Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Coll Is Eating My Time

My stupid college is eating away all the little time iam having,as a result it has been nearly 5 solid days since i last logged in.Get up at 6 in the morning,get ready to coll,catch the train by 7.30,reach coll within 8.30 sharp(if me and guru go in just one minute late we will be screwed,we got this very good reputation of being late always,so they will screw us like anything if we are late).Sit there pointlessly in coll till 4,leave the coll,walk like the wind for about 2kms from the coll to catch the 4.25 train,reach home by 5.40.Now get ready to your computer class (i'l tell you about this shit in a while)which starts at 7.So leave the house by 6.30 again,and come back from the class around 8.4o,take a 20 min break,eat,sit before comp,only to be asked by mom to off it as the brightness of the comp disturbs her sleep,go to bed by 10.

OHHHHH FUCKKKKK.......Wat the fk is this???why am i writing all this out here first place??
Honestly no idea at all.I thought i should write something to break the above said dicky pattern,here iam wasting my time beautifully in front of my comp..


I had been to first two of the 5 match HOCKEY TEST SERIES that i posted about in my last blog.Me,guru and venkat took a lot of photos ,which are to be posted soon.I thought of writing about my first ever live match watching experience ,but then though it was too late to even think of doing it.I'l be just uploading the photos in my next post.

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Guru said...

You stole my post .. Damn you .. This is exactly how i feel right now, i've not written anything for the last 5 days ( could this be a writers void or something like that ?). Waiting for the weekend ( and hoping to have a extended weekend this time to compensate for the very plain week at college)..