Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Coll Is Eating My Time

My stupid college is eating away all the little time iam having,as a result it has been nearly 5 solid days since i last logged in.Get up at 6 in the morning,get ready to coll,catch the train by 7.30,reach coll within 8.30 sharp(if me and guru go in just one minute late we will be screwed,we got this very good reputation of being late always,so they will screw us like anything if we are late).Sit there pointlessly in coll till 4,leave the coll,walk like the wind for about 2kms from the coll to catch the 4.25 train,reach home by 5.40.Now get ready to your computer class (i'l tell you about this shit in a while)which starts at 7.So leave the house by 6.30 again,and come back from the class around 8.4o,take a 20 min break,eat,sit before comp,only to be asked by mom to off it as the brightness of the comp disturbs her sleep,go to bed by 10.

OHHHHH FUCKKKKK.......Wat the fk is this???why am i writing all this out here first place??
Honestly no idea at all.I thought i should write something to break the above said dicky pattern,here iam wasting my time beautifully in front of my comp..


I had been to first two of the 5 match HOCKEY TEST SERIES that i posted about in my last blog.Me,guru and venkat took a lot of photos ,which are to be posted soon.I thought of writing about my first ever live match watching experience ,but then though it was too late to even think of doing it.I'l be just uploading the photos in my next post.

Friday, January 25, 2008


If you are one of those regular visitors to GURU'S BLOG ,you must be knowing which match I am talking about,its the five test match series between India and Belgium being played, out here in Chennai.

VENUE: Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium,Egmore ,Chennai.
(It is just opposite to Egmore Railway Station)

ENTRY: Free to all

SCHEDULE: January 25, Friday: First Test;
January 27, Sunday: Second Test;
January 28, Monday: Third Test;
January 30, Wednesday: Fourth Test;
January 31, Thursday: Fifth Test.

Don't miss out the action .Watching any sport live is awesome and when you get to do that free of cost it is super awesome.Just make sure you are there one of these days .

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sachin's 39th century

Sir Sachin tendulkar has scored his 39th test century at the Adelaide ,in the first day of the 4th test match of the Border Gavaskar trophy.This century is a sensational one,because this test match COULD be sachin's last test match in Australia.Also ,sachin has a very poor track record at the Adelaide scoring only some 60 odd runs in 6 matches,so expectations were high on him to go for the biggie,and there you go ,124 not out and still playing,this is awesome.

This is his playcard today:
Runs = 124(not out)
Balls Faced= 172
4'S = 10
6'S = 3
Strike Rate = 72.09
This century in particular is a glorious one ,he has hit this one in his usual style,blasting away ,not giving the opponents a minute to settle down.Sachin today just took two balls to reach his century from the 90s .First he hit a huge six and then he goes for a boundry,wow...what a game play....2008 is already proving to be his best year with 2 centuries already in his count.I watched a youtube video on his shots today,he sure seems to be back in his usual original form,THE BLASTING ONE....


He sure seems to be in his very best of forms,KUDOS master....
Please do leave your comments.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sir sachin ramesh tendulkar???will this happen??
For those of you who don't seem to get what iam talking about here is the news,British Prime Minister Mr.Gordon Brown has expressed his wishes to entitle sachin tendulkar gi with the honorary title of "SIR".He has been said to have said these exact words--"I would like to see some of the great players of the modern era like Sachin Tendulkar proposed for honorary awards so the British nation can salute their achievements in these sports."

If sachin gi gets entitled with the title he would become the first Indian sportsperson to attain the sports knighthood.
Sachin gi would then join the group of legends like Sir Don Bradman , Sir Gary Sobers,Sir Edmund Hillary to be entitled with the same title.This news sure does fill my heart with countless joy,i'am sure that you all sachin(if not sachin fan ,atleast as an Indian you should be proud) fans out there feel the same.

I am really fortunate to be living in a period where i get to see this legend in live action.To me sachin definitely is THE GOD of modern day cricket.
Please also visit Venkat's niche blog on cricket for more cricketing action.

Sunday, January 20, 2008



Though this is a delayed post,i got to express my feelings rite??so kindly adjust..
It was a historic(exaggeration) day at perth(19/1/08)when india defeated australia in the 4 match test series taking the scores 2-1(2 for aussie's)...Though it may at first seem to be a simple victory ,it ain't that simple and unimportant.the followings points might tell you why this win is sort of a historic one:

1)India with this win have broken down australian dreams of a 17 test match victories in a row..

2)It is India again,because even the last time when australia were cruising with 16 test match wins in a row it was india who paralysed the australian's of a legendary 17 match victory in row.

3)India comes out of all the hurdles put before them (like bajji's three test ban,sydney injustice,an already two test win that mighty aussies have taken) to emerge victorious

4)India pulls down a victory not even allowing australian's to see the sun on the 5 th day of the match....That's something awesome...

A Glimpse of what happened moments after india emerged victorious::

Monday, January 14, 2008


Have you ever felt like god????

Yup!!!i when i was riding my caliber early in the morning around 6.30,with fog surrounding the entire city ,
(that's because of this stupid custom here wherein people burn out things like tyres,clothes,papers,shit,literally anything they could lay their hands on,in the name of festival called bogi.....WTF???)
wind blowing up into my face and a whole empty stretch of shanthi colony road ahead of me outstretching its hands inviting me to explore him, i was indeed feeling like THE GOD ((dun know what that is????but from the stories that i have been told this name would best describe what i was that moment))....

Does this sound like over exaggeration????Not at all....This was exactly how i was feeling...

Occasionally ripping him,at times cruising constantly at 50 km/hr,and rarely showing what ma 115 engine has got to a girl in skut who tried to race me up,i was having full control of my life at that particular instant......It was like,everything in my life was in my control,i was feeling like as if i got suddenly transformed from a mortal homo sapien to a immortal stream of fresh breeze who could wander away totally undisturbed and unstopped by anyone...

I have never had this kind of feeling in ma life ever before other than the times i have spent in ma bike.....I guess others have their own activities that give them a similar feel- like singing,dancing,,sports,whatever, for me ,it's riding ma bike......If you are one of those hard rippers of the bikes,for once slow down,try cruising at some 5okm/hr on a empty stretch of road,u'l know what iam talking about.....

Okie....enough ...i have bored you enough...honestly, this post was just a pattern breaker,it was already 5 days since ma last post and still i was reluctant and lazy enough to post a thing,so ,i thought i should break the slumber within .....resulting in this post....

---------------------------------Thanks for your patience----------------------------------

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HURRAY!!!!!! IT'S 25

Yes it is,this is my 25th post very own silver jubilee.....feels great....

PEOPLE: What are you feeling great for??
VJ: Nothin,just the fact that this is my 25th post..

PEOPLE: Okie....but it is just a 25th blog post buddy...common Wat's the celebration for??
VJ: NA....NA....NA.....Its not just any 25th post,to me its like a small step for a bright future you know that it took me over a months period to post my first blog post after i first created one??

PEOPLE: Why???Wat were you waiting for??learning grammar???
VJ: Pretty much yes...i was worried about a lot of stuffs like,"wether my blog would be up to the standards???whether i will be able to get at least my friends stick on to my writing ???Will my writing style be so kiddish that I'll be made fun off with it ???FIRST OF ALL with all this should i start one???

PEOPLE: R ya kidding???why do u have to worry about all those is your personal page can fill it with literally whatever you want...
VJ: Exactly,one fine day i realised that i shouldn't bother about the world anymore and start off immediately....But, i wanted my first blog to be informative if not i researched a lot on net and came up with my first post SAVANT SYNDROME....The moment i clicked the PUBLISH POST button after writing my first post,i was like happy for no gud first post was not that bad at all.....up till date that remains my personal fav..

PEOPLE: HMMMMM........Your blog is kind of a cocktail...a lot of stuffs fit in one place...can't you write about one particular stuff like technology n stuffs???
VJ: R u talking about NICHE BLOGGING??Ya i tried a bit to do posts like BLOGGING TIPS and HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE were kind of directed for that ....But later i discovered that there are highly skilled professional bloggers who are already on the race ,that too leading by a big margin....So ,i thought of trying out a different thing...That's when i came to know about SEO

PEOPLE: Search Engine Optimization???? are the silliest person i have ever the fk can u ever make it up to search engines??
VJ: I HAVE ....

PEOPLE: WAT???You made it to the search pages???
VJ: posts like "ANNA UNIVERSITY SUCKS","VELLORE SRIPURAM TEMPLE","4TH SEM","BHUTTO ASSASINATION VIDEO" have all been searched of by people via google....

PEOPLE: That's pretty cool maan.....Any one can make it is it??
VJ: pretty much ya....What i have done is pretty much nothing....All you got to do is read about SEO online,make your posts up to that mark,and you can get your pages listed too...I am trying to post on how you can do it through a series of posts titled "SEO TECHNIQUES- 1, 2"...More to be coming up shortly...

PEOPLE:KUL....So your goin na concentrate on SEO is it??
VJ: Not really......may be one or two posts here and there ,i would be trying for SEO ...but ,off late i have realised that blog is like your mouth and gotta xpress yourself with your blogs and not just go on monetizing your blog ending up in one large mess.....5 years from now when i read my blog or show tis blog to me wifo(may be??who knows)iam sure iam goin na feel really good from inside and cherish the good old times i have been through ,the instantaneous burst of emotions that i had expressed through my blog posts like, AUSTRALIAN FOUL PLAY or PROVERBS SUCK,or the things i had liked the most like the ones covered in my posts like "SACHIN THE GREAT", "SACHIN THE GOD", "SURYA", "AJAB SI....AJAB SI...".....

Iam sure that this blog is goin na be one of my great treasures that i can always look up to when iam bored.....
So ,i have decided that this is pretty much goin na be what the description says "A SCRIBBLEPAD".....Iam not goin na be bothered about making money , or attracting visitors n stuffs....But hey,iam still open with my SEO ....coz it feels great to be knowing that your WORK comes first in a search engine ....that's kind of butterflies in heart feeling....

PEOPLE: Sounds Good for you....u seem to have done all your works all by yourself ,that's great...
VJ: NAHA...NAHA...Tis blog would not have been existing without one soul,that i should mention....he is the one who got me into blogging....Tis guy is like my technical advisor,my best critic,most of them all my regular reader....That's GURU.....DEFINITELY READ GURU'S BLOG.
Thats not all ....all my Buddie bloggers VENKAT, KRISHNA, SRIKANTH, BAGA, RAMANAN, SAJITH are all into blogging as we are pretty much like a team....working together,helping each other,improving from ideas of other buddies....Its really kind of a family,a totally different but united one......

I got to tell u all about two of our speciality bloggers:

1) KRISHNA: He is like a tech wizard in our group...his blog is also dedicated for tech....ask him any thing you want about computers,languages,softwares,pretty much anything in tech and he is there for you:


2)VENKAT: He is the sports fanatic in our group......log on to VENKAT'S BLOG and enjoy over a range of cricketing ideas,latest news,facts and stuffs that he's got for you...

After i have written up till here,i once read everything and i found that the entire post was so childish,easy for anyone to understand,not stylish at all,no twisty eng words,no complex ideas etc......but hey ,i have read somewhere that a blog post should be like this-Easy to understand,written in a simple English that even a child could understand......That means,i'am proceeding in the right direction rite???
Anyways, i would say you are the world's most patient guy/gal if you made it up till here from the start........Cheers....

-------------------------------GOOD DAY----------------------------------------------------

Monday, January 7, 2008


The only consolation for the Indian team after getting back stabbed by the Australian cricket world was the class of its kind centuries by v.v.s.laxman and the master Sachin .Sachin's century came in the right time,at the start of a new year coz the last year (2007) was not so good for him,coz he missed nearly 6 centuries getting out in his 90's.

I was not one of those fortunate flock of people to have had the chance to watch "THE GOD" play,that's because of the stupid cable system here in Chennai which prohibits these channels from being telecasted.I was watching the first test match from ma comp,i had even posted the link TO WATCH CRICKET FROM YOUR COMP in one of my posts.But the past week my xp got crashed ,and i had to be without my comp for almost 4 days.
So when i heard that GOD had hit 154* and stayed unbeaten,i desperately wanted to watch his shots,as usual my next stop was you tube.Where i found this video .Here it is for you.


I also got the following link.I guess some spectator has taken it,just watch sachin play from this angle.He is purely a SUPER COMPUTER.Look at how Quickly he reacts to a 150km/hr ball and punishes it to the boundary,a sheer beauty.




See the 5th shot he plays,the late cut of the bouncer bowled from bret lee at a pace of 145km/hr......a sure master he is....

I heard that even Australian spectators enjoyed sachin's play to the greatest extent,and that there where banners saying:



I missed these live actions for sure.But i am contend with the fact that the master has finally broken his so called pattern to get out in the 90's. Kudos master,we love you.Keep going

---------------------------------THANKS FOR BROWSING----------------------------------

Sunday, January 6, 2008


May be Australia has won this match but It was a Black Sunday at the Sydney Cricket Grounds on 6/1/08 when the world watched a team's downfall not because of their poor performance but because of Foul play by both, the umpires and team Australia.Today was the 5th and the final day of the 2nd test match of the Border Gavaskar trophy played between India and Australia.This match was so crucial for Ricky ponting for two reasons ,a win here would:

1)Enable team Australia to equal their world record for 16 consecutive test wins.

2)Enable them to crush the spirits of Indian cricketers from thinking of a comeback
May be Ricky was so obsessed with winning this match that he and his team mates forgot about good cricket and resolved to fraudulent and cheeky techniques for clinching their 122 runs victory over team India.This was very evident From many instances on the field,let me list out:

1)Ponting attempts to take a diving catch at the silly point of dravid's bat,but ends up grounding the ball so obviously visible to everyone,but still goes on for an appeal.

2)Michael Clarke takes a catch at the slips of gangully's bats ,but misjudges it and ends up taking a catch just after the ball has pitched.May be it was hard for Clarke to know about this when he took the catch ,but what happened just after that was jaw opening.After taking the catch he rolls over ending up grounding the ball,which again is so evident ,but still,he and his team mates go for an appeal.

3)At this appeal,when umpire Mark Bensun(comments on this later) asks ponting as to whether the catch was taken,ponting confirms it by raising his index fingers to the umpire only to show the world how fraudulent Australians are.

4)Earlier in the match, this same Ricky stood rock solid on the grounds even after it was so obvious to him that he had nicked a ball on the leg side,but when the whole Indian team went on appealing,Ricky seldom made a move.

5)This was also the case with M.Clarke,when Dravid took a catch at the slips which not even remotely doubtful,Clarke stood waiting for the umpire's decision.

6)When Andrew Symonds was in his 30's he nicked a ball which was taken by keeper Dhoni,but still Symonds didn't make a move and he was not given out.Later he went on to make 162 .
On the whole,Australians didn't play a fair cricket.It was not the kind of cricket that was expected from the cricket fans all over the world..
I will be comin up with an post on Dubious umpiring soon
LATEST NEWS :: HARBAJAN SINGH BANNED FOR 3 TEST MATCHES (another mind game of aussie's which they manage to win)
------------------------------------:( :( :( :( :( :( :(----------------------------------------
-----------------------------TOTALLY UNHAPPY CRICKET FAN OUT HERE-------------

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Basic SEO introduction was covered in my last post namely,"SEO TECHNIQUES".Now i will give you a few tips as to how you can make your posts search engine optimizable.
Lets see one example and analyse the various techniques for search engine optimizing that topic.Consider that you are writing a post on mp3 players.The following are some techniques that will help you in seoptimising your post.




If you pluralize your words, those who search for the singular and the plural words will both find your site.In this example,it is better you write mp3 players rather than mp3 player.

One word alone will get a few people, but not everyone thinks like you do. Try to get into the mind of someone who would find your site/product useful.Here ,in this case you should include words like mp3 downloads,mp3 songs, your post.

Some search engines are beginning to filter out sites that repeat words too much.In general don't repeat the keywords more than 2-5 times

Not everyone think alike.Some people might have searched the same topic that you wrote about,but,in a different way like "mp3-players,mp3.players,mp 3 players etc....So in order to grab these traffics occasionally use different combinations of the same keyword,sometimes spelling mistakes also works your way(that has happened to me ,i got 12 searches via a mis spellt word).

In a recent study conducted by one of the major search engines, it was revealed that over 65% of all searches made use phrases rather than single words.For example: use the phrases like "best mp3 players in market","cheap mp3 players","mp3 players that you can buy" etc.....


These are some of the non-technical techniques that you can follow to get better results.I Will be coming up with another post on the technical aspects for SEO soon...



SEO TECHNIQUES(Search Engine Optimisation Techniques) are the most looked after topic of search by most bloggers today.It is the process of optimising your blog page(web page in general) to be appearing in any search engine .I very recently entered to the blogging world and after hearing about SEO I too wanted my posts to be listed in top pages of google's search engines.In this attempt i wrote a random blog post called "Anna University Sucks".Just type "Anna university sucks" in Google search and you will see my blog page as the first search result.Also try"pondy ride" and you will end up with guru's blog in the first two search results of Google.This we achieved after practising some SEO techniques that we read online.

I thought i could share a few of them with you all.This i will cover in a series of posts rather than on a single one.To start of ,let me just tell you a few basics.
Every search engine searches your page for KEYWORDS. Key words are simply "the search terms which an end user might type for his search"
When you use these terms in your blog ,the chances that you get your blog page enlisted in a search result becomes higher.

For example: If your blog post is about movies,you can use terms like "movie downloads,songs,wallpapers etc...." in your post which will increase your chances of hitting the search pages with any combinations of the above search terms.

This doesn't mean that you can simply fill in your blog post with all keywords alone without any proper content.Apart from from being unethical,this might also end up in you getting your page penalized by the respective search engine (like Google)
Instead you could create a proper post with good content and still get listed in search engines.All you have to do is follow certain basic rules.
Having come up with a general idea on seo optimisation ,i will very very soon post on how you could seoptimise your page.

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