Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Its Over

My Department Symposium was finally over today.I heard that, around 165 entries from at least 25 different colleges ,was registered today ,which is a good turn over rate.Guru did the quizzing event along with my friend vijay krishnan and they did it really well. Ramanan,along with my other classmates took up DumbC, and again ,they did a good job.Venkat was into compering along with Suvitha.And i guess compering is venka's area of specialization ,because he was so fluent and good at doing this.

As i had already mentioned,all these events were organized entirely by us,so it was a great pleasure and satisfaction to see it ending up really well...the only thing to worry about is,its all over,so , we are back to our classes again,no more op's for event preperations,no more OD'S(On Duty) for sponserships.Its going to be 8 hours of bullshit again.

Waiting for more Op s.



Guru said...

Macha ..

What bout' Anna univ symposium ? Maranthittiya ?

And, we could also go to Hindustan on Saturday, we might even win something ;) ..

VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...

Ya ,100 percent sat we got to get od ,coll elam nenachu kuda pakka mudiyala