Friday, March 21, 2008

Vellore Night Ride

DISTANCE:: 270 Kms approx
BIKES:: Caliber(mine) and Dio(Guru's)
BIKERS:: Myself,Guru and Venky
DATE:: 21st ,Friday

My parents were out of town for the weekend ,this was an nice opportunity for a ride.Me,Guru and Venky planned for a short ride to Vellore,but this time,we wanted to have a new experience.So we planned for a night ride. We all assembled near guru's house at 3 in the morning,filled fuel to our bikes in a nearby petrol bunk and immediately hit the NH 4 (Chennai-Bangalore highway).The road was full of lorry traffic till Maduravoyil ,but after that,the four lane highway outstretched its arms ,asking us to explore it.Unlike our first amateur ride,we weren't ripping the bikes this time,but we drove them at around 6K RPM ,enjoying the beautiful Moon fed night ,all alone on the roads with our bikes.

We stopped at a tea shop around 4.30 for refreshment,after which our next stop was only at the Toll plaza ,20 Kms from Vellore.We had to stop there for about 45 mins because it was raining heavily and we were already wet and shivering in the nites cold.We stood right beside the toll booth and whenever a lorry came we used the exhaust of the lorry for warming ourselves.It was awesome.Around 6.30 ,we started again and reached vellore by 7.

We then ate at a local hotel.We wanted to got to Elagiri,but,after coming to know that it was around 90Kms from Vellore,we had to Quit that idea,as we did not have enough cash or time for it.We then went to the Vellore Fort,which was near Vellore Old bus stand(I knew this place from my previous trip to the Sripuram Golden Temple).Just spent some 30 mins there ,loitering around.The fort has the Jalagandeshwar Shiva temple,a Mosque and also a Church embedded within its premises.(Communal Harmony:)The fort also has a moat where you can go boating,nice way to kill time.Next time you go to Vellore ,just make sure you visit this Fort.

It was time for us to leave and after fuelling our bikes again,we left Vellore around 8.40AM.On our way back,we say a superbike zooming past us,none of us saw what it was,but,later in a bunk near Kancheepuram we saw the same bike and it was a HORNET 900.The bike was sexy.

All our way back,it rained heavily and the climate was just awesome.This time we chose to drive in the rain.The rain drops would poke you like a needle every time,but the overall experience of riding in a 4 lane highway,in rain,was just AWESOME.
After 9 hours of fun ,we reached home around 12 in the Noon.The entire ride was SUPERB,and the best one till date.The night riding experience was particularly awesome.The prob we had this time was,we borrowed Vivek's 6MP cam,which was out of battery,so,as our previous THIRUTHANI RIDE ,this time again,we were out of pics.BTW,we took a few of them and would be posting it in a while.Thanks to Guru and Venky for the ride.

-----THE RIDE WAS AWESOME----------


Ela said...

Hmmmm...enjoy...i don't know how bike rides are...but i have always enjoyed my long bicycle rides during summer!

VJ said...

Bicycle rides are fun too.I used to go to ma skul ,8 Kms away from ma home in cycle and always used to enjoy my ride ,back home.

Rides,be it bicycle,bike or car rides,they are always awesome.

VJ said...


Sorry for keeping all the posts too lengthy with all minutest being narrated.
I see this blog as my personnel diary ,which could refresh my memories in the future..

Guru said...

Home - School = 8 kms ? You are talking two way, eh ?

It was only 5.5 kms da .. Why extra buildup ?

And bout' being lengthy .. No prob at all .. ;)