Saturday, January 5, 2008


SEO TECHNIQUES(Search Engine Optimisation Techniques) are the most looked after topic of search by most bloggers today.It is the process of optimising your blog page(web page in general) to be appearing in any search engine .I very recently entered to the blogging world and after hearing about SEO I too wanted my posts to be listed in top pages of google's search engines.In this attempt i wrote a random blog post called "Anna University Sucks".Just type "Anna university sucks" in Google search and you will see my blog page as the first search result.Also try"pondy ride" and you will end up with guru's blog in the first two search results of Google.This we achieved after practising some SEO techniques that we read online.

I thought i could share a few of them with you all.This i will cover in a series of posts rather than on a single one.To start of ,let me just tell you a few basics.
Every search engine searches your page for KEYWORDS. Key words are simply "the search terms which an end user might type for his search"
When you use these terms in your blog ,the chances that you get your blog page enlisted in a search result becomes higher.

For example: If your blog post is about movies,you can use terms like "movie downloads,songs,wallpapers etc...." in your post which will increase your chances of hitting the search pages with any combinations of the above search terms.

This doesn't mean that you can simply fill in your blog post with all keywords alone without any proper content.Apart from from being unethical,this might also end up in you getting your page penalized by the respective search engine (like Google)
Instead you could create a proper post with good content and still get listed in search engines.All you have to do is follow certain basic rules.
Having come up with a general idea on seo optimisation ,i will very very soon post on how you could seoptimise your page.

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Guru said...

Hmm .. But for your blog to appear on Google searches you need to get your blog indexed first. The trick is to target keywords that are popular but unused.

Like we were totally surprised to find that, there was no other article titled 'Anna University Sucks'( truth) in the whole WWW. So all we had to do was write a post with that title, and wham !! we were on the front page.

The trick is to optimise your posts to hit the front pages for very popular keywords, cos' very few visitors go beyond the first page of a Google search, right ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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