Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assasination Video

I found Bhutto's assasination video ,last few final moments of bhutto and a news report on bhutto's assasination, video on youtube.I thought i could share them with you.It was a shame for pakistan government that they did nothing to provide enough security cover for bhutoo even after realising the great security threat to her life.

Look at how the gunman supposed to have shot bhutto makes his way so freely into the crowd,amongst so called tight security ,and shoots bhutoo with ease:



Though Al Quaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks,the pakistani government's poor security is what is considered to have killed bhutto.


Hillary clinton yesterday asked for a detailed international probe into bhutto's death and condemned musharaff's govt. for being irresponsible.

LATEST UPDATE(30/12/07 : TIME 9 am):

The story has taken an unimaginable twist.An article in "THE HINDU" dated 30/12/07(page 19) says that"AL-QAEDA DENIES ROLE".

Alleged AL-QAEDA leader Baitullah Meshud denied any involvement in Bhutoo's assasination claiming govenments fowl play in the assasination.Al-qaeda claims that it is never in its agenda to ATTACK WOMEN and expressed grief over Bhutto's death.

This has given the story a new twist with governmnt claiming Bhutto's death to be an"ATTACK BY AL-QAEDA" and then reclaiming her death to be caused due to"ACCIDENT"
.Truth is yet to be revealed...


srinivasan said...

She was an educated fool..having well known that her life would be in danger,she should have stayed away from Pak..but instead she chose to talk at length bout her future plans for safer and prosperous Pak without realizing that it was necessary for her to stay alive to make things her death has pushed the country into further turmoil..talking of assassination..its clear that the ISI is behind the attack..the ISI has become all powerful and is no longer under the government was quick to realise that if Bhutto wins the elections its wings would be clipped, hence it hatched a conspiracy to eliminate her and blame Al qaeda for the same.

vijay said...

Being a political leader you can't help much by staying hiding for your life......i guess she had no choise other than to jump into pak having ,having decided to contest in the election....

But if really ISI was behind it,then i would say it was a really very amateur attack from someone who claims themselves to be an intelligence agents..

Guru said...

Well she got into politics for a purpose, even if there was no purpose for her, politicians cannot work from home, leave alone another country.

And in a country like Pakistan it is going to be really easy to blame the assassination risk and stay at home and still campaign, but she knew her charisma would work only if she did those rallies, public appearances etc.

And i think all talk about Bhutto winning elections is just crap, thats cos' she might have a edge in the cities, or at least the media has projected it that way. But more than 70 % of Pak's population is in the rural areas, with Muslim fundamentalists groups. hell, they don't even need groups, all the places of worship are linked by fundamentalists ( radical fundamentalists ) anyways.

And also there is a huge anti-US wave, almos through the country, and Benazir made a huge mistake by siding with the US. Remember how she wanted a independent foreign investigation after the 0ct 19 blasts. And in Pak anyone pro-US will be brought down.

But then the PPP has decided to go ahead and participate in the Jan 8 elections, it could be cos' they think they'll garner enough sympathy votes while the incident is still fresh in the minds of the people. Too bad Nawaz Sharif announced a withdrawal from elections, that was a real hasty decision, with the PPP itself contesting now, he has no other choice. Maybe he should stop embarrassing himself with his stupid antics. We all understand he is prohibited from contesting, so he wants to use every little chance to delay or cancel the elections. Too bad it isn't working for him.

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