Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy At Last

After Kakka Kakka there was this shortage for good quality Tamil Films and at one stage I almost stopped watching any Tamil movies at all.I used to skip past every song sequence,every fight scene,every emotional scene and end up finishing an entire movie in just under half hour.Every single film seemed to be identical to the others with the only difference being in its acting crew.

But yesterday,I watched Director Mysskin's "Anjathe".The film was awesome.The highlight of the film is its camera works,beautifully done by Mahesh Muthusamy.He has done something unseen uptill now ,with his camera and he has done it really very well.Be the low angle shots or the Long ,single frame shots,he scores cent percent with his camera.The other marks to this film comes from its acting department with actors Naren,Ajmal(debut),Prasanna,Pandyarajan,and all other supporting actors,doing a splendid and neat job.The music is not that unique but does keep your ears pleasing and in sync with the emotions that the actors emote onscreen.The movie did have its own Tamil Masala Factors like a "KUTHU" song at an totally unnecessary circumstance,but the movie was not as "kiddish" as the other ones.
On the whole the film was very good and i was really content and happy to be seeing a good quality Tamil film after a long time.

Kudos to cinematographer Muthusamy-You have done a splendid job.

I have tried to cut the starting scene of the movie and paste it here.Please forgive me for the poor cutting,i didn't get a professional cutter.Kindly adjust.Just see the opening camera angle(The Low Angle shot),Just awesome.



Guru said...

Watched this movie today ..

'Different' camera angles, and 'above average' screenplay. That was all ..

Personally i expected a lot more after reading a review. I expected slicker cops.

VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...

Ya ofcourse ,an normal tamil film with an awesome camera works..
Dunno why, i personnaly liked the movie very much,i really loved it for its very good camera..

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