Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is going to be a VERY LONG post.If you want it in short then the story is: we went to kerala ,then to Goa,had fun,got into a lot of troubles and finally came back.But if ya want to know what those FUN were ,and what those TROUBLES were,then please read on.

: Me,Guru, Venkat, Krishna Prasad and Kaushik

ROUTE: chennai-vadakara-goa-bangalore-chennai
LINKS TO PHOTOS: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

DAY 1- 6/6/08:

Our actual plan was to go to Vadakara(meaning northern shore),a place on the northern coast of kerala,go to krishna's(alias kitcha here on) house at a place called thotilpalam(1 hr from vadakara),and return from there to chennai on 11 morning.we had tickets booked previously for this plan.

Morning at 6.30 we all(xept kaushik) met up at gurus place,and were having discussions as to what our plan was and suddenly Goa came into the picture.After 1 hour of discussion we all finally agreed for Goa.There was one small problem at this stage,Dilip(venkat's brother),who was actually to have come instead of kaushik ,was not ok with the plan and he backed off.So after few phone calls ,Kaushik was IN.(I still wonder how he managed to convince his parents for a trip like this having known about it jus 2 hours b4).
So,we canceled our return tickets and booked two fresh tickets - one from Vasco Da Gama to Bangalore and other from Bangalore to Chennai.

FUN -After all this we all met up as at station and we were off to Kerala by 5.10.The journey was awesome.Mostly we spent our time sitting near the stairs,chatting and we seldom went to our seats(At this stage we didn't know the value of a seat:( ).After 12 hours of chit chat,eating,coffee drinking at each station,and 4 hours of sleeping we finally reached Vadakara at 5 in the morning.- FUN

DAY 2- 7/6/08:

FUN- The station was pitch dark.Thanks to me ,i bought my torch,we managed our way out of the station and after an enquiry we found out that our train to Goa was that night at 7.45.
After this we walked about 1 km in pitch darkness and chill drizzle to reach Vadakara bus terminus from where we took the first bus to Thotilpalam at around 6.It was a 1hr 10 min ride
through the roads of Gods Own Country(Rightly said) to thotilpalam. -FUN

FUN-Krishna's house was 15 min walk away.Houses in Kerala are damn good.Each house spans over an area of 2 grounds with compulsorily a well and a garden of trees,separating the neigbhouring house ,500 meters away.His house was no exception.- FUN

FUN-At this stage we met a new character -Kitcha's cousin-Rahul.I should say,this guy was extremely friendly and was very adjustable.He stayed with us till we left Vadakara ,took us to all beautiful places in vadakara ,waited for hours together to have lunch with us and above all kept a smile in his face and never complained.-FUN

FUN-Rahul took us to the lake which was some 2 kms away.The small walk to the river was awesome.We noticed a variety of flora and fauna which made Kerala Gods own country(truly).We must have had a 2 hour bath at the lake.It was AWESOME.We never have had so much fun in any of the artificial swimming pools we have been to-it was damn awesome.-FUN

FUN-After the bath,we went to Rahul's house ,were we had lunch(It was good).I should again say here-The HOSPITALITY there was REALLY GOOD.We never felt like guests.After a nice lunch,we still had three hours to kill.Rahul then took us to two other places in the upstream of the river.One was like a curve that the river took and the other was this awesome picturesque place where the river flows down the hill through the rocks.This place was really really kul.At this stage we met another character called VISHNU(must have been 13 yrs old).This boy was really the king of trekking.He would manage to trek the rocks in seconds ,while we were, even struggling to stand on our feet.We had solid fun in the company of Rahul and Vishnu.After all this side seeing,we again left to Vadakara around 5.45.-FUN

TROUBLE-The travel to Vadakara this time was a roller coaster ride.The driver,i guess was previously riding a coaster.He kept the accelerator pinned at 7o's in the curvy downhills and maintained an average of about 90 at the ghat roads.We reached Vadakara around 7.30(After eating our dinner),got our open tickets to MADAGAON (Goa) and waited in the station till 8 for the Nethravathi Express.Till this point everything went on smooth and steady.We weren't prepared for something that was coming up.-TROUBLE

TROUBLE-We boarded the unreserved compartment at around 8,and the train started.The rush inside was unimaginable.We weren't getting air to breathe.Imagine a wall being built around you,so that you couldn't even move-that was our position there.To make things worse,we got place only near the toilets.One would get vexed up not for the shitty smell but for the infinite tines one had to adjust giving way to people using the toilets and to make things even worser ,people would smoke and puff it out to your face every 30 mins.Our only consolation at this stage was the fact that a vendor told us that the train would quite empty down at Mangalore (3 hours away).So we tolerated all this thinking it would last just for 3 hours.But we were not to be let out that easy.Mangalore came and to all ours surprise another 30 odd people boarded into the train.Our hopes were dead at this stage.We consoled ourselves thinking that this agony should last only till 6 in the morning as we should have reached Goa by the time.-TROUBLE

DAY 3- 8/6/08:

TROUBLE-This day began unusually for me.I was not sleeping when the day began,but was standing tall with weak legs,drowsy eyes and desperate heart.Every one of us had lost our patience.At this stage only Kaushik was our only entertainment.The only pass time we had was to make fun of our co-Passengers in Tamil.The train stopped at a station called Bhatkal at around 2.30.The train guard told us that the train would reach Madagaon by 6.Our hopes once again raised.But this time again,it turned out to be in vein.The train stopped there forever.It was already 2 hours since the trained moved an inch from that station,and we were told that there was some engine problem and an new engine was on its way and the travel would take 2 more hours.We were lost once again.After a few enquiry we found out that the train was the only proper mode of transport at that stage.So we decided to continue,but this time we got into another Unreserved compartment.And finally after four hour delay and 14 hour painful hell of an travel we reached Madagoan by 10.-TROUBLE

TROUBLE-From there we took an prepaid Taxi (80 bucks for a 3 km travel)to the bus stand where we found that Guru had left his mobile in the taxi.So ,guru went in an Pilot Bike(This is like an taxi service offered in a bike,These bikes run all over Goa and are distinctively Marked yellow ) and retrieved his mobile.After all this,we boarded a bus to Panaji.There is a unique procedure here to board the buses.One has to book his tick previously in a counter and has to get into the next immediate bus ,else the ticket goes invalid.After an 45 mins travel we reached Panaji(A.K.A Panjim,Panji).Got an taxi,asked the driver for accommodation and got into an decent enough hotel called Panaji Tourist Hotel,got a single room (Made to accommodate 5 members) for 800 bucks a day.-TROUBLE

Then we found an hotel called KAMAT( a very good hotel,look out for this one),ate something,got back to the room and hit the beds.The 14 hour long reckless travel demanded some sleep and we got up only around 7.The day was wasted.After our nites dinner at Kamat,we went for a walk along the shores of???(I guess thats some backwaters).We got to see a lot of cruisers,a casino on board,small ferry etc..Then it was sleep time again.The day went totally wastefully.

DAY 4- 9/6/08:


This was technically the last day for us in Goa.So ,it began briskly.After brushing,bathing tiffin.We rented Three bikes- A Classic Pulsar(Decent condition),A Dtsi-pulsar(Worthless piece) and an Karizma(Adjustable).Each bike cost 300 per day and were allowed to travel on Highways.We gave a deposit of 1000,and got three stupid fucking helmets for free from those bastards(U'l know why) as helmets were must on highways.After initial fueling of 200 per bike and a free purchase of Goa road map form the tourist department,we were OFF to CALANGUTE (16 Kms from Panaji-a highly Beach populated place).The roads were damn awesome.Both the Highways and the connectors were sexy.These are every bikers dream roads.We topped each bike and were having awesome fun.We saw the following places-

1) Calangute Beach(Normal Beach)

2) Baga Beach(Mountain Backgrounds,and there is a place where the sea merges to form an lake-Its awesome)

3)Aguda Fort(You will be on top of the fort with the ocean at your bottom ,kissing your feet-damn sexy)

4)Coco Beach(Has no sand but rocks upon which you can walk nearly upto 200 metres into the sea-Thats if you can site the rocks)

All these places were awesome.The roads were damn sexy.Every single thing in Goa to be seen is either a beach or a Church.But the only difference in each of these beaches is their location and the scenic surroundings they have.Every single beach is a must watch.We did not have time to go for the churches .So we restricted ourselves only to the beaches.Each place offers its own variety of photographic view points.I am not good at describing things as i saw them,but i can tell you this,these places were really really beautiful- Truly Natures gift.

The last beach we saw was the Coco beach.From there we took a short cut to reach Panaji(6Kms of Coastal road).We ripped the bikes apart.We ate at Kamat again,and left for the rooms.It was around ten,that we did not have hearts to pay 300 bucks for the 40 kms ride we had done,so we planned for a night ride.Just then we came out of our hotel,it started to rain we parked he bikes Off road and took shelters.Unfortunately ,The classic Pulse fell on to a Santro(Think so),and then we got into a fight with a guy for some 20 mins.At last that stupid guy left us for a SORRY in exchange for few bike marks in his car.Phew!!!

We fueled up for 100 bucks(Our Big Mistake) and hit the south western roads of Panaji.Once again,the roads were hmmmmm hmmmm.We traveled as far as we could and stopped at a dead end(ended at a sea shore) called Dona Paula.The Street Dogs there chased us away.So we returned to our rooms around 1.30.and hit the beds.
This day was awesome.

DAY 5- 10/6/08:


This is the day we wont ever forget .We got into so much trouble this day that we would not forget this day for years to come.We had to return the bikes by 9 in the morning and vacate the room by 10.So we initially got up at 5.30 packed off everything and started for a ride in the same direction that we went yesterday.We got to see the Beauty of Dona Paula (A view point Facing the beach),Miramar Beach.After this ,we took a small Detour to got to the Bambolin Beach.The roads were like track roads. We couldn't control our Love for roads.We started taking every Corners The GP style.

At one of the corners ,The classic that kitcha and me were riding fell off at 40 Kmph.(Kitcha was riding),due to slippery roads.This was the last thing we wanted.Kitcha jus had scratches in his legs and miraculously i was off without a single scratch.The bikes crash guard had Bent a little and there was a small scratch at the bikes mirror.We were happy that the bike was safe more than the fact that we were safe.Since Bambolin was only some 2 Kms away from our crash point,we continued forward.The Bambolin Beach was really good.A typical Beach with proper sand like in Marina.After some 15 mins of stay and relaxation ,we were OFF again to starting point-our rooms.

We noticed on our way back that we had lost one of the HELMETS we were given with.At that stage we were so very keen in getting away from Goa that we didn't mind paying for the Helms alone.Also we noticed that we had too much Petrol in each Bikes.So we drained off the petrol and filled up every single bottle we had with us.VENKY was totally against this as he was stubborn that We could not take Petrol in trains and he asked us to leave it there.But with the Recent HIKE in fuel prices we found it extremely Precious and wanted to take that liquid Gold back home.

Within minutes after this,the dealer for the bikes came for the bikes.And i still don't know how on earth he found out that we had crashed the bikes.He spotted every single damage that we though had happened and in extra made us responsible for few more of the damage which was previously there.All we could do at that stage was to request him to take less money for the damage.So,after about half hour of heated argument,he wouldn't settle for anything less than 1000 bucks for the bike and 200 for the lost helmet.Helplessly we gave that Bastard the money he asked for and vacated the rooms,and OFF we left to Panaji.We were keen in saving more cash at this stage that we took a 4 kms walk to the bus stand.

From Panaji,we took a bus to Vasco Da Gama Railway station 40 mins away.Our train - was at 3.10.We had reached the railway station 12.30.So we took the extra time to Eat our lunch and also to rest in the railway station.At this stage we were really Heart Broken to have spent so much Wastefully for minor mistakes that we did.

Our agony was not to stop there.When the Train arrived ,To our surprise we,found that only 3 Compartments,were addressed to the destination we had to Bangalore via Hubli.The rest were Tagged Nizzamudin Express.After a few Hul Chul We found that the 3 bogies would be separated at a station called LONDA from where another train would take these 3 bogies to Bangalore.This explained explained the whole story behind a waiting list 6 ticket not getting confirmed (There were only 3 bogies for our destination).So with the waiting list ticket we were again Off to a unreserved compartment.

But this time thankfully we all got a seat and also a good company of a Muslim family getting off at Hubli.As we were thinking we left the omen behind,an RPF caught us for carrying Petrol.He was accidentally checking Kaushiks Bag and found one of the petrol bottles.He asked us to get down in the next station but later as any other Indian police Officer Let us go For 500 Bucks.Yes,We bribed.Thats the best we could do at that stage.We were fortunate to be let off like that,but,Our country is so Unfortunate to be having Officials like this.This should have been the same condition,when the Godhra incident happened.

We were also fortunate that the RPF didn't catch us for carrying Wine which was also in Kaushik's bag(He was getting it for his friends).
But we were happy for one good reason.The passengers were very alert.They scolded us for bringing petrol in trains.At least we got an alert set of civilians.The good Muslim Family that we told,helped us dispose the remaining 4 Bottles of petrol.By doing so they left us in a complicated situation of not asking them to throw off our wine bottles(which would be awkward in India).But we had to dispose that OFF somehow.So when LONDA came,me and guru got down with kaushik's bags and threw away the 150 rupees wine bottle just like that in a dust bin.We felt relieved only after this.

Now we were OFF to Bangalore.

DAY 6- 11/6/08:


We reached Bangalore around 8.Got a taxi to Venki's relatives Place in Rajaji Nagar.The hospitality here was again awesome.We had delicious Pooris and idlis for tiffin and we had 3 hours to kill,which we managed to do so by playing cricket in a ground near by.We returned home again around 1.Awesome Lunch was waiting for us-Thanks to Venki's patti,mami,mama and thatha for a warm hospitality.Venka decided to stay in Bangalore as he had to again return anyways after 2 days.So around 1.40 ,Me,guru,Kaushik and Kitcha came to railways station ,we had Brindavan tickets booked this time.
After 5DAYS AND 4 HOURS of Mixed emotions we finally reached our Home Sweet Homes.

This post went THIS long and DESCRIPTIVE as i wanted every single thing to be recorded.This trip was unforgettable experience for all of us. and i wanted every single thing in records for my future nostalgia.


Guru said...

Hmm.. Nice write up ..

But i just cannot relate to what you've written here. It's like i'm reading someone else's trip log and defn. not something i was part of.

If i had written one it would be very different this cos' we carry different memories of each day. Right ?

Like for me.. a few others events might be more memorable. I think i should write a trip log afterall .. Just for the heck of it ..

VJ said...

Thanks fort the comment machan....After this long long post,it was very hard to scroll down to see it with 0 reactions....
Thanks to you now i got 2.

And ya,looking forward for your trip log

*Sajith* said...

Now its 3.. Nice one.. i regret for not being there with you guys.. Missed the adventures.. Even though i'v been to Kerala a thousand times, it would've been a different one with you guys..

It seems like you've wasted lots of money..? 1200 for the bike, 500 for the police, wasted pertols, wasted wine bottles (If i were there, i would've drank it..!), huh..!

*Sajith* said...

Now its 3.. Nice one.. i regret for not being there with you guys.. Missed the adventures.. Even though i'v been to Kerala a thousand times, it would've been a different one with you guys..

It seems like you've wasted lots of money..? 1200 for the bike, 500 for the police, wasted pertols, wasted wine bottles (If i were there, i would've drank it..!), huh..!

VJ said...

Ya machan...U shud have been there...It was awesome..

And we weren't in a position to drink the wine,we were surrounded by people who seemed caring...

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Anonymous said...

Ridiculous that you decided to bring petrol on a train and endanger the lives of so many.

Shame on you.

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