Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time Pass Cricketing Videos

I was Youtubing today,and was searching on some interesting cricket videos.I got many of them,i am just giving links to a few of them,that i found were interesting.Here they are :

1) Don't know what match this is,Don't know who the players and umpires are,But just look at the umpiring,WOW,all i could say is,Steve Bucknor and Darrell Hair are any day better umpires than this guy:
Don't Miss This Video

2)This is a run out video,where a throw from the boundary ,luckily hit the stumps,and sachin was given out.But what followed was even worse,the crowd erupted at the decision and i remember ,the play was stopped,and sachin himself came around the field in a car asking the crowd to settle down.The following video does not have the latter half of the action.If you find it somewhere,just post the link in here:
Sachin's Controversial run out video

3)This is a very funny video.The ball just slips off the bowlers hands,but take a look of what happens next:
Dead and Buried Ball

4)No one would have seen something like this,a match played without a leg umpire.Really funny.Just take a look.
Leg Umpire Is Out

5)The under-arm incident.Last ball,6 runs required and the bowling Australian team bowls an under arm delivery.
The Under Arm Incident

6) Funny Commentary :

7)Sachin Called back to play after given out

8)Sunil Gavaskar calls back his team after being given a wrong decision.
Sunil Gavaskar Incident

9) Dennis Lilly uses a Aluminium Bat and is asked to change his bat by the umpire.
Aluminium Bat incident

10) Waquar Younis breaks the middle stump with his beautiful delivery.


Balakrishnan R said...

mama scene post da brought back lots of memories of lazing around at home and watching test matches for the whole day ..

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