Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Dr.Kamal Hassan's next much awaited release is the movie DASAVATHARAM,directed by K.S.RaviKumar.The movie trailers are out.Check them out here:


The audio release of the movie is scheduled to be happening 25/4/08 (This friday),at Nehru stadium in chennai.Legends like BIG B ,king of action Mr.Jackie Chan,and many other kollywood stars will be descending on chennai this friday.


1)Music is just NORMAL.

2)Kamal Rocks.

Lets wait for the entire action. :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

AR's Changing Notes

AR's concert "Changing Notes" was ,simply a Musical Treat.


1)Popular singers like Shanker Mahadevan,HariHaran,Chinmayi,Naresh Iyer,Karthick,Rayhana,Javed ali,Aslam,Nithyashree,Blaze,Neeti Mohan,
,Sadana Sargam,Benny Dayal,Madhushree along with the one and only Drummer ShivaMani were keeping the audience always on their feet shouting and cheering.

2)The Stage - It was beautifully set .There were screens everywhere, all around the ground.In particular the screens just behind the performance stage was awesome ,it was of the richest quality possible.

3)The Lightings - Really,the lightings were awesome.Kudos to the light engineer.

4)Neeti Mohan's "mayya mayya" belly dance.(She Sang and danced...Awesome)

5)AR's "Vande Mataram"(Truly sensational....)

Thanks TOI(Times Of India) for this wonderful concert and the free passes.
For complete list of songs performed ,Visit Guru's blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Few good IPL ads for you:

1)IPL cricket ka KARMAYUDH AD

2)DLF Indian Premier League Ad

(Manoranjan ka Baap ad)

3)Bangalore Royal Challengers Ad

4)Mumbai Indian's Ad

(The dentist ad....good one)

5)Kolkata Knight Riders Ad

(A very Good One)

The first match starts on 18th of this month.
Can't wait for it:)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Transferring My Emotions

I don't know if it is sheer reluctance or ignorance ,but,whenever i utter these words("Sachin is uncomparable to others"),i always face strong resistance from my counter arguers.They seem to show me stiff resistance,and i always end up, being unreasonable and resolve to totally rude tactics ,thrashing my opponents POV.I don't know if i seem to be a sachin chauvinist to others,but even then i don't find it wrong being one..

In this post i am going to give you all some links that i found in youtube,kindly,take time to see all of them.Hope my emotions get transferred to you as well.

ESPN - Legend Of Cricket::

2)Episode 2

3)Episode 3

4)Episode 4

For those who have patience

1)Sachin's interview PART 1

2)Sachin's interview PART 2

Harsha Unplugged:

1)Part 1

2)Part 2
(A must Watch---->>Includes glorious glorious glorious Shots)

3)Part 3

4)Part 4

5)Part 5

It is really HARD to be SACHIN ,rite??Not being able to go for a stroll in the morning,not being able to shop at his will,not able to go with his family to a park and play with his kids...With 100 thousand pair of eyes watching your every move on the ground,cheering up each and every single move you make,with each and every one wanting you to make century each and every time you are out there....ITS A MAMOOTH PRESSURE...

But sachin has survived everything ,he has adopted to every single change around him..Mr.Charles Darvin was right when he said "ONLY THE FITTEST AND THE BEST SURVIVE"..Sachin has survived 18 years of cricketing life till now and is still going on strong...So its obviously true when everyone says "He Is The Best".Rite??

Lastly to know what is SACHIN'S CONFIDENCE LEVEL,here is a video which was taken when he was just 16:

Sachin's First Interview, At The age Of 16

Kudos MASTER...keep going.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Indian Traffic

Very Funny:) :)

(Double click to view it large)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is God , Human e??

Often we hear people saying,"Request to GOD,he will give you what you want","Fall at his feet",
"Surrender to him","Accept his greatness" etc...
Let me ask you something!!
Is God that human ,that he(I am assuming here,that God is masculine,just for my convenience ) responds only to people who surrender to him accepting his greatness??Will he just turn his back and go off at people ,who say he doesn't exist??Is he that mean ,with normal human characteristics that he wants people to boast of his greatness,only then will he come for your help??

GOD=human e????

Waiting eagerly for ANSWERS ....