Sunday, April 13, 2008

Transferring My Emotions

I don't know if it is sheer reluctance or ignorance ,but,whenever i utter these words("Sachin is uncomparable to others"),i always face strong resistance from my counter arguers.They seem to show me stiff resistance,and i always end up, being unreasonable and resolve to totally rude tactics ,thrashing my opponents POV.I don't know if i seem to be a sachin chauvinist to others,but even then i don't find it wrong being one..

In this post i am going to give you all some links that i found in youtube,kindly,take time to see all of them.Hope my emotions get transferred to you as well.

ESPN - Legend Of Cricket::

2)Episode 2

3)Episode 3

4)Episode 4

For those who have patience

1)Sachin's interview PART 1

2)Sachin's interview PART 2

Harsha Unplugged:

1)Part 1

2)Part 2
(A must Watch---->>Includes glorious glorious glorious Shots)

3)Part 3

4)Part 4

5)Part 5

It is really HARD to be SACHIN ,rite??Not being able to go for a stroll in the morning,not being able to shop at his will,not able to go with his family to a park and play with his kids...With 100 thousand pair of eyes watching your every move on the ground,cheering up each and every single move you make,with each and every one wanting you to make century each and every time you are out there....ITS A MAMOOTH PRESSURE...

But sachin has survived everything ,he has adopted to every single change around him..Mr.Charles Darvin was right when he said "ONLY THE FITTEST AND THE BEST SURVIVE"..Sachin has survived 18 years of cricketing life till now and is still going on strong...So its obviously true when everyone says "He Is The Best".Rite??

Lastly to know what is SACHIN'S CONFIDENCE LEVEL,here is a video which was taken when he was just 16:

Sachin's First Interview, At The age Of 16

Kudos MASTER...keep going.


Ela said...

Being the best means being one's own self...sachin is always there is no need for anyone to acknowledge don't be hard on ur self and also on others to accept it.

VJ said...

sorry ela ,can't help it...
Ya,there is practically nil need to accept his greatness....But when people piss me off just for the sake of arguement,i really do get pissed..