Wednesday, May 7, 2008


At two things:

1) Sachin gets Padma Vibhushan. :)

2)An article in the TOI states that "Namma Chennai" is India's Blogging capital,with most number of blogs registered in India.(Quite happy to be a part of this group)


Guru said...

Thats some NEWS ..

He is the first cricketer(sportsman?) to get this honor, right ?

Guru said...
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Guru said...

Correction: He is the second awardee from 'sport' ..

Vishwanathan Anand gets its this year too..

dilip said...

i know this totally out the topic i'm supposed to talk,GIVE ME BACKLINK!!!.

Ela said...

lots of bloggers in Chennai?!....hmmm then i am not spending much time reading blogs i guess!

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