Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DAS avataram - Kamal Wins

Saw Dasavataram yesterday.More correctly i should say Experienced Dasavatharam yesterday,because,Dasavatharam can now on be used as an verb replacing acting.Such is the brilliance of Padma Shree Kamal Hassan.He has donned ten different roles in one single film and excelled in every single of them.He is a real Professional.

4 or 5 odd Characters that he portrayed were so damn realistic that i felt like seeing 4 different actors portraying 4 different characters.Such was the brilliance of Kamal's acting.


1)Kamal Hassan

2)Kamla Hassan




10)Kamal Hassan

11)Director - K.S.RaviKumar-He has done a wonderful job.

12)Asin is also good

13)The Make up man - Terrific job by this guy


1) Very Poor Graphics- Could have concentrated on this more.At Places,as my friend Ramanan says,the graphics are too cartoony.

2)Mediocre Music.

On the whole , i would say that the movie is a brilliant showpiece for Kamal's acting talents.

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