Sunday, December 16, 2007


Recently, i went with my family to the golden temple of sripuram in vellore .Here i would like to give an idea about going to the temple.

The temple is roughly 140km from Chennai.

The best mode of transport to the place is by bus,because train travel is much more complicated.Get a bus to vellore.

All buses go the vellore new bus stand,from where you have to go to the vellore old bus stand.You could use an auto,but i would suggest local bus.Lots of local bus go to the vellore old bus stand.For this you have to catch the bus opposite to the vellore new bus stand.

Once you reach the vellore old bus stand ,you could either take an auto or an share auto or local bus.

The temple is located at sripuram which is roughly 10 kms from vellore old bus stand(its a straight road from vo bus stand)

auto = charge is 50 rs

share auto = charge is 5 rs per head

bus = route no 80,charge should be less

CELL PHONES , MP3 PLAYER ,CAMERA,VIDEO CAMERA are strictly prohibited inside the temple.

There are deposit counters where you could leave all your cellphones , and stuffs .They pack your cellphones in a plastic cover and keep it safely.You could also leave your bags at the deposit counter.You will be charged 3 rs for each stuff you leave in there.

HOTEL ANNAPURNA is within the temple premises,where you could refresh yourselves.This hotel and another hospital are maintained by the temple trust,which are located within the temple premises.

It could take one hour to visit the temple.PLEASE AVOID GOING ON WEEKENDS AND FRIDAYS.




vijay said...

Why the fuck build a golden temple..i went to the temple to see wat was the idea,thanks to me i did get an answer...throughut the temple premises there are pluckcards (banners) expreesiing the various views of AMMA
(the founder and operator of the narayani trust which build the temple)

One of those banners said,"y build a temple of gold??y not build an hospital or an school with this money??
well,the answer is,the wisdom gained from this temple will result in building of many hospitals and schools"
man!!!wat the fuck!!!wats the point in this answer....just simply tellme how the fk is that gonna happen.??

vijay said...

well as a matter of fact the temple as such is not entirely build of gold..the temple has only one sannidhi-of godess mahalakshmi...the entire surroundinds of the sannidhi is made of gold...tats it...this costed them 300 crores it seems...look at how rich these buggers are...

the entire atmosphere around you while in the temple reminds you of tirupathi...thats what is the plan i guess,to compete with tirupathi in robbing the people of their money and brains....

Guru said...

I was really surprised to see your blog post macha. It was as if it was written by a different Vijay. But then i found your comments in time.

These places just suck bigtime, i really dunno how these temple trusts manage to raise so much money for their projects. But then people who put in money for this must've considered this to be an investment not a donation. I'm sure they'll get a part of the profits. A investment worth its weight in gold, quite literally...

Also we Indians have a constant erection for gold, i really dunno why . And the temple trust was pretty wise in choosing gold as their USP. Nothing else would've pulled in numbers like this, seriously. I'm guessing there could be a b-school grad running the finances behind this thing. Just look at the safety of the investment, even if their plan had backfired they still could gotten back most of their money. Cos they invested in gold.

Anyways, i seriously pity the people who go there with faith and belief to actually pray, it should be viewed as a religious tourist spot, nothing more ..

Some day maybe when we get to go there on a ride, we could try and smuggle in permanent markers, ink and try vandalising those fucked up placards. Damn, them all ..

Arun Sundar said...

"compete with tirupathi in robbing the people of their money and brains"

Why go there then?

And since u'r post is the opposite of your comments, looks to me that you don't mean u'r posts.

Sushma said...

My Goodness, you chaps make it very hard for me to desist from name-calling.

Seriously folks, is India of the 21st C now so awash with an indentity-crisis that all one can think of is to get some degree and a job, and then rant against altruism?!

Perhaps not today, may be not tomorrow, but eventually, you will, each one of you who has derided the construction of this temple, see the need for spiritual upliftment of the mind - even more than the intellectual upliftment that we associate with formal education.

I suspect none of you is married or if so, still in your 20s or early 30's. Hoping that when I reach you age, I can be a better guiding light to my peers than you sadly appear to be.

I am tempted to write and explain that plackard referred to in Vijay's blog. However, more immediately I must ask you folks to stop even considering such insane acts as vandalism. Can you (Guru) actually look at yourself in the mirror after thinking such patently anti-social thoughts. And, the sad irony is that folks like you - seemingly educated, upwardly mobile careerwise (IT sector I am guessing, given that not everyone in the workforce blogs!), lead the urban chateratti. Where as it is YOU who needs such spiritual injection into your souls more than anyone else, for the sustainable good of India.

And here's my interpretation to that plackard: each one of us is basically a balanced and moderate individual (yes, even those who have these insane urges to vandalize!) with the inherent desire for charity. However, one needs a champion to see this charity happen. Religion is the champion which tranforms our inherent desire for charity into a reality. So, the school, hospital etc. you wish to see will happen under the auspices of religion. Such is the case in the west, in the middle-east and has always been so in ancient India. As they say in the US, its time for us-today's Indians- to wake up and smell the coffee!
Spirituality comes later, when knowledge gained through youth (and one hopes you folks are not too old yet) is married with the experience of age.

Hoping this did penetrate the concrete...

Anonymous said...

constructing a temple is not an easy joke. those who want peace of min will go to temple. It is not an easy joke to construct the temple.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe these new age Swami's. They are nothing but big-time Thugs in disguise. These thughs are supported by few other thugs. Yes, visiting temple, closing your eyes for a few moments brings in the inner peace. But you don't need a Ostentanious structure for that. All the people who donated large sums to these temples are big time sinners. They think, they can wash os their guilt, by donating money. In my experience, people who cheat and whose inner conscious is filled with guilt are the one who are really afraid of God. Even I do pray God regularly, but mine is pure Bhakti. I don't seek any favor from God, instaed I thank him/her for whatever I have been given by him.

shankar said...

yesterday i visited the sripuram golden temple. Prior to that for two days i stayed at Tiruvannamalai and did thavam at Ramanashram during morning and evening for the last two days. Ramanasram was peaceful and blissful and i was far removed from the fast paced city life.

Just thought could give a visit to the famed sripuram it was like a tour there rather than a peaceful temple... i understood i made a mistake to expect the kind of atmosphere which i got a Tiruvannamalai. All i could see is marketing where in pathways to temple u will have to move through shops (Obviously nothing is offered free and one shud pay to buy) They take from you even fruits kept for my children and once inside the pathway to temple they have setup stores to buy milk and biscuits.
I took a ticket for rs 250/- each for me my wife and my motherinlaw so that i could cut short my queue(I donot want to drive during night time).

Some how that wonder is numbing and peace eluding when u visit the temple.

This may be the first and last for me going there....

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