Monday, March 17, 2008

Awesome Ad

If you haven't seen this Bajaj Mania Ad still,then take a look at it at once .

Now that you have,you will probably understand my praise for this one ,thats going to follow.
Firstly,AWESOME stunts by all those bikers,truly awesome.What a gift these guys have,a complete control over the bike.That guy in this ad is standing on the bike which already is on one wheel,and he takes off both his hands from the bike,and drives it!!!!!!!exclamation exclamation exclamation follows

Secondly,the camera works,if doing those stunts was tuff,getting them recorded on a camera should have been equally an Mt.everest task.The camera works are super good.

Thirdly,the music.It rocks big time.It keeps your ears stunned as well.

And last but not the least,the bikes.Bajaj Pulsar rocks.Be it 150,180,200 or 220,pulsar just rocks.

Kudos to the entire team.


Ela said...

Practice makes man perfect...

Venkat said...

Even I was thoroughly stunned by the Ad too...Finally we have a good ad for bikes... Its been really a long wait.. The last good one was the introduction of DTS-i...Ad for 200 was ok...But wasn't as good as this one... The music brings out my love for Pulsars...