Monday, May 19, 2008


12 Days without blogging!!!!
If my exams were a reason for this till may 12th ,the remaining days ,"Namma Chennai's" scorching heat was successful in keeping me away from my comp.
You wouldn't believe,my house is burning.I live in the third floor(which happens to be the last one),with an open terrace above me.And the sun god is outstretching his damn hot rays directly on to ma terrace.Every single place in ma house is burning like hell.Walls ,Floor,the air from fan,the air from ma windows,my tap water,table,chair and every other single thing in ma house is literally boiling.
We ,in our house are estivating from morning 9 - evening 6.I can't even think of getting near ma comp,the place is like the interior of a furnace .

So ,dormancy is to prevail for some time and activities would resume to normalcy after "Agni Natchathiram"

UPDATE:: @Yayathy Raj -- You must really be out of your mind to have written This.

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Venkat said...

Machan... Thaangala da.. Its so very hot out there that I can't even do anything..