Friday, December 21, 2007


After i heard that vivek(my skul mate) got his iphone i really couldn't wait to get my hands on it......when guru called me if i could join him to vivek's house to have a look at the iphone,i readily jumped in ....

I had watched this video on iphone a few months before.After watching this video i was like desperate to have a look in at the iphone and when vivek got it why wouldn't i be exited ..

My very first look at vivek's iphone was enough to sum it up all.....what a big screen!!!....the iphone's screen size is much larger than the apple's video pod screen size.......

let me just say you a few points that i observed on the iphone:
1) It has a very big screen
2)The looks of the phone are great
3)clarity is just awesome
4)The cover up mode works really very fast and it is really attractive.
5)It's bigger screen size is also enables you to browse the net as you would on your pc...the entire web page fits into the screen with decent fontsize so that you could read even without zooming in
6)The sound clarity was also really really cool
The only few disadvantages of the phone are:
1)the touchscreen makes the phone so messy with finger prints all over the screen...may be you could buy some silicon cover for that..
2)the charging process is not mobile...coz it is USB charged you cant plug it in the ac outle of your house for need a pc...but,there is a ac to usb convertor available in the market i guess...
3)it is too sexy,you could end up loosing your best friend coz he might end up stealing the phone from you...(may be thats technically not possible,jus my praise for the phone)
i'am not technically very well informed about the disadv of the phone,i confine myself on its physical disadvantages.....
to sum it up...IPHONE ROCKS....

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