Monday, February 4, 2008

What You Can Do???

What you can do??
Your next question,
What are you talking about?
Ya ,i'll tell you that,its about what you can do to make our city litter free.Let me as you this:

Why do you have to throw the used plastic water packets just like that any where??

You ask:
What difference does my single water packet got to do with the city being green,the environment being pollution free??

Well let me just give you a simple statistics,my coll has nearly 3500 students,out of it my guess is that around 500 people(This is a very low number) definitely don't use our college bus services.So they have to walk all the way from our college to the main road(which is approx 2kms from coll).In the due process let me assume that 100 people get really thirsty,they go to the nearby potty kadai and buy the 1 rupee water packets which come in plastic covers.Out of the 100 buyers iam damn sure,that only 5 would use the litter box,the rest walk along,drinking their water,and throw the used plastic on to the roads.
So ,from my proofless statistics i get a figure of 95 water packets daily littered on to the roads,this is just considering my college alone.Imagine the amount of water packet thrash that gets into our roads daily all around chennai??

So what do you want me to do,keep the used water packet in my pocket till i find my litter box and then dispose it huh??

Ya ,exactly.Else you could stay at the place where you bought your packet,drink it ,and then dispose it there immediately(i guess every store owner has his own litter box).
Else you drain all water from the packet,keep it in your pocket and then discard it in some dustbin.

So you want me to carry my water packet in my pocket just to enable it reach the dust bin.What makes you think anyone would even thinking of doing it?So,by doing this you think green house effect will be stopped,earth made much more greener and pollution free is it??

Let me ask you this.The litter should reach the litter box ,so ,why do you have to go the extent of thinking on changing the earth and stopping the green house effect(GHE) n all.Just enable the litter to reach its home.That's it.I don't know whether this could stop the pollution,or stop the GHE,but iam sure it could enable us have a better ,clean and a litter free surrounding.So kindly consider doing this.Not only for the water packets,but for all litters,please show them their homes. :)

Let me show you a person who follows this very simple ,basic,rule-------->ME
Let me tell you,the very basic feeling that you are in a way contributing to your society would make you feel good from inside.So please consider this,and try not to litter around.


Guru said...

I see you doing this all the time, i know this is good. But, i still don't do it, cos' i'm just not used to it.

I should try and take a conscious effort from here on and when you are around me you could remind me about this (a few times), maybe after that i'll make this a habit.


VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...


Yayathy said...

I appreciate you man, You just do what i follow in my life...... I thought i was the only one doing it, now i have a partner..