Friday, March 14, 2008


I watched this movie- "Knocked Up",today.This movie is about how a totally fun loving,practically worthless,irresponsible guy and
a beautiful,career focussed girl end up being Life Partners despite being two totally unmatched individuals.They both get drunk in a party,they get to have condomless sex,and the girl(Who just got promoted to anchor a show o her TV channel),later finds out that she is pregnant.The guy and this girl take up a decision as to have this baby,and they start to get along.Both of them are totally different in their approaches to life,but still,for the baby,they stay together till the end,resolve their misunderstandings and evolve as Life Partners.

This film was not like a classic movie n all,its just a pass time movie,but still it managed to clear up my doubts and show me what life actually is.To be honest,i am pretty much a bit similar to the guy in the movie,regarding his view of a relationship.I have always believed that relationships can't be worked out,but,have to be pre existing,not demanding,and should not ask you to change (Which according to me was hippocratic).But i am starting to realize that its not all about being yourself,its about how you mould yourselves to get a relationship going.Its about how you fit in to the game of life.



Guru said...

Hmm.. Funny that you should learn this 'fact' from this movie( i mean .. this a comedy movie da, its intention is not to make you think( at least its primary intention) but to make you laugh.

Now that you understand (or) know this fact. Just get back to this post of mine.

I think it might be related reading material.. Tell me if it helped you add on to what you already know ..

P.S: I know the topic i discuss is pretty primitive . But still ..

P.P.S: ^^ Awesome post title ..

P.P.P.S: That girl in this movie is hawt .. What do you think ?

VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...

Ya,the girl is super hot..

And thanks for the link,it was refreshing.
Did ya notice,i have confessed in that post that "i am a bit of a male chauvinist",
Hmmmm,you could have used that in the conversation we had a few months back on your " women=bitch::men=??"..

I think i just put in the rush of ideas in mind into writing,without prior thinking,may be i should sit back and confirm hereafters as to what iam really "meaning" and then put it elsewhere hereafters..

Guru said...

Macha, nee male chauvinist innu already theriyum.

I don't need to hear it from you really.. ;)

Maybe this isn't intentional ( you being a chauvinist), but this is what it is. So got to accept this..

Male chauvinist is a pretty general term, the term is used for both extremes of the male chauvinist crowd .. Too bad ..

And writing this way is better, if you start thinking and redo your rants - that'll screw them up. They'll stop being rants and they'll become prepared articles.

Approm.. One word - ^^ FAKE ..

So jus' stick to this, wokay ? and also what you tell others does not really matter. In the end you know bout' yourself and no one else is even going to remember.

If we start trying to control( or correct or manipulate) what everyone else think bout' us, that is the end of 'us'.

You stop being 'you' and NO FUN ..

And thanks for the kind words bout' my article(??) ..

Wait wait .. .. were you being sarcastic ?

VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...

Keep goin its 4 comments already.

Ela said...

Hmmmm...konjam konjama gnanothayam porakkuthu! ippadi vaarathukku oru padam need to live life and learn...u would have already learned 'all-that-is-there-to-know-about-life' directa sanyasam vangika vendiyathu thaan! Tadaa!

VJ said...

He He He .....