awesome pictures.Don't miss them.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DAS avataram - Kamal Wins

Saw Dasavataram yesterday.More correctly i should say Experienced Dasavatharam yesterday,because,Dasavatharam can now on be used as an verb replacing acting.Such is the brilliance of Padma Shree Kamal Hassan.He has donned ten different roles in one single film and excelled in every single of them.He is a real Professional.

4 or 5 odd Characters that he portrayed were so damn realistic that i felt like seeing 4 different actors portraying 4 different characters.Such was the brilliance of Kamal's acting.


1)Kamal Hassan

2)Kamla Hassan




10)Kamal Hassan

11)Director - K.S.RaviKumar-He has done a wonderful job.

12)Asin is also good

13)The Make up man - Terrific job by this guy


1) Very Poor Graphics- Could have concentrated on this more.At Places,as my friend Ramanan says,the graphics are too cartoony.

2)Mediocre Music.

On the whole , i would say that the movie is a brilliant showpiece for Kamal's acting talents.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is going to be a VERY LONG post.If you want it in short then the story is: we went to kerala ,then to Goa,had fun,got into a lot of troubles and finally came back.But if ya want to know what those FUN were ,and what those TROUBLES were,then please read on.

: Me,Guru, Venkat, Krishna Prasad and Kaushik

ROUTE: chennai-vadakara-goa-bangalore-chennai
LINKS TO PHOTOS: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

DAY 1- 6/6/08:

Our actual plan was to go to Vadakara(meaning northern shore),a place on the northern coast of kerala,go to krishna's(alias kitcha here on) house at a place called thotilpalam(1 hr from vadakara),and return from there to chennai on 11 morning.we had tickets booked previously for this plan.

Morning at 6.30 we all(xept kaushik) met up at gurus place,and were having discussions as to what our plan was and suddenly Goa came into the picture.After 1 hour of discussion we all finally agreed for Goa.There was one small problem at this stage,Dilip(venkat's brother),who was actually to have come instead of kaushik ,was not ok with the plan and he backed off.So after few phone calls ,Kaushik was IN.(I still wonder how he managed to convince his parents for a trip like this having known about it jus 2 hours b4).
So,we canceled our return tickets and booked two fresh tickets - one from Vasco Da Gama to Bangalore and other from Bangalore to Chennai.

FUN -After all this we all met up as at station and we were off to Kerala by 5.10.The journey was awesome.Mostly we spent our time sitting near the stairs,chatting and we seldom went to our seats(At this stage we didn't know the value of a seat:( ).After 12 hours of chit chat,eating,coffee drinking at each station,and 4 hours of sleeping we finally reached Vadakara at 5 in the morning.- FUN

DAY 2- 7/6/08:

FUN- The station was pitch dark.Thanks to me ,i bought my torch,we managed our way out of the station and after an enquiry we found out that our train to Goa was that night at 7.45.
After this we walked about 1 km in pitch darkness and chill drizzle to reach Vadakara bus terminus from where we took the first bus to Thotilpalam at around 6.It was a 1hr 10 min ride
through the roads of Gods Own Country(Rightly said) to thotilpalam. -FUN

FUN-Krishna's house was 15 min walk away.Houses in Kerala are damn good.Each house spans over an area of 2 grounds with compulsorily a well and a garden of trees,separating the neigbhouring house ,500 meters away.His house was no exception.- FUN

FUN-At this stage we met a new character -Kitcha's cousin-Rahul.I should say,this guy was extremely friendly and was very adjustable.He stayed with us till we left Vadakara ,took us to all beautiful places in vadakara ,waited for hours together to have lunch with us and above all kept a smile in his face and never complained.-FUN

FUN-Rahul took us to the lake which was some 2 kms away.The small walk to the river was awesome.We noticed a variety of flora and fauna which made Kerala Gods own country(truly).We must have had a 2 hour bath at the lake.It was AWESOME.We never have had so much fun in any of the artificial swimming pools we have been to-it was damn awesome.-FUN

FUN-After the bath,we went to Rahul's house ,were we had lunch(It was good).I should again say here-The HOSPITALITY there was REALLY GOOD.We never felt like guests.After a nice lunch,we still had three hours to kill.Rahul then took us to two other places in the upstream of the river.One was like a curve that the river took and the other was this awesome picturesque place where the river flows down the hill through the rocks.This place was really really kul.At this stage we met another character called VISHNU(must have been 13 yrs old).This boy was really the king of trekking.He would manage to trek the rocks in seconds ,while we were, even struggling to stand on our feet.We had solid fun in the company of Rahul and Vishnu.After all this side seeing,we again left to Vadakara around 5.45.-FUN

TROUBLE-The travel to Vadakara this time was a roller coaster ride.The driver,i guess was previously riding a coaster.He kept the accelerator pinned at 7o's in the curvy downhills and maintained an average of about 90 at the ghat roads.We reached Vadakara around 7.30(After eating our dinner),got our open tickets to MADAGAON (Goa) and waited in the station till 8 for the Nethravathi Express.Till this point everything went on smooth and steady.We weren't prepared for something that was coming up.-TROUBLE

TROUBLE-We boarded the unreserved compartment at around 8,and the train started.The rush inside was unimaginable.We weren't getting air to breathe.Imagine a wall being built around you,so that you couldn't even move-that was our position there.To make things worse,we got place only near the toilets.One would get vexed up not for the shitty smell but for the infinite tines one had to adjust giving way to people using the toilets and to make things even worser ,people would smoke and puff it out to your face every 30 mins.Our only consolation at this stage was the fact that a vendor told us that the train would quite empty down at Mangalore (3 hours away).So we tolerated all this thinking it would last just for 3 hours.But we were not to be let out that easy.Mangalore came and to all ours surprise another 30 odd people boarded into the train.Our hopes were dead at this stage.We consoled ourselves thinking that this agony should last only till 6 in the morning as we should have reached Goa by the time.-TROUBLE

DAY 3- 8/6/08:

TROUBLE-This day began unusually for me.I was not sleeping when the day began,but was standing tall with weak legs,drowsy eyes and desperate heart.Every one of us had lost our patience.At this stage only Kaushik was our only entertainment.The only pass time we had was to make fun of our co-Passengers in Tamil.The train stopped at a station called Bhatkal at around 2.30.The train guard told us that the train would reach Madagaon by 6.Our hopes once again raised.But this time again,it turned out to be in vein.The train stopped there forever.It was already 2 hours since the trained moved an inch from that station,and we were told that there was some engine problem and an new engine was on its way and the travel would take 2 more hours.We were lost once again.After a few enquiry we found out that the train was the only proper mode of transport at that stage.So we decided to continue,but this time we got into another Unreserved compartment.And finally after four hour delay and 14 hour painful hell of an travel we reached Madagoan by 10.-TROUBLE

TROUBLE-From there we took an prepaid Taxi (80 bucks for a 3 km travel)to the bus stand where we found that Guru had left his mobile in the taxi.So ,guru went in an Pilot Bike(This is like an taxi service offered in a bike,These bikes run all over Goa and are distinctively Marked yellow ) and retrieved his mobile.After all this,we boarded a bus to Panaji.There is a unique procedure here to board the buses.One has to book his tick previously in a counter and has to get into the next immediate bus ,else the ticket goes invalid.After an 45 mins travel we reached Panaji(A.K.A Panjim,Panji).Got an taxi,asked the driver for accommodation and got into an decent enough hotel called Panaji Tourist Hotel,got a single room (Made to accommodate 5 members) for 800 bucks a day.-TROUBLE

Then we found an hotel called KAMAT( a very good hotel,look out for this one),ate something,got back to the room and hit the beds.The 14 hour long reckless travel demanded some sleep and we got up only around 7.The day was wasted.After our nites dinner at Kamat,we went for a walk along the shores of???(I guess thats some backwaters).We got to see a lot of cruisers,a casino on board,small ferry etc..Then it was sleep time again.The day went totally wastefully.

DAY 4- 9/6/08:


This was technically the last day for us in Goa.So ,it began briskly.After brushing,bathing tiffin.We rented Three bikes- A Classic Pulsar(Decent condition),A Dtsi-pulsar(Worthless piece) and an Karizma(Adjustable).Each bike cost 300 per day and were allowed to travel on Highways.We gave a deposit of 1000,and got three stupid fucking helmets for free from those bastards(U'l know why) as helmets were must on highways.After initial fueling of 200 per bike and a free purchase of Goa road map form the tourist department,we were OFF to CALANGUTE (16 Kms from Panaji-a highly Beach populated place).The roads were damn awesome.Both the Highways and the connectors were sexy.These are every bikers dream roads.We topped each bike and were having awesome fun.We saw the following places-

1) Calangute Beach(Normal Beach)

2) Baga Beach(Mountain Backgrounds,and there is a place where the sea merges to form an lake-Its awesome)

3)Aguda Fort(You will be on top of the fort with the ocean at your bottom ,kissing your feet-damn sexy)

4)Coco Beach(Has no sand but rocks upon which you can walk nearly upto 200 metres into the sea-Thats if you can site the rocks)

All these places were awesome.The roads were damn sexy.Every single thing in Goa to be seen is either a beach or a Church.But the only difference in each of these beaches is their location and the scenic surroundings they have.Every single beach is a must watch.We did not have time to go for the churches .So we restricted ourselves only to the beaches.Each place offers its own variety of photographic view points.I am not good at describing things as i saw them,but i can tell you this,these places were really really beautiful- Truly Natures gift.

The last beach we saw was the Coco beach.From there we took a short cut to reach Panaji(6Kms of Coastal road).We ripped the bikes apart.We ate at Kamat again,and left for the rooms.It was around ten,that we did not have hearts to pay 300 bucks for the 40 kms ride we had done,so we planned for a night ride.Just then we came out of our hotel,it started to rain we parked he bikes Off road and took shelters.Unfortunately ,The classic Pulse fell on to a Santro(Think so),and then we got into a fight with a guy for some 20 mins.At last that stupid guy left us for a SORRY in exchange for few bike marks in his car.Phew!!!

We fueled up for 100 bucks(Our Big Mistake) and hit the south western roads of Panaji.Once again,the roads were hmmmmm hmmmm.We traveled as far as we could and stopped at a dead end(ended at a sea shore) called Dona Paula.The Street Dogs there chased us away.So we returned to our rooms around 1.30.and hit the beds.
This day was awesome.

DAY 5- 10/6/08:


This is the day we wont ever forget .We got into so much trouble this day that we would not forget this day for years to come.We had to return the bikes by 9 in the morning and vacate the room by 10.So we initially got up at 5.30 packed off everything and started for a ride in the same direction that we went yesterday.We got to see the Beauty of Dona Paula (A view point Facing the beach),Miramar Beach.After this ,we took a small Detour to got to the Bambolin Beach.The roads were like track roads. We couldn't control our Love for roads.We started taking every Corners The GP style.

At one of the corners ,The classic that kitcha and me were riding fell off at 40 Kmph.(Kitcha was riding),due to slippery roads.This was the last thing we wanted.Kitcha jus had scratches in his legs and miraculously i was off without a single scratch.The bikes crash guard had Bent a little and there was a small scratch at the bikes mirror.We were happy that the bike was safe more than the fact that we were safe.Since Bambolin was only some 2 Kms away from our crash point,we continued forward.The Bambolin Beach was really good.A typical Beach with proper sand like in Marina.After some 15 mins of stay and relaxation ,we were OFF again to starting point-our rooms.

We noticed on our way back that we had lost one of the HELMETS we were given with.At that stage we were so very keen in getting away from Goa that we didn't mind paying for the Helms alone.Also we noticed that we had too much Petrol in each Bikes.So we drained off the petrol and filled up every single bottle we had with us.VENKY was totally against this as he was stubborn that We could not take Petrol in trains and he asked us to leave it there.But with the Recent HIKE in fuel prices we found it extremely Precious and wanted to take that liquid Gold back home.

Within minutes after this,the dealer for the bikes came for the bikes.And i still don't know how on earth he found out that we had crashed the bikes.He spotted every single damage that we though had happened and in extra made us responsible for few more of the damage which was previously there.All we could do at that stage was to request him to take less money for the damage.So,after about half hour of heated argument,he wouldn't settle for anything less than 1000 bucks for the bike and 200 for the lost helmet.Helplessly we gave that Bastard the money he asked for and vacated the rooms,and OFF we left to Panaji.We were keen in saving more cash at this stage that we took a 4 kms walk to the bus stand.

From Panaji,we took a bus to Vasco Da Gama Railway station 40 mins away.Our train - was at 3.10.We had reached the railway station 12.30.So we took the extra time to Eat our lunch and also to rest in the railway station.At this stage we were really Heart Broken to have spent so much Wastefully for minor mistakes that we did.

Our agony was not to stop there.When the Train arrived ,To our surprise we,found that only 3 Compartments,were addressed to the destination we had to Bangalore via Hubli.The rest were Tagged Nizzamudin Express.After a few Hul Chul We found that the 3 bogies would be separated at a station called LONDA from where another train would take these 3 bogies to Bangalore.This explained explained the whole story behind a waiting list 6 ticket not getting confirmed (There were only 3 bogies for our destination).So with the waiting list ticket we were again Off to a unreserved compartment.

But this time thankfully we all got a seat and also a good company of a Muslim family getting off at Hubli.As we were thinking we left the omen behind,an RPF caught us for carrying Petrol.He was accidentally checking Kaushiks Bag and found one of the petrol bottles.He asked us to get down in the next station but later as any other Indian police Officer Let us go For 500 Bucks.Yes,We bribed.Thats the best we could do at that stage.We were fortunate to be let off like that,but,Our country is so Unfortunate to be having Officials like this.This should have been the same condition,when the Godhra incident happened.

We were also fortunate that the RPF didn't catch us for carrying Wine which was also in Kaushik's bag(He was getting it for his friends).
But we were happy for one good reason.The passengers were very alert.They scolded us for bringing petrol in trains.At least we got an alert set of civilians.The good Muslim Family that we told,helped us dispose the remaining 4 Bottles of petrol.By doing so they left us in a complicated situation of not asking them to throw off our wine bottles(which would be awkward in India).But we had to dispose that OFF somehow.So when LONDA came,me and guru got down with kaushik's bags and threw away the 150 rupees wine bottle just like that in a dust bin.We felt relieved only after this.

Now we were OFF to Bangalore.

DAY 6- 11/6/08:


We reached Bangalore around 8.Got a taxi to Venki's relatives Place in Rajaji Nagar.The hospitality here was again awesome.We had delicious Pooris and idlis for tiffin and we had 3 hours to kill,which we managed to do so by playing cricket in a ground near by.We returned home again around 1.Awesome Lunch was waiting for us-Thanks to Venki's patti,mami,mama and thatha for a warm hospitality.Venka decided to stay in Bangalore as he had to again return anyways after 2 days.So around 1.40 ,Me,guru,Kaushik and Kitcha came to railways station ,we had Brindavan tickets booked this time.
After 5DAYS AND 4 HOURS of Mixed emotions we finally reached our Home Sweet Homes.

This post went THIS long and DESCRIPTIVE as i wanted every single thing to be recorded.This trip was unforgettable experience for all of us. and i wanted every single thing in records for my future nostalgia.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yet Another Sachin Post

Heres what i got anew




Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Finally ,around 4.30 pm today there was this sudden Gush of really cool wind in ma city.It must have been something of a smaller version of a sand storm,cause there was dust ,plastic bags ,sand everywhere around ,whirling about in circles.And the wind was really chilly.I was in ma terrace,and the winds were so strong that , once ,it started to push me ,and i had to get down from ma terrace to avoid a fall.

The temp now is pretty down and it is really a pleasant surprise(At least to me).

Another cool thing ,thats happened today is that i got to hear A.R 's new tracks from "ADA".I heard one of them,composed and sung by A.R.
It was really Awesome.

Monday, May 19, 2008


12 Days without blogging!!!!
If my exams were a reason for this till may 12th ,the remaining days ,"Namma Chennai's" scorching heat was successful in keeping me away from my comp.
You wouldn't believe,my house is burning.I live in the third floor(which happens to be the last one),with an open terrace above me.And the sun god is outstretching his damn hot rays directly on to ma terrace.Every single place in ma house is burning like hell.Walls ,Floor,the air from fan,the air from ma windows,my tap water,table,chair and every other single thing in ma house is literally boiling.
We ,in our house are estivating from morning 9 - evening 6.I can't even think of getting near ma comp,the place is like the interior of a furnace .

So ,dormancy is to prevail for some time and activities would resume to normalcy after "Agni Natchathiram"

UPDATE:: @Yayathy Raj -- You must really be out of your mind to have written This.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


At two things:

1) Sachin gets Padma Vibhushan. :)

2)An article in the TOI states that "Namma Chennai" is India's Blogging capital,with most number of blogs registered in India.(Quite happy to be a part of this group)

Monday, May 5, 2008


Surya is all geared up for his next release "Vaaranam Aayiram".One of the characters in the film requires him to be tough and macho it seems...And look what Surya has done for that:


I am an ardent Surya fan.And to be seeing him after almost 1 and half years back on screens(not vel,that was a flop accord to me)??i am thrilled...And these pictures pumped few more gallons of adrenaline into me..

It took 4 months for him to build his 6 packs it seems,and it has come out fantastic.Surya has not used any steroids for this and also has relied only upon vegetarian diet.This shows this guys commitment and love, for delivering quality and realistic content on screen.He simply rocks.


ACTIVITY::Will resume after 12th.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Dr.Kamal Hassan's next much awaited release is the movie DASAVATHARAM,directed by K.S.RaviKumar.The movie trailers are out.Check them out here:


The audio release of the movie is scheduled to be happening 25/4/08 (This friday),at Nehru stadium in chennai.Legends like BIG B ,king of action Mr.Jackie Chan,and many other kollywood stars will be descending on chennai this friday.


1)Music is just NORMAL.

2)Kamal Rocks.

Lets wait for the entire action. :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

AR's Changing Notes

AR's concert "Changing Notes" was ,simply a Musical Treat.


1)Popular singers like Shanker Mahadevan,HariHaran,Chinmayi,Naresh Iyer,Karthick,Rayhana,Javed ali,Aslam,Nithyashree,Blaze,Neeti Mohan,
,Sadana Sargam,Benny Dayal,Madhushree along with the one and only Drummer ShivaMani were keeping the audience always on their feet shouting and cheering.

2)The Stage - It was beautifully set .There were screens everywhere, all around the ground.In particular the screens just behind the performance stage was awesome ,it was of the richest quality possible.

3)The Lightings - Really,the lightings were awesome.Kudos to the light engineer.

4)Neeti Mohan's "mayya mayya" belly dance.(She Sang and danced...Awesome)

5)AR's "Vande Mataram"(Truly sensational....)

Thanks TOI(Times Of India) for this wonderful concert and the free passes.
For complete list of songs performed ,Visit Guru's blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Few good IPL ads for you:

1)IPL cricket ka KARMAYUDH AD

2)DLF Indian Premier League Ad

(Manoranjan ka Baap ad)

3)Bangalore Royal Challengers Ad

4)Mumbai Indian's Ad

(The dentist ad....good one)

5)Kolkata Knight Riders Ad

(A very Good One)

The first match starts on 18th of this month.
Can't wait for it:)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Transferring My Emotions

I don't know if it is sheer reluctance or ignorance ,but,whenever i utter these words("Sachin is uncomparable to others"),i always face strong resistance from my counter arguers.They seem to show me stiff resistance,and i always end up, being unreasonable and resolve to totally rude tactics ,thrashing my opponents POV.I don't know if i seem to be a sachin chauvinist to others,but even then i don't find it wrong being one..

In this post i am going to give you all some links that i found in youtube,kindly,take time to see all of them.Hope my emotions get transferred to you as well.

ESPN - Legend Of Cricket::

2)Episode 2

3)Episode 3

4)Episode 4

For those who have patience

1)Sachin's interview PART 1

2)Sachin's interview PART 2

Harsha Unplugged:

1)Part 1

2)Part 2
(A must Watch---->>Includes glorious glorious glorious Shots)

3)Part 3

4)Part 4

5)Part 5

It is really HARD to be SACHIN ,rite??Not being able to go for a stroll in the morning,not being able to shop at his will,not able to go with his family to a park and play with his kids...With 100 thousand pair of eyes watching your every move on the ground,cheering up each and every single move you make,with each and every one wanting you to make century each and every time you are out there....ITS A MAMOOTH PRESSURE...

But sachin has survived everything ,he has adopted to every single change around him..Mr.Charles Darvin was right when he said "ONLY THE FITTEST AND THE BEST SURVIVE"..Sachin has survived 18 years of cricketing life till now and is still going on strong...So its obviously true when everyone says "He Is The Best".Rite??

Lastly to know what is SACHIN'S CONFIDENCE LEVEL,here is a video which was taken when he was just 16:

Sachin's First Interview, At The age Of 16

Kudos MASTER...keep going.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Indian Traffic

Very Funny:) :)

(Double click to view it large)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is God , Human e??

Often we hear people saying,"Request to GOD,he will give you what you want","Fall at his feet",
"Surrender to him","Accept his greatness" etc...
Let me ask you something!!
Is God that human ,that he(I am assuming here,that God is masculine,just for my convenience ) responds only to people who surrender to him accepting his greatness??Will he just turn his back and go off at people ,who say he doesn't exist??Is he that mean ,with normal human characteristics that he wants people to boast of his greatness,only then will he come for your help??

GOD=human e????

Waiting eagerly for ANSWERS ....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My First Live Cricket Experience

Was awesome.:) :) :) :)
I was there today at the M.A.C ,watching Ind-SouthAfrica test match.This was the debut for the four of us(me,Guru,Venky and Vamsi),for a cricket match,and the experience was truly awesome.We had tickets for the D-stand(500 bucks for 5 days,but we got it for one day.Thanks to SUNIL),just behind the side screen thats opp to the pavilion.
S.A batted first and were 304-4 at stumps.Today both Kumble and Bajji took 2 wickets each.Apart from this ,not much of cricketing action today,but we had great fun.
We saw all our players in skin and flesh,and most importantly we saw them in action :):) (JOY).
We just managed to get commentator L.Sivaramakrishnan's Autograph,no one else was approachable.


1)M.A.C toilets suck

2)Stadium is awesome

3)Kallis and G.Smith are really HUGE.

4)Kumble is awesome.

5)Food is costly.

6)Chennai crowd is very sportive and the most decent one till date.

7)Sachin is God(Didn't manage to have a closer look at him today,but I surely will).

8)Indian Cricket Team rockz.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Vellore Night Ride

DISTANCE:: 270 Kms approx
BIKES:: Caliber(mine) and Dio(Guru's)
BIKERS:: Myself,Guru and Venky
DATE:: 21st ,Friday

My parents were out of town for the weekend ,this was an nice opportunity for a ride.Me,Guru and Venky planned for a short ride to Vellore,but this time,we wanted to have a new experience.So we planned for a night ride. We all assembled near guru's house at 3 in the morning,filled fuel to our bikes in a nearby petrol bunk and immediately hit the NH 4 (Chennai-Bangalore highway).The road was full of lorry traffic till Maduravoyil ,but after that,the four lane highway outstretched its arms ,asking us to explore it.Unlike our first amateur ride,we weren't ripping the bikes this time,but we drove them at around 6K RPM ,enjoying the beautiful Moon fed night ,all alone on the roads with our bikes.

We stopped at a tea shop around 4.30 for refreshment,after which our next stop was only at the Toll plaza ,20 Kms from Vellore.We had to stop there for about 45 mins because it was raining heavily and we were already wet and shivering in the nites cold.We stood right beside the toll booth and whenever a lorry came we used the exhaust of the lorry for warming ourselves.It was awesome.Around 6.30 ,we started again and reached vellore by 7.

We then ate at a local hotel.We wanted to got to Elagiri,but,after coming to know that it was around 90Kms from Vellore,we had to Quit that idea,as we did not have enough cash or time for it.We then went to the Vellore Fort,which was near Vellore Old bus stand(I knew this place from my previous trip to the Sripuram Golden Temple).Just spent some 30 mins there ,loitering around.The fort has the Jalagandeshwar Shiva temple,a Mosque and also a Church embedded within its premises.(Communal Harmony:)The fort also has a moat where you can go boating,nice way to kill time.Next time you go to Vellore ,just make sure you visit this Fort.

It was time for us to leave and after fuelling our bikes again,we left Vellore around 8.40AM.On our way back,we say a superbike zooming past us,none of us saw what it was,but,later in a bunk near Kancheepuram we saw the same bike and it was a HORNET 900.The bike was sexy.

All our way back,it rained heavily and the climate was just awesome.This time we chose to drive in the rain.The rain drops would poke you like a needle every time,but the overall experience of riding in a 4 lane highway,in rain,was just AWESOME.
After 9 hours of fun ,we reached home around 12 in the Noon.The entire ride was SUPERB,and the best one till date.The night riding experience was particularly awesome.The prob we had this time was,we borrowed Vivek's 6MP cam,which was out of battery,so,as our previous THIRUTHANI RIDE ,this time again,we were out of pics.BTW,we took a few of them and would be posting it in a while.Thanks to Guru and Venky for the ride.

-----THE RIDE WAS AWESOME----------

Monday, March 17, 2008

Awesome Ad

If you haven't seen this Bajaj Mania Ad still,then take a look at it at once .

Now that you have,you will probably understand my praise for this one ,thats going to follow.
Firstly,AWESOME stunts by all those bikers,truly awesome.What a gift these guys have,a complete control over the bike.That guy in this ad is standing on the bike which already is on one wheel,and he takes off both his hands from the bike,and drives it!!!!!!!exclamation exclamation exclamation follows

Secondly,the camera works,if doing those stunts was tuff,getting them recorded on a camera should have been equally an Mt.everest task.The camera works are super good.

Thirdly,the music.It rocks big time.It keeps your ears stunned as well.

And last but not the least,the bikes.Bajaj Pulsar rocks.Be it 150,180,200 or 220,pulsar just rocks.

Kudos to the entire team.

Anna University 6th Sem Exam Time Table

The Anna University Exam Timetables for the April-May Exams,for all the semesters are out,and this time to everyones Shock,the exam starts pretty early, on the 29th of April and goes on till 12th May.That is it,its going to end that soon.May be we will be having ample holidays this time.Lets see.

Click here for your exam timetable

This means,we will be having our practicals even sooner.I heard ,around April 9th the first cycle starts .

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time Pass Cricketing Videos

I was Youtubing today,and was searching on some interesting cricket videos.I got many of them,i am just giving links to a few of them,that i found were interesting.Here they are :

1) Don't know what match this is,Don't know who the players and umpires are,But just look at the umpiring,WOW,all i could say is,Steve Bucknor and Darrell Hair are any day better umpires than this guy:
Don't Miss This Video

2)This is a run out video,where a throw from the boundary ,luckily hit the stumps,and sachin was given out.But what followed was even worse,the crowd erupted at the decision and i remember ,the play was stopped,and sachin himself came around the field in a car asking the crowd to settle down.The following video does not have the latter half of the action.If you find it somewhere,just post the link in here:
Sachin's Controversial run out video

3)This is a very funny video.The ball just slips off the bowlers hands,but take a look of what happens next:
Dead and Buried Ball

4)No one would have seen something like this,a match played without a leg umpire.Really funny.Just take a look.
Leg Umpire Is Out

5)The under-arm incident.Last ball,6 runs required and the bowling Australian team bowls an under arm delivery.
The Under Arm Incident

6) Funny Commentary :

7)Sachin Called back to play after given out

8)Sunil Gavaskar calls back his team after being given a wrong decision.
Sunil Gavaskar Incident

9) Dennis Lilly uses a Aluminium Bat and is asked to change his bat by the umpire.
Aluminium Bat incident

10) Waquar Younis breaks the middle stump with his beautiful delivery.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I watched this movie- "Knocked Up",today.This movie is about how a totally fun loving,practically worthless,irresponsible guy and
a beautiful,career focussed girl end up being Life Partners despite being two totally unmatched individuals.They both get drunk in a party,they get to have condomless sex,and the girl(Who just got promoted to anchor a show o her TV channel),later finds out that she is pregnant.The guy and this girl take up a decision as to have this baby,and they start to get along.Both of them are totally different in their approaches to life,but still,for the baby,they stay together till the end,resolve their misunderstandings and evolve as Life Partners.

This film was not like a classic movie n all,its just a pass time movie,but still it managed to clear up my doubts and show me what life actually is.To be honest,i am pretty much a bit similar to the guy in the movie,regarding his view of a relationship.I have always believed that relationships can't be worked out,but,have to be pre existing,not demanding,and should not ask you to change (Which according to me was hippocratic).But i am starting to realize that its not all about being yourself,its about how you mould yourselves to get a relationship going.Its about how you fit in to the game of life.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Its Over

My Department Symposium was finally over today.I heard that, around 165 entries from at least 25 different colleges ,was registered today ,which is a good turn over rate.Guru did the quizzing event along with my friend vijay krishnan and they did it really well. Ramanan,along with my other classmates took up DumbC, and again ,they did a good job.Venkat was into compering along with Suvitha.And i guess compering is venka's area of specialization ,because he was so fluent and good at doing this.

As i had already mentioned,all these events were organized entirely by us,so it was a great pleasure and satisfaction to see it ending up really well...the only thing to worry about is,its all over,so , we are back to our classes again,no more op's for event preperations,no more OD'S(On Duty) for sponserships.Its going to be 8 hours of bullshit again.

Waiting for more Op s.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy At Last

After Kakka Kakka there was this shortage for good quality Tamil Films and at one stage I almost stopped watching any Tamil movies at all.I used to skip past every song sequence,every fight scene,every emotional scene and end up finishing an entire movie in just under half hour.Every single film seemed to be identical to the others with the only difference being in its acting crew.

But yesterday,I watched Director Mysskin's "Anjathe".The film was awesome.The highlight of the film is its camera works,beautifully done by Mahesh Muthusamy.He has done something unseen uptill now ,with his camera and he has done it really very well.Be the low angle shots or the Long ,single frame shots,he scores cent percent with his camera.The other marks to this film comes from its acting department with actors Naren,Ajmal(debut),Prasanna,Pandyarajan,and all other supporting actors,doing a splendid and neat job.The music is not that unique but does keep your ears pleasing and in sync with the emotions that the actors emote onscreen.The movie did have its own Tamil Masala Factors like a "KUTHU" song at an totally unnecessary circumstance,but the movie was not as "kiddish" as the other ones.
On the whole the film was very good and i was really content and happy to be seeing a good quality Tamil film after a long time.

Kudos to cinematographer Muthusamy-You have done a splendid job.

I have tried to cut the starting scene of the movie and paste it here.Please forgive me for the poor cutting,i didn't get a professional cutter.Kindly adjust.Just see the opening camera angle(The Low Angle shot),Just awesome.


Thursday, March 6, 2008


As I already said you,I am now really into this crime serial called "DEXTER" and it rocks,big time.I have finished watching the first season,of 12 episodes that guru gave me(Thanks to you again:),it was much like a journey into the life of a serial killer.Each episode is roughly 50 mins long,and each episode stands out individually as an crime movie with its own twists,links,suspense etc...
The serial just rocks.And I am starting to be a fan of "MICHAEL C.HALL",who plays the lead role of "DEXTER" [The blood pattern analyst for the Miami police force at day,and a serial killer at nights].
If you are really looking forward for KILLING some time,then ,"DEXTER" should be your next stop.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It Cant Get Any Better Than This!!!!

Can it??

If you are still wondering what it is about,well wake up...

India has sealed the series against australia beating them 2-nil in the CB series.To
be honest, at this very moment,when i was writing this post ,i felt elated,a kind of joy that happens rarely but charges up everything in you,right from your soul...Please Don't think iam being over expressive,the series hasn't been a good one considering the
un-crickety affairs and happenings which all went against India,but still India has managed to answer everything through their Game,nothing but their beautiful Game alone..
Todays 2nd finals at Brisbane was just perfect.It was a nail bitter,at,one stage it seemed as though Australia would just manage to win,but Pathan came back with a good over and bowled beautifully in the last over of the game and sealed victory for India..

This win is the first Series Clinch that India is taking against Australia after 23 Years,a special one indeed.The only Disappointment today was that THE MASTER failed to score yet another century here,getting out on 91.It was an beautiful knock from him today,a century here would have brought 2 consecutive centuries against AUSTRALIA IN AUSTRALIA IN A FINALS...That would have sounded incredible,but, never mind,India has won,and won it really well...

Lets not forget,its not a win here alone,INDIA has also WON THE UNDER 19 WORLD CUP,and in HOCKEY ,INDIA HAS QUALIFIED FOR THE OLYMPICS,so,alogether it is proving to be a boom in sports for India..

DON'T MISS THIS video(the video has the last over and the celebrations part of the Indian team)::

Monday, March 3, 2008

It Has Been A While..

It has been quite a long time since i last logged in.I was quite busy with few other things, that i almost forgot i have a blog and that i have to write in here at least once a week ((not that i have a huge readership ...just to keep my post count going :) ).Before I go on to tell you all what was keeping me busy,i cant restrain myself from expressing my uncontrollable joy over sachin's splendid 117* against the aussies in the first finals of the Cb series at Sydney yesterday.The sydney cricket ground is indeed proving to be Sachin Cricket Ground.What an innings it was,beautiful inside out cover strokes ,late upper cut-a masterclass alone can play such strokes,leg glances,altogether it was a sexy 100 from sachin,and it came in the right time,taking india one step ahead in the finals.This is sachin's 42 century in the ODI's and after 7 odd century misses in the last year this one comes as a starter for few more to follow.

Now to tell you all what was keeping me busy,

1)CRICKET 2007:: I installed this game a month ago ,but iam trying it out full time now only.Iam a great cricket fan,but a very poor cricketer,so,this cricket 2007 is giving me a chance to learn and play beautiful strokes.It is proving to be a great source of fun to me.Iam full time into playing this game ,that i hardly relax from my comp.

2)DEXTER:: This is a crime serial about a man named dexter,who besides being a blood pattern analyist in the miami forensic department,also has the other dark side of being a serial killer,killing wrong guys in miami and dumping them into the seas.
The serial is really awesome ,and each one of its episodes goes on for about 50 mins.So ,two episodes daily,and a few hours of cricket 2007,takes all the time that i have got to spend before my comp...

soon I am going to complete a personnel milestone of 50 posts in here,so,me thinking of taking a next step into blogging ,converting this blog into something useful for others ....Still thinking of some useful ways of getting to do that...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It was yet another beautiful masterclass innings by the master today at the hobart's .This is his innings card :

Score balls 4's 6's S.R
63 54 10 0 116.66

The innings was a beautiful one,with splendid square drives,comely cover drives,awesome sweep...Sachin is back to his form in the series,and lets hope to see a blast from him, here on.

Please take time to see this post match video of sachin

Click Here

Gambhir on the other hand is having a wonderful series,with two hundreds in his pocket,today here again he showed his class batting and went on to take a superb 63.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


As i said in my last post,Me,Guru and now Venkat and Ramanan have started to build our Symposium website as i said earlier we are using blogger to host our site.Initially we found the site pretty decent and worthy,but off late we have been visiting hundreds of websites(different college's symposium websites) and we find that all of them are flash sites designed with the help of professionals,as a result of which these sites look awesome.
So after this we were quite down ,now we knew where we stood.So,now we thought we could use some professional help,we then found that one of our other department guy was a pro web designer,we asked him for help,and he said he could get us a very good flash site for 500 bucks,but the problem we have is that our coll wont get us more finance for this any more,so we got to put in our cashes.We of course will be goin in for flash templates putting in our cash ar atleast try developing a html site with pre designed available html templates,but at present we need a net database for our symp,so we are at present into developing our blogger site.But once we are completely done with this,we will go in for the flash site or the html temp site and host it later..

I just need in your feedbacks about how our site looks at present.Just send in your feedbacks as comments,it would be really helpful to know the views from a third eye...

Monday, February 18, 2008


If you remember,a few posts before ,i was telling you all about my coll department symposium?Well,it is scheduled to be held on March 12th,and it has been named INFRACTIONZ'08.So,with the symposium speeding up its way ,we the third years have the responsibility of organising the entire symposium,and make it look decent enough.As a part of this,Guru took up the responsibility of creating a website for our symp this time(I guess this is the first time we are having a site dedicated to our symp).Guru got a domain from Square Brothers for Rs.350(Plus 100 ),and we have redirected it to a blog page now,this is because ,the blogger has all prerequisite essentials for bringing up a decent enough webpage,and we need not go in search of help for creating a own webpage.
So ,we have now started to work for the webpage,to make it look presentable enough.Just take a peep in to the site from time to time and also do send in your comments,suggestions,feedbacks in this comment page ,this could be of great help..


Sunday, February 17, 2008


The whole movie is a romantic,period movie depicting the love between The Mughal samrat Akbar and a Rajput Princess Jodha.Due to this very same reason of depicting a Hindu-muslim love(which is considered fictional),the movie was banned in Rajasthan and also the movie has created waves all around India...Yesterday when Vijay Krishnan had called me for the movie ,me, and guru hopped in and were exited not for the movie but to see the Picturisation for the songs which we were already mad at..
When I came out of the theatres I was pretty satisfied on the whole.I was very much impresed about four things in the movie:

1)The Music: By A.R is just awesome.The tracks Jashn-e-bahara ,Khwaja(Sung by the legend himself),and Azeem o shaan,just capture your heart and mind.The other two tracks are also awesome ...The background score was just perfect.The master rules.

2)The sets and art direction: They are too good.Not once in the whole film do you find as if you are in this century.The whole of the art direction,sets,colour schemes,camera work,locations just take you to a tour on The Mughal period.The war scenes were nearly 200 people are dressed up like soldiers,with many horses,elephants,decorated and all people given weapons which were prevelant in that times,are all just too good.There is one scene where the camera is put on the ground facing the sky and the Cannon balls fly in the sky like birds ,,the scene is really superb..

3)Hrithik: When i first saw the trailors i felt Hrithik was too lanky on screen to be loking like a Mighty Emperor.I was wrong.Hrithik has done a neat job,and the next time someone says Akbar, iam sure he is just going to flash b4 your eyes.Be it an emotional scene,a romantic scene or a scene where he has to fight an elephant single hand,he has done is job fair and square.

4)Aishwarya Rai: She looks Gorgeous on screen.She doesn't stop there,but ,she goes on to give a beautiful performance from her side.A right find for the role of Jodha.The onscreen chemistry between Aish and Hrithik is just heart warming..

With so many Plus points ,yet the film is worth watching only once.This is because of some loose story ,totally predictable plots,some careless acting by others, very simple fight sequences,and a lengthy screenplay...

But on the whole You will love the movie and it is really worth watching..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The V-Day...Shop Owners Enjoy...

Tomorrow is the most looked after day in the calender.I guess plans should have been made by now,gifts bought ,poems mugged up, dress chosen,appointments fixed. All for what???
celebrating the Valentines day.
What is this valentines day???
Ans: It is just like the other stupid calenderial days like Mother's day(remember your mother on this day???And fucking don't care about her the next 364 days??),Father's day(Men's got mother's day???ha ha ha,we got Father's day),World water day(Create awareness about water on this day...And don't close your water taps the next day..),Children's day(give birth to children??) etc.......

Who decides which day falls when???
Ans: Thats a very impressive question and i bet no one on earth knows it.According to me some stupid jerk started it,and other stupid jerks followed ,making it a tradition. who cares ,its another day which you can call it with a fancy name..kul...

I guess within the next decade,the names like Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday etc....are going to vanish and we will have to call each day on the calender with some fancy names like World Kiss day,World arse day,World sex day(What you do on this day??Have sex only on this day??)..

And tom is the King pin day-The V-day...What is going to happen tom??
All gift shops,Greeting cards shops,Cinema theatres,Beach sundal payyan,Hotels,Bars,Pubs,Disco clubs are going to be having the best income they could ever get on a single day .What else??
Oh ya....I almost forgot...
Most people are going to lose their money ,paying the above said list,in the name of celebrating love...

My POV is that wtf we got to celebrate these days??So if you don't say "ILU" to ur mate,then does that mean you really don"t love her???Why you have to create pressure on yourself by following these stupid traditions??

THESE TRADITIONS ACCORDING TO ME ARE JUST "the most most most stupidest thing on earth"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The Chennai Marathon 2008 is all about to kick start on Feb 10th 2008(this sunday) from the Labour Statue(Ullaipallar sillai).Announcing this in a press conference ,Mary Rajathy,the GM of the Sports Development Authority Of TamilNadu (SDATN),said that the main aim of this event is" to bring people from all walks of life to run together for a greener future".
Elobrating about the details of the event ,the Sports Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr.Mohiden khan,said that the event was going to be conducted in a category of 5 .Which are:


DISTANCE ::: 42 KMS approx,starting from the labour statue(ullaipallar sillai),with two laps.

PRIZE MONEY::: Rs.75,000


DISTANCE::: 21 kms approx,starting again from the labour statue

PRIZE MONEY:::Rs.50,000 for women,Rs.30,000 for men.


DISTANCE::: 6 kms approx,starting place is again the labour statue.

PRIZE::: Rs.10,000 along with a shield.


DISTANCE::: 3 Kms approx.

PRIZE::: Rs.5,000

Apart from this there is one more category: 5)MARATHON FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN,the details of which i don't know.


These are the information that i collected from these sites::




The last chennai marathon happened in 2006 ,and i have read that, it was really poorly organised,with participants being not informed beforehand about the target time of 4 hrs,as a result,after four hours ,participants were literally chased up by the police .Many of them were 100 metres of the finishing line but yet they were asked to leave ,as the TIME WAS OVER.(Just imagine their frustration,after running for 4 hours with an aim of finishing it,you are being told this)
So collect all details beforehand and then leave.Lets hope we have a good organising this time.

Now for the informal section of my writing:
This event is being organised to encourage promoting a GREENER and a POLLUTION FREE chennai.Now let me ask you this,you are running in this marathon with a t-shirt asking to "PROMOTE GREENER AND POLLUTION FREE CHENNAI",and now its two years from that date,Has chennai become greener and pollution free???Probably you must now be in some oxygen parlour paying 100 bucks for your pure oxygen.These things got no sense as such.HTF just a promotional event like this ,is really going to bring any change ??And if you know a person who has changed from attending any of these promotional events,i kindly request you to show me that guy/gal,iam pretty sure that i can convince that guy /gal to giving his property to me for a "GREENER CAUSE".

These events are primarily aimed at making money by giving away a small part of the made money as a eye catchy prize.

If your arguement is that,the money collected from the sponsership of this event is going to be used for the cause,just hold on...The very cause that we are talking here came into light because you and me have failed to realise the fact that it is you and me who are fucking up with nature.So Don't be lame,to be going to this marathon for promoting the cause for which you and I were responsible, rather,just be a responsible individual in your daily life.(A small example of how you chennaities can do this is out here) .But whatsoever,Iam sure that running a marathon is going to be a real fun ,that too,getting to run it alonside a beach,is even more awesome,so gear up and don't miss to participate in the event .And participate with the motto of just running and not with an idea of promoting the cause.

Entry forms are available at the Anna swimming pool, Marina, the Shenoynagar Swimming pool and SDAT Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Effectiveness is being able to create an impact or produce an result for any action.Recently I came across a picture which according to me defines effectiveness.This picture was in one of the slides of the CTS[Cognizant Technology Solutions] programme "EVOLVE"(This is a an idea that the CTS has come up with,where they go to different engineering colleges ,giving an exposure to students as to "how they can get into the corporate world","what should they prepared in" and things like that.The program was really good,read GURU'S BLOG for a review on the program).

Now,let me show you the picture:

Look at how effectively the picture conveys the idea - "Never Ever Give Up"

Monday, February 4, 2008

What You Can Do???

What you can do??
Your next question,
What are you talking about?
Ya ,i'll tell you that,its about what you can do to make our city litter free.Let me as you this:

Why do you have to throw the used plastic water packets just like that any where??

You ask:
What difference does my single water packet got to do with the city being green,the environment being pollution free??

Well let me just give you a simple statistics,my coll has nearly 3500 students,out of it my guess is that around 500 people(This is a very low number) definitely don't use our college bus services.So they have to walk all the way from our college to the main road(which is approx 2kms from coll).In the due process let me assume that 100 people get really thirsty,they go to the nearby potty kadai and buy the 1 rupee water packets which come in plastic covers.Out of the 100 buyers iam damn sure,that only 5 would use the litter box,the rest walk along,drinking their water,and throw the used plastic on to the roads.
So ,from my proofless statistics i get a figure of 95 water packets daily littered on to the roads,this is just considering my college alone.Imagine the amount of water packet thrash that gets into our roads daily all around chennai??

So what do you want me to do,keep the used water packet in my pocket till i find my litter box and then dispose it huh??

Ya ,exactly.Else you could stay at the place where you bought your packet,drink it ,and then dispose it there immediately(i guess every store owner has his own litter box).
Else you drain all water from the packet,keep it in your pocket and then discard it in some dustbin.

So you want me to carry my water packet in my pocket just to enable it reach the dust bin.What makes you think anyone would even thinking of doing it?So,by doing this you think green house effect will be stopped,earth made much more greener and pollution free is it??

Let me ask you this.The litter should reach the litter box ,so ,why do you have to go the extent of thinking on changing the earth and stopping the green house effect(GHE) n all.Just enable the litter to reach its home.That's it.I don't know whether this could stop the pollution,or stop the GHE,but iam sure it could enable us have a better ,clean and a litter free surrounding.So kindly consider doing this.Not only for the water packets,but for all litters,please show them their homes. :)

Let me show you a person who follows this very simple ,basic,rule-------->ME
Let me tell you,the very basic feeling that you are in a way contributing to your society would make you feel good from inside.So please consider this,and try not to litter around.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My College Symposium Is On Its Way

Have you guys ever heard of a college named JAYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE???Probably this is the first time you are hearing it.This is the college where iam doing my ECE.Now,i say iam doing my ECE rather than studying my ECE because there is literally 0 learning process happening there.The coll is not be blamed,this entire country is like this.HAH!!Iam straying away from the main intention of this post,i just wanted to share with you all that my department(ECE) SYMPOSIUM named "INFRACTIONZ-08" is scheduled to be happening some time around March 15th.As we are the current third years we are ought to take the responsibilities for organising a good one this time.So,i will have a lot of chance for bunking my classes in the name of "preperations for symposium".That way,i can stay away from having my mind fully corruptd(already its half done..) from the so called knowledge imparting done by my highly (s)killed college staffs.

I was like wanting to know the exact meaning of the word SYMPOSIUM.As usual my next stop was the "WIKIPEDIA" and the "DICTIONARY".I found something really interesting.The wikipedia defines SYMPOSIUM as," a drinking party (the Greek verb sympotein means "to drink together") but has since come to refer to any academic conference, whether or not drinking takes place."
the says that symposium means:

1. A meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, esp. a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience.
2. A collection of opinions expressed or articles contributed by several persons on a given subject or topic.
3. An account of a discussion meeting or of the conversation at it.
4. (in ancient Greece and Rome) A convivial meeting, usually following a dinner, for drinking and intellectual conversation.
5. A philosophical dialogue (4th century b.c.) by Plato, dealing with ideal love and the vision of absolute beauty.


Now,that sounds intersting.I wonder why it got changed from being a drinking party to a mere gathering of all fools at a place to :

1)Present a paper on some topic(which usually is a nothing but just a collection of facts stolen from different sites on the net)

2)Participate in some LAN gaming with most of the participants not knowing which game they are about to play

3)To contest in various events that were discovered by the organisers overnite like sudoku solving,technical quiz,treasure hunt etc......

4)Get free food.

I wish we could bring the real meaning of the word symposium into effect.:)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Coll Is Eating My Time

My stupid college is eating away all the little time iam having,as a result it has been nearly 5 solid days since i last logged in.Get up at 6 in the morning,get ready to coll,catch the train by 7.30,reach coll within 8.30 sharp(if me and guru go in just one minute late we will be screwed,we got this very good reputation of being late always,so they will screw us like anything if we are late).Sit there pointlessly in coll till 4,leave the coll,walk like the wind for about 2kms from the coll to catch the 4.25 train,reach home by 5.40.Now get ready to your computer class (i'l tell you about this shit in a while)which starts at 7.So leave the house by 6.30 again,and come back from the class around 8.4o,take a 20 min break,eat,sit before comp,only to be asked by mom to off it as the brightness of the comp disturbs her sleep,go to bed by 10.

OHHHHH FUCKKKKK.......Wat the fk is this???why am i writing all this out here first place??
Honestly no idea at all.I thought i should write something to break the above said dicky pattern,here iam wasting my time beautifully in front of my comp..


I had been to first two of the 5 match HOCKEY TEST SERIES that i posted about in my last blog.Me,guru and venkat took a lot of photos ,which are to be posted soon.I thought of writing about my first ever live match watching experience ,but then though it was too late to even think of doing it.I'l be just uploading the photos in my next post.

Friday, January 25, 2008


If you are one of those regular visitors to GURU'S BLOG ,you must be knowing which match I am talking about,its the five test match series between India and Belgium being played, out here in Chennai.

VENUE: Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium,Egmore ,Chennai.
(It is just opposite to Egmore Railway Station)

ENTRY: Free to all

SCHEDULE: January 25, Friday: First Test;
January 27, Sunday: Second Test;
January 28, Monday: Third Test;
January 30, Wednesday: Fourth Test;
January 31, Thursday: Fifth Test.

Don't miss out the action .Watching any sport live is awesome and when you get to do that free of cost it is super awesome.Just make sure you are there one of these days .

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sachin's 39th century

Sir Sachin tendulkar has scored his 39th test century at the Adelaide ,in the first day of the 4th test match of the Border Gavaskar trophy.This century is a sensational one,because this test match COULD be sachin's last test match in Australia.Also ,sachin has a very poor track record at the Adelaide scoring only some 60 odd runs in 6 matches,so expectations were high on him to go for the biggie,and there you go ,124 not out and still playing,this is awesome.

This is his playcard today:
Runs = 124(not out)
Balls Faced= 172
4'S = 10
6'S = 3
Strike Rate = 72.09
This century in particular is a glorious one ,he has hit this one in his usual style,blasting away ,not giving the opponents a minute to settle down.Sachin today just took two balls to reach his century from the 90s .First he hit a huge six and then he goes for a boundry,wow...what a game play....2008 is already proving to be his best year with 2 centuries already in his count.I watched a youtube video on his shots today,he sure seems to be back in his usual original form,THE BLASTING ONE....


He sure seems to be in his very best of forms,KUDOS master....
Please do leave your comments.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sir sachin ramesh tendulkar???will this happen??
For those of you who don't seem to get what iam talking about here is the news,British Prime Minister Mr.Gordon Brown has expressed his wishes to entitle sachin tendulkar gi with the honorary title of "SIR".He has been said to have said these exact words--"I would like to see some of the great players of the modern era like Sachin Tendulkar proposed for honorary awards so the British nation can salute their achievements in these sports."

If sachin gi gets entitled with the title he would become the first Indian sportsperson to attain the sports knighthood.
Sachin gi would then join the group of legends like Sir Don Bradman , Sir Gary Sobers,Sir Edmund Hillary to be entitled with the same title.This news sure does fill my heart with countless joy,i'am sure that you all sachin(if not sachin fan ,atleast as an Indian you should be proud) fans out there feel the same.

I am really fortunate to be living in a period where i get to see this legend in live action.To me sachin definitely is THE GOD of modern day cricket.
Please also visit Venkat's niche blog on cricket for more cricketing action.

Sunday, January 20, 2008



Though this is a delayed post,i got to express my feelings rite??so kindly adjust..
It was a historic(exaggeration) day at perth(19/1/08)when india defeated australia in the 4 match test series taking the scores 2-1(2 for aussie's)...Though it may at first seem to be a simple victory ,it ain't that simple and unimportant.the followings points might tell you why this win is sort of a historic one:

1)India with this win have broken down australian dreams of a 17 test match victories in a row..

2)It is India again,because even the last time when australia were cruising with 16 test match wins in a row it was india who paralysed the australian's of a legendary 17 match victory in row.

3)India comes out of all the hurdles put before them (like bajji's three test ban,sydney injustice,an already two test win that mighty aussies have taken) to emerge victorious

4)India pulls down a victory not even allowing australian's to see the sun on the 5 th day of the match....That's something awesome...

A Glimpse of what happened moments after india emerged victorious::

Monday, January 14, 2008


Have you ever felt like god????

Yup!!!i when i was riding my caliber early in the morning around 6.30,with fog surrounding the entire city ,
(that's because of this stupid custom here wherein people burn out things like tyres,clothes,papers,shit,literally anything they could lay their hands on,in the name of festival called bogi.....WTF???)
wind blowing up into my face and a whole empty stretch of shanthi colony road ahead of me outstretching its hands inviting me to explore him, i was indeed feeling like THE GOD ((dun know what that is????but from the stories that i have been told this name would best describe what i was that moment))....

Does this sound like over exaggeration????Not at all....This was exactly how i was feeling...

Occasionally ripping him,at times cruising constantly at 50 km/hr,and rarely showing what ma 115 engine has got to a girl in skut who tried to race me up,i was having full control of my life at that particular instant......It was like,everything in my life was in my control,i was feeling like as if i got suddenly transformed from a mortal homo sapien to a immortal stream of fresh breeze who could wander away totally undisturbed and unstopped by anyone...

I have never had this kind of feeling in ma life ever before other than the times i have spent in ma bike.....I guess others have their own activities that give them a similar feel- like singing,dancing,,sports,whatever, for me ,it's riding ma bike......If you are one of those hard rippers of the bikes,for once slow down,try cruising at some 5okm/hr on a empty stretch of road,u'l know what iam talking about.....

Okie....enough ...i have bored you enough...honestly, this post was just a pattern breaker,it was already 5 days since ma last post and still i was reluctant and lazy enough to post a thing,so ,i thought i should break the slumber within .....resulting in this post....

---------------------------------Thanks for your patience----------------------------------

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HURRAY!!!!!! IT'S 25

Yes it is,this is my 25th post very own silver jubilee.....feels great....

PEOPLE: What are you feeling great for??
VJ: Nothin,just the fact that this is my 25th post..

PEOPLE: Okie....but it is just a 25th blog post buddy...common Wat's the celebration for??
VJ: NA....NA....NA.....Its not just any 25th post,to me its like a small step for a bright future you know that it took me over a months period to post my first blog post after i first created one??

PEOPLE: Why???Wat were you waiting for??learning grammar???
VJ: Pretty much yes...i was worried about a lot of stuffs like,"wether my blog would be up to the standards???whether i will be able to get at least my friends stick on to my writing ???Will my writing style be so kiddish that I'll be made fun off with it ???FIRST OF ALL with all this should i start one???

PEOPLE: R ya kidding???why do u have to worry about all those is your personal page can fill it with literally whatever you want...
VJ: Exactly,one fine day i realised that i shouldn't bother about the world anymore and start off immediately....But, i wanted my first blog to be informative if not i researched a lot on net and came up with my first post SAVANT SYNDROME....The moment i clicked the PUBLISH POST button after writing my first post,i was like happy for no gud first post was not that bad at all.....up till date that remains my personal fav..

PEOPLE: HMMMMM........Your blog is kind of a cocktail...a lot of stuffs fit in one place...can't you write about one particular stuff like technology n stuffs???
VJ: R u talking about NICHE BLOGGING??Ya i tried a bit to do posts like BLOGGING TIPS and HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE were kind of directed for that ....But later i discovered that there are highly skilled professional bloggers who are already on the race ,that too leading by a big margin....So ,i thought of trying out a different thing...That's when i came to know about SEO

PEOPLE: Search Engine Optimization???? are the silliest person i have ever the fk can u ever make it up to search engines??
VJ: I HAVE ....

PEOPLE: WAT???You made it to the search pages???
VJ: posts like "ANNA UNIVERSITY SUCKS","VELLORE SRIPURAM TEMPLE","4TH SEM","BHUTTO ASSASINATION VIDEO" have all been searched of by people via google....

PEOPLE: That's pretty cool maan.....Any one can make it is it??
VJ: pretty much ya....What i have done is pretty much nothing....All you got to do is read about SEO online,make your posts up to that mark,and you can get your pages listed too...I am trying to post on how you can do it through a series of posts titled "SEO TECHNIQUES- 1, 2"...More to be coming up shortly...

PEOPLE:KUL....So your goin na concentrate on SEO is it??
VJ: Not really......may be one or two posts here and there ,i would be trying for SEO ...but ,off late i have realised that blog is like your mouth and gotta xpress yourself with your blogs and not just go on monetizing your blog ending up in one large mess.....5 years from now when i read my blog or show tis blog to me wifo(may be??who knows)iam sure iam goin na feel really good from inside and cherish the good old times i have been through ,the instantaneous burst of emotions that i had expressed through my blog posts like, AUSTRALIAN FOUL PLAY or PROVERBS SUCK,or the things i had liked the most like the ones covered in my posts like "SACHIN THE GREAT", "SACHIN THE GOD", "SURYA", "AJAB SI....AJAB SI...".....

Iam sure that this blog is goin na be one of my great treasures that i can always look up to when iam bored.....
So ,i have decided that this is pretty much goin na be what the description says "A SCRIBBLEPAD".....Iam not goin na be bothered about making money , or attracting visitors n stuffs....But hey,iam still open with my SEO ....coz it feels great to be knowing that your WORK comes first in a search engine ....that's kind of butterflies in heart feeling....

PEOPLE: Sounds Good for you....u seem to have done all your works all by yourself ,that's great...
VJ: NAHA...NAHA...Tis blog would not have been existing without one soul,that i should mention....he is the one who got me into blogging....Tis guy is like my technical advisor,my best critic,most of them all my regular reader....That's GURU.....DEFINITELY READ GURU'S BLOG.
Thats not all ....all my Buddie bloggers VENKAT, KRISHNA, SRIKANTH, BAGA, RAMANAN, SAJITH are all into blogging as we are pretty much like a team....working together,helping each other,improving from ideas of other buddies....Its really kind of a family,a totally different but united one......

I got to tell u all about two of our speciality bloggers:

1) KRISHNA: He is like a tech wizard in our group...his blog is also dedicated for tech....ask him any thing you want about computers,languages,softwares,pretty much anything in tech and he is there for you:


2)VENKAT: He is the sports fanatic in our group......log on to VENKAT'S BLOG and enjoy over a range of cricketing ideas,latest news,facts and stuffs that he's got for you...

After i have written up till here,i once read everything and i found that the entire post was so childish,easy for anyone to understand,not stylish at all,no twisty eng words,no complex ideas etc......but hey ,i have read somewhere that a blog post should be like this-Easy to understand,written in a simple English that even a child could understand......That means,i'am proceeding in the right direction rite???
Anyways, i would say you are the world's most patient guy/gal if you made it up till here from the start........Cheers....

-------------------------------GOOD DAY----------------------------------------------------