Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is God , Human e??

Often we hear people saying,"Request to GOD,he will give you what you want","Fall at his feet",
"Surrender to him","Accept his greatness" etc...
Let me ask you something!!
Is God that human ,that he(I am assuming here,that God is masculine,just for my convenience ) responds only to people who surrender to him accepting his greatness??Will he just turn his back and go off at people ,who say he doesn't exist??Is he that mean ,with normal human characteristics that he wants people to boast of his greatness,only then will he come for your help??

GOD=human e????

Waiting eagerly for ANSWERS ....


Guru said...

Yes, God is humane, at least that is what 'they' say .. But, there is no way we can find out if that true( i'm talking bout god being humane)..

And coming to your real question ..


All this shit 'surrender to god','fall at his feet' were made up by us humans. Right ?

My view is, when they were formed(these phrases) they meant something different, and the shithead MFers of today have conveniently changed the interpretation for their selfish needs.

My take ..

'Surrender', 'fall at his feet', 'request', 'accept his greatness' - All these are just symbolic. To do all of the above, man has to stop being 'himself'. He has to break away from his natural course.

This is the actual purpose of religion .. Keeping MAN in check.

Again back to my old line - laws and rules might stop 'you' from doing crimes or crappy stuff - but laws are not enough of a control technique.

A few other people need a higher power - religion comes in. So religion just basically scares man in being something else( that will help him coexist peacefully).

Coming back to the original point, i think all those phrases you mentioned just symbolize ' accepting the presence of a higher power'.

End of topic..

Btw, offlate i'm in total awe of religion. Damn .. who ever thought this up, rocks bigtime .. He's managed to fool more than 90% of the population into believing in
'GOD' as something different.

And, i don't say 'god' does not exist( that will be equivalent to saying 'laws' don't exist - get it ?), 'god' is just not what we all think he is..

GOD = Control measure ..

I don't think this is an 'answer' though. Just my muddled up views ..

Guru said...

Hmm .. I should've put up this comment as a post on my blog.

I've just gone all out and ranted on religion. I realized that only after it posted it here ..

Sorry really ..

VJ said...

Helpful :)
Exactly what i felt:)

Waiting for diff POVs :(

Venkat said...

These are just a set of principles that are designed by us... I don't understand the whole point of this GOD thing...If there is one, there are so many things that could've changed...

All people do is what you said - fall at his feet, surrender, even pay money - what not.. They do all this stating that this is a way to wash of crimes and sins that you commited...They seem to be bending the rules as they want it...

As Guru said, these things just doesn't let us be ourselves... We are forced to do things differently... All this has done is not purify mankind ( May be it did sometime ago. But as of now it hasn't. ) but it has brought in favourism, hatred and what not.

I guess I'm getting away from the topic... Anyways I actually question about the presence GOD ... Rather I see this just like principles that we've framed for ourslves...

Guru said...

^^ Another confused soul ..

Welcome to the club.

@Vijay:And you want diff POV's ? Wait till Ela gets here and also why don't you try Yayathy for his views on this?


VJ said...

Ya waiting for their entry:)

Yayathy said...

I believe that human beings think about god only when they are in trouble. Also during that time, they are so much depressed and keep thinking about their problem, once when the problem is over, they believe that god pulled them out of it...

Similarly if a person's life is very normal and if he gets any kind of a promotion or what, they say that its their own effort.

As far as I am concerned, Surrendering to god or requesting to god when they are in trouble is the ugliest face that I see whereas the people who always think that good or bad is on their hands and god is always there to back them up will make a perfect human......

Yayathy said...
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Yayathy said...

Thanks for expecting me guys,

According to me, the simple answer about the existance of god is just the fear which prevail in us. Think and see, the one who doensn't commit any crime never bothers about anything and on the other hand criminals dump their money in the name of donation to the holy places......

pshycologiacally, we human beings are in search of a support during tough times and one such support is this three letter word called GOD. I hope i cleared venkat's doubt to some extent.......


Arun Sundar said...

One can never give a definite answer for this. Its all beleif.

If u ask me, I beleive in God being a superpower and I'd say he isn't a human.

Kate said...

Here comes a newcomer's opinion.

God = GOD A superpower as one said? No, greater than that.
When God touches someone's heart - they KNOW it.

God does NOT equal Religion. Religions have come and gone, religions are mostly centered around people who have their own beliefs and views and wish to force them on someone else.
Religions are unforgiving.
God is forgiving. However, God is not totally Love as some people say.
God is Just.
God set out the rules in the Bible. Don't believe in the truth of the bible? Doesn't matter. That is still what we will be Judged by.

Unfortunately, many men have taken the bible and twisted and turned the phrases to suite themselves. They have changed the bible into equalling religion. What a shame.

And all this shit to 'surrender to God and fall at His feet' is not made up by humans. That really is in the bible.

But then, you probably believe that the bible says "God helps those who help themselves" right?
Actually, it was Shakespeare who coined that phrase.

Guess I'm done venting.
Simply put...... God IS.

VJ said...

@Arun and Kate:: Thanks for the views.

My Belief :

G0d is Not a NOUN,But a VERB